Change: ObamaCare to Cause DC Hospitals to Lose Millions in Medicare

Forward, into bankruptcy:

The readmission penalty, authorized by the 2010 health-care law, is one of the first examples of the incentives Medicare, the single largest payer of hospital services, is using to try to lower costs and improve care.

Some of the hardest-hit facilities are inner-city hospitals that tend to treat sicker, poorer patients. These patients sometimes end up being readmitted because they have a harder time getting medication and follow-up doctors’ appointments, often because they lack transportation, hospital officials said.

“Not only do we have the very sick patients, they also have very significant social needs,” said Kamaljit Sethi, who heads quality and safety at Providence Hospital in Northeast, where officials estimate they will lose about $320,000 in the coming year.

Cash-strapped Howard University in Northwest was the only area hospital hit by the maximum penalty of 1 percent of its Medicare payments. Howard will receive about $400,000 less in payments in the coming year, according to an analysis of Medicare data for fiscal 2011.

The hospital said that the penalty wouldn’t affect its services but that it planned to “give greater assistance to this population.” Officials declined to comment or provide details.

Besides Howard and Providence, the other District facilities with the highest penalty rates are MedStar Washington Hospital Center and George Washington University Hospital.

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  • Keenan Webb

    Akin to a new tax on the middle class, because this will just raise rates on everyone else.

  • Daryl N Carol Grooms

    He wants to fix it to where no one will have realiable healthcare but government. To him we are peasents.

  • Richard Bard

    Obama = Epic Failure!

  • Robert Stevenson

    Obamacare adds 21 new taxes, many of which hit the middle class and kills thousands of jobs!

  • Leatha Irvin

    This is an extension of an already existing policy. There are already penalties in place from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for re-admissions within the first 48-72 hours. In addition to forcing discharge in accordance with whatever length of stay the current ICD – Coding allows. This is a disaster for our elderly with chronic conditions that require frequent admissions. Lo, the beginning of creeping, slinking “Death Panels.”

  • Martin Kandell

    Let’s fire this Commie jerk on Nov. 6!

  • Rick Anglada

    YOU DON’T SAY :(

  • Susan Hutchinson

    Here it comes the continue great things about ObaMEoCare…..many of knew it was terrible. FOLKS STAY HEALTHY!!!! MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES B/C ObaMEoCare won’t take care of your health issues!!!

  • Sue Margrave

    Why in the world would the Supreme Court uphold something that will destroy our hospitals and cost all Americans their teeth and toenails.

  • Tony Moffett

    Taxing it more?

  • Shirley Kluge

    We,ve had enough problems with Obama,s “great”ideas!!!

  • William Rainey

    I think are healthcare probs are linked to our lifestyles…I saw a guy riding his bike today and it seemed odd in america…other countries ride bikes everywhere…but here…healthy people end up footing the bill for people who don’t take care of themselves!

  • William Rainey

    ….obamacare is NOT the answear to our healthcare problems