Tom Tancredo: “Across the board, our current system of marijuana prohibition has failed.”

And he’s right:

Marijuana prohibition is perhaps the oldest and most persistent nanny-state law we have in the U.S. We simply cannot afford a government that tries to save people from themselves. It is not the role of government to try to correct bad behavior, as long as those behaviors are not directly causing physical harm to others.

To be clear, I do not consider marijuana use a good thing for society. I have never used marijuana personally and do not encourage others to indulge. But as the son of a violent alcoholic, I know enough to appreciate that it is irrational to have laws in place that allow the use of alcohol, yet punish adults who choose to use a less harmful and less dangerous substance.

Across the board, our current system of marijuana prohibition has failed. It has failed to protect our kids from drug dealers pushing other, far more dangerous drugs, it has failed to keep our borders safe, and it has failed to use taxpayer dollars in the most responsible and efficient manner possible.

It is time to try something new. Please join me in voting yes on Amendment 64 this November.

Agree or disagree?

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  • Paul F

    The author has this 100% correct. The ONLY reasons for this prohibition are the combination of old fogeys, and drug companies that stand to lose substantial market share as the benefits of marijuana are experienced by more people.

    Either outlaw alcohol or legalize pot. In fact, do both, our society will be far better off.

    • topeka

      Absolutely amazing.

      Outlaw a drug which harms among a small number of abusers, and legalize a drug which abuses everyone foolish enough to submit to its harm?

  • Jeremiah Lloyd

    The only thing I don’t like is weed is an extremely dangerous substance long term that can cause psychiatric problems and dementia and it’s never communicated. Doctors who have come in contact with cultural hardcore users as is one that exists in Egypt tell about their experiences treating patients and it far from the harmless picture everyone has of marijuana. I’m for it being legal with a valid limit test for drivers.

  • Cay Raymond

    Leglize it. MANY people need it’s proven medicinal properties.

    • topeka

      Citation please.

      What medicinal properties? Permanent brain damage?

  • Tim Zeigler

    We can’t afford to continue the “war on drugs” like we have to date.

    We need to have a discussion on returning drug enforcement to the states and releasing non-violent inmates with drug convictions

  • Brendan Quigley

    I think it should be regulated and taxed like alcohol. the gateway argument could be applied to alcohol as well as marihuana so it is moot at this point

  • David Robson

    Trancedo is right.

  • Robert Rachal

    I don’t like the idea to legalize it, I smoked it a lot and wish I would have had been more mature and had more sense.
    If we legalize drugs, we will be hit with future class action law suites and those settlement will be payed by taxes.

  • Adam Blumenthal

    A huge waste of resources. Time to stop wasting money and lives on this outdated foolishness. Legalize and tax it.

  • Richard Lemire

    It should be treated the same as alcohol.

  • Bryan Jensen

    So it’s okay to smoke raid,battery acid, and carbon monoxide since the government says so? F THEM

    • topeka


      have you been smoking pot?

      if not, please explain your post. I know of no govt agency approving of sniffing aromatic organic compounds, pesticides, sulphuric acid, or CO.

      All of these are regulated.

      If you believe pot should be regulated the way we regulate chemicals – I suggest we regulate it the way we regulated CFC’s, including DDT.

  • David Westmoreland

    Couldn’t agree more!!

  • Christopher Godfrey

    I’ve been a cop for 9 years and I don’t understand why it’s illegal. But, it should be up to the state (as per the 10th amendment) to decide its legality.

  • Sean Workman

    should be legal.they will never ever get rid of drugs period!

  • Karen I. Aubrey

    besides smoking it … helm is a better product than cotton and last longer. If allowed to be manufactured for clothing it will put the cotton industry under. Cotton does not last as long so consumers have to keep buying it! Oh and hemp products have less THC that home grow pot, so no point in trying to smoke it!

  • Steve Allen

    Alcohol is far worse than marijuana could ever be!!

    • topeka


  • topeka


    Quite a bit of Big Lie misinformation on the channel today.

    My step-mother killed her first son with pot. Yes, it is teratogenic. Oops. Her second child is little better off. Yes, there is Fetal Marijuana Syndrome.

    One of my Uncles smoked – and has been doing a dirt nap for 40 years. Such was his inebriation, he jumped in a lake. Yes, it is psychotropic, in addition to addictive.

    Just a few observations on the family side.

    In my practice, I have seen “high” babies, tweaking junkies, and the battered and beaten victims of “potheads.” Yeah, so peaceful.

    Potheads are too thick to fill out their paperwork and have to be helped. Pot correlates strongly with schizophrenia transition, especially in bipolars.

    It’s effects endure, and are long term. Inducing paranoia, lowering intelligence, and impairing judgment.

    As for war. Oil, rare earths, copper, diamonds, bananas, and children are all legal – but there are/have been wars all over the planet to control these commodities. What do you think the Sudanese, Ugandans, Somalia’s, etc. are fighting over?

    What about other drugs? You wussies wet your pants when someone says polypropylene glycol, yet cocaine is clearly safer than pot. Heroin, though is much worse.

    Can I get my Chlordane back?

    As for crime, there is no indication coddling substance abusers reduces crime. The potheads always reach for “studies” in Amsterdam. … Yeah, right. We spend a great deal of time and money getting these people off of substances. If you want to defend your poison, come up with evidence that the abusers are the problem.

    The political elite wants to avoid these realities, and health departments are unwilling to tackle the “inconvenient truths” about pot.

    What about overreaching govt? Overcriminalization? and other problems?

    Well – if pot is legal, who do you think is paying for the potheads on Social Security Disability? Someone will have to taken down to pay for this.

    You live in country where unpasteurized milk is a crime; where a bull dozer is more likely to lead to prosecution than promoting violence; where paint, soap, cars, carpets, and toilet paper are subject to thousands of regulations… but legal pot will Stop Big Govt? ??

    Legal pot has already born fruit. In my own family, we have violent, mentally ill people who owe their condition to pot.

    As for alcohol? Comparing alcohol to pot is like comparing America to Communists. Alcohol can be abused, and it is.

    Pot is abusive; and it is violent, and hateful to want legal pot. Especially for the children who have to live these potheads (and that includes me).

    I don’t give one flip about your violent alcoholic dad. My alcoholic stepfather beat the tar out of me more than once – But at least HE SOBERED UP ONCE IN AWHILE. And he overcame his addiction in prison.

    What about the pothead stepmother? Oh yeah – she killed herself too.

    Pot! Great balls of Lies.