Government Urges Parents to Use School Lunch Guidelines As Model for Home Menu

Schools across America already provide breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It makes sense they’d want a say in what you’re serving at home.

After all, you can’t be trusted to take care of your kid:

Please, sir. No more.


Responding to concerns that students are throwing away the healthy food on their cafeteria trays, the U.S. Department of Agriculture acknowledged that adapting to the changes “may be challenging at first, as students are introduced to new flavors and foods in the cafeteria.”

But the government also says parents can help school make the taste-transition easier:

“We know that many parents are already making changes at home to help the whole family eat healthier,” the USDA blogged on Monday. “We recommend reviewing school menus with kids at home and working to incorporate foods that are being served at school into family meals as much as possible.”

Let me understand this.  In response to reports that students are throwing away food, the USDA tells parents to serve their kids similar food at home.

Are they trying to starve these kids?

Or program them?

  • Linda Kemper

    another executive order on the way.

  • Paul McCord

    Screw them!!! Stay out of my life and out of my face bunch of government idiots!!!!

  • Patti Cates

    No thank you!

  • Edward F Sumari

    And teachers who have sex with their students as parental role models,I guess too.

  • Angela Ackmann


  • Sheri DeSimone

    Underfeeding my children is the best they can come up with? Or feeding them food they routinely throw away?

  • Pamela O’Dell

    Get OUT of MY KITCHEN!

  • Cathryn Cole-Williamson

    My daughter wastes my money when we dont have time or take time to pack her lunch…because she says the school lunches are nasty…and she barely eats any of it…

  • Debbie Allen

    Government NEEDS To LEARN Their PLACE!!!

    • Woody C.

      Government’s”place” is distinctly outlined in the Constitution. They need to read and heed.

  • Jay Klein

    The brainwashing continues..
    Teach your kids to think for themselves!

  • Rick Fischer

    And I urge parents to actually be parents and decide they know what’s best for their kids better than anyone else.

  • Fred Warner

    NO WAY!

  • Fred Warner

    NO WAY!

  • Mary Ellen Coleman Brueckner

    They are absolutely nuts! That’s government schools for you!

  • Gayle Roudabush

    Parents NEED to stand up!

  • Sheri Close

    My grand daughter eats great in our Italian/American home I don’t need a broken school system to tell me how to cook. My family handed these recipes down for hundreds of years and many generations. My family lives into there 90’s.

  • Lori Lange

    I will never listen nor take orders from Barack or Mochelle Obama!!!!

  • David Gibbs

    First it’s an urge, then it’s a demand, then it’s becomes a democrat legislative agenda and finally law. I say suck it.

  • Troy Teeter

    so their kids can be starving at home too just like some are at school because they don’t get enough??.. or what they have is garbage..

  • Debbie Hall Perrone

    So, my question is this…. if all 3 meals are provided for at school, is there a reduction in the EBT card? What would they be buying with it now besides food for the rest of the family that doesn’t go to school, but do they deduct those 3 meals value for the children receiving this benefit? Who pays for this?? HA

  • Tom Leonard

    How long before we have a home menu police force?

  • Glenda Gill

    Glad our district has Chick-fil-a and Cici’s pizza… at least you know what you’re getting…. sort of

  • Char Jolin

    I’m going home tonight and eating a big ole piece of cake for dinner LOL!!!!

  • Joy Hopkins

    They can kiss my grits!

  • Jo Spencer

    If the parents would buy food instead of meth they would not go hungry don’t you think?

  • Char Jolin

    govt does not have the right to tell us when and what to eat–I mean Michelle

  • Elizabeth Faith

    Jo that comment made no sense at all

  • Dorothy Elder

    Get the government out of my life……..they were not meant to do this and Moochelle Obama can jump into the closet river she can find.

  • Char Jolin

    the more I learn of her, the more I think shes even worse than BO if thats possible

  • Dawn Wood-Brooks

    I’ll feed my kids what I want….and spank their little butts too!

  • Sheryl Appleton

    are you nuts… just like hospital food for healthy eating.. oxymorons.

  • Patty Trapp

    Yea, because a 6’3″ high school junior football player can live on 800 calories for lunch and for dinner. Idiots all of them.

  • Bonnie Saffi

    None of their business. They give them the abortion pill and they’re concerned about what they eat. What a crock!

  • Sheryl Appleton

    If we teach our children healthy choices from infancy, and don’t feed them “junk” with sugar and pastries and boxed and canned food, we can expect that their taste buds will naturally gravitate toward healthier meals as they grow up.. and they will be grateful later.. <3

  • Brantley Huegel

    I remember my school lunch always being terrible. The pizza was like cardboard topped with some kind of cheese flavored rubber.

  • Robert Acosta

    They [the government] got bigger things to worry about than to dictate what I feed my family. Get your house in order before you tell me how to get mine in order….

  • Monte Bringle

    Maybe Queen Moochelle should practice what she preaches and put down that lobster.

  • Deirdre Johnson

    I don’t need anyone tell me how to feed my children. I am doing find by myself so Please Back OFF! Thank you.

  • Stephanie Cassandra McCall

    Oh, they have GOT to be kidding. I have seen school lunches, both as a teacher and a student, and they don’t even look like something you’d give your pet. To say nothing of the fact that now schools are shaving portions for major, out-of-proportion calorie cuts, leaving hungry students. But that’s not the school’s fault. No, it’s the fault of the delinquent parents, who have the audacity to teach children that it’s a good thing to enjoy your food and feel satisfied after a meal!

  • Bill Smith

    I’ll use it as a model, all right: a model for what NOT to feed my kids. They are growing and need nutrients. A *licensed nutritionist* tells me that we’re doing the right thing by my kids with what we feed them.

  • Matt VerVeer

    huh ,there was a mcdonalds in my high school

  • Jamie Snyder

    So that “pink slime” that they’re dishing should be used in MY house also. No thanks, I’ll procure my own tasty morsels from the wild, by my own hand first, before I’d serve that slop to my family.

  • Rachel Gingerich

    I think Michelle’s time would be better spent making sure her husband gets to his daily intelligence briefings, rather than worrying about what other people’s kids are having for lunch, or what we’re having for dinner tonight.

  • James Damron

    What children have to eat anywhere that they may be is none of the governments business.

  • Tammy Haney Dobbs

    Maybe instead of focusing on what we eat as a country, they should focus on if the food we eat is safe for us to eat. There is mercury in fish and arsenic in rice products and apple juice.

  • Marcia Woodward Santy

    No telling whats in the shit from China!!

  • Suzanne Crouch

    I’m sorry but does Moochelle have a degree in nutrition?? She needs to spend her time making sure her lame husband goes to the meetings/briefings that he should be going to instead of him sitting around the white house lawn chugging beers and smoking cigs.

  • Robert Stevenson

    Thats why their putting in spy cams in trash cans to see how much veggies are going to waste…..KMA Government!

  • Bonnie Brady Rosell

    I don’t need Moochelle telling me how to take care of my family. BUTT OUT!!!

  • Tim

    YOU really need to have a look at this before you go blasting off about school s feeding our children’s,it’ll really make you think twice about the school system.Get ready to get mad!!!