The Student’s Shirt Was Pink, Like the Slip the Teacher Ought to Get

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I’m no doctor, but I spy an acute case of Progressive Derangement Syndrome and prescribe a pink slip. A few months as one of the millions unemployed in the Obama Economy ought to cure any love for our President and his ridiculous economic policies.

A high school teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond, Philadelphia, is under investigation after allegedly ordering a student to remove a pro-Mitt Romney t-shirt. In addition to purportedly telling the female pupil to take off the clothing, the teacher also supposedly compared the shirt to a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

The student at the center of the story, 16-year-old Samantha Pawlucy, claims that she chose to wear the pink t-shirt for a dress-down day, during which students were invited to select their own clothing. The teacher’s comments, Pawlucy contends, were humiliating, as the geometry instructor reportedly encouraged other students — and teachers — to join in on mocking her.

According to the original report, the teacher actually went into the hallway outside the classroom and called for other teachers and students to come in and laugh at Pawlucy. The teacher, who proclaimed that the school was a “Democratic school” asked an assistant to come in and write on the shirt with a marker (which, by the way is technically destruction of property, a criminal offense). She later stormed out of a conference with the student, her parents, and the school principal and left the campus.

The parents told the reporter they’d file a formal complaint with the school today, at which point the principal could launch a formal investigation.

  • Desiree Hanvy

    I am not surprised ! Typical liberal !

  • Alan Paris

    liberals have no tolerance for disagreement at all …they attack….

  • Joseph Sneckenberg

    I bet the teacher was black

    • Jasper Weinberg

      The race of the instructor is immaterial. The elite attitude however is very important. The smug arrogance of someone who has a degree in education, believing themselves to be the be-all of information, unaware or unwilling to accept that the vast majority of learning comes not from books or classrooms, but from daily living, success and failure, ups and downs.

  • April Taylor Fiske

    Crazy! first Amendment folks!

  • Darby Shaye Broussard

    Oh, so the thousands of students sporting pro-Obama tees back in ’08 was cool? That makes a lot of sense.

  • Alan Paris

    politically correct means you agree with the liberals totally…freak PC..and freak that teacher…

  • Katt Anderssen


  • Alan Paris

    12 guage and load of rock salt…give 50 yard head start load and shoot.

  • Iranians for Romney
  • Mike Press

    i got a romney shirt on. tell me to take it off. youll get a i dont fucking think so in return. and if you touch me ill drop you where you stand.

  • Jordan Summer

    Fire his butt!

  • Scott Farmer

    Eric Holder will see to it that no charges are filed.

  • Paul Komarek

    I don’t think they should be wearing anything political into a public school classroom whether it’s pro-Romney or pro-Obama. Kids are there to learn–when they’re 18, then they can worry about voting. BUT, what I am opposed to, is public schools telling students they can’t wear an American flag t-shirt to school because it might offend Mexican students. THAT is complete crap… this is America and no matter what political side you fall into, we all should be able to get behind the same flag.

  • Michelle Abeyawardena

    This can’t be true!
    It’s so outrageous

  • Cosmo J Occhiogrosso

    what country is this?

  • Neil Klocker

    So bullying is OK if you’re a Romney supporter? Add that to violating First Amendment rights and destruction of property. I wonder if the girl and her family can sue the local teachers union into bankruptcy.

  • Jim Cottrell

    Hope they fire that black cow! Racist bitch!

  • Diane Spaulding

    Yes, by all means, what Country is THIS????? Freedom?????? Idiots!

  • E Anne Shaw

    Political views by teachers should not be known. They should remain netural in the classroom. Who is this teacher that she feels she has the right to tell a student to take off their shirt and she would provide a different one for the student to wear? Why did this teacher try to draw on the student’s shirt with a red marker? I mean really … who does she think she is? If this teacher had a problem with the shirt, she should have told the student to go to the principals office to let management deal with it. Also … what gives that teacher a right to call the school a “democratic” school?? Talk about indoctrination of our students! This teacher should be fired! But, she won’t be probably because she has protection of a union. And, of course we all know, unions aren’t about helping the kids .. they’re all about making sure that BAD teachers can even have a job.l

  • Elaine Silva Nichterlein

    Unfortunately it is true…..the teacher made her leave the class told her to take the shirt off and she’d give her another to wear and told the girl that wearing that shirt was the same as wearing a KKK shirt. And the only thing that happened to the teacher was she was moved to another class

  • Royal Stanley

    How in the world can a teacher be sooo stupid as to do something like that. I hope the girls parents reams that school (from principal on down) a new butthole. This is one of the highest forms of Communism I have ever seen.

  • Elaine Silva Nichterlein
  • Bryan Jensen

    Philly is a festering liberal shithole just like New York, Baltimore, and DC…notice big cities have huge populations of welfare rats, so they are predominantly liberal.

  • Paul Komarek

    However, the teacher should be fired immediately on the grounds of her intimidating and emotionally abusive behavior towards the student. Apparently the teacher also wrote on her shirt, destroying private property. Sue this teacher’s ass and kick her dopey ass to the curb.

  • Edward F Sumari

    Enough of this tolerance crap,this sorry dumbass excuse of a teacher needs to be fired. She should be charged with assault and destruction of personal property.

  • Bob Gielczowski

    Maybe this teacher needs to take a class on Constitutional Law. Somewhere, it explains what “freedom of expression” is!

  • Charles Jones

    Obama has proven he has got to go! Like Mitt Romney or not, he beat Obama when the future of this country is in question! It is not about me, is not about you, surely shouldn’t be about race or religion. It is about this country as a whole and what it best for it. Obama has proven that he is NOT it! Wake up Obama fanboys, stop believing the lies.

  • Charles Jones

    Anyone voting for a “other” candidate: A vote for Gary Johnson might as well be a vote for Obama, so if you vote for him you are giving a vote to Obama pretty much. I cannot believe anyone would say they do not want Obama for 4 more years but say they are not voting for Mitt Romney and are voting for someone who cannot win under any circumstance (unless they can outdoor the democratic side on voter fraud).

  • Cosmo J Occhiogrosso

    @Neil it was the other way around!

  • Dan Oblak

    It’s OK, she works for the governmet — so she must know what she’s talking about … and will always have her students’ best interests at heart! Besides, MOCKING and BELITTLING one’s opponents is an APPROVED TACTIC — our Great Enabler has shown it to be true!

  • Tim Mauch

    Bullying is wrong, especially when it’s a teacher, time for a lawsuit.

  • Jim Rizik

    the american way, civil suit…that is why I left

  • EJ Reynolds

    Are teachers becoming like the liberal left media? Teachers are there to teach… unbiased… pros and cons of all participants. A great need for monitoring teachers in the classroom.

  • Ken Peters

    She should be fired.

  • Julie Ackerman

    Wake up people! Teachers are UNION! They are the liberal left right behind the media. There is no such thing as unbiased teaching. WAKE UP AMERICA!!

  • Louis Jeune Jr.

    I bet she is a black democrat.

  • Bill Sorenson

    If they wanted to give PA an enema, the tube@would be inserted in Philly.

  • Janet Sturtz

    I bet she’s a white liberal – the worst kind