Study: Republican Women Look More Like Women Than Democrat Women

Here comes the science:

The undergrads were significantly better at guessing than would be expected by chance, and they were especially accurate with women. The likely reason, according to the study: Republican women are more likely than Democratic ones to have stereotypically feminine facial features.

In another experiment, Carpinella and Johnson used a computer program to measure how “sex-typical” the faces of male and female Representatives were, looking at characteristics like jaw shape, lip fullness, and cheekbone placement (they discounted things like hair, makeup, and jewelry). They found that Republican women were more likely to have stereotypically feminine faces — and the effect was more pronounced the more conservative their voting records were. The reverse was true for Democrats — the more liberal their voting records, the less traditionally feminine their faces. The study authors call this “the Michele Bachmann effect.”

I call it, “Obvious.”

  • John

    Thank you for NOT putting the democrats pictures up.

  • Little Miss Patriot

    It’s most likely because liberal women (and men) have so much hate in them that it seeps outward and affects their looks.

  • Gregory Speck

    Hahaha true

  • Sarah Hayden


  • Brian Weaver

    Wow because they look so fake.

  • John Meyer

    Take a look at the ones the democrats show as the face of women in the democratic party. wow. ! Anything but a women men would like to date

  • Kevin Budig

    Fake? Nope.

  • Jd Cleek

    Where’s this man’s constitutional rights?

  • Steve Albin
  • Phil Cooper

    Hey , that is the same conclusion my study reached . I’m sure that my study was less expensive .

  • Ernest Everett Blevins

    ANd it took a study to determine this? I hope the taxpayers didn’t foot the bill.

  • John Ricker

    lmao shared

  • Karen Halva

    that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! I doubt very highly if anyone could guess I was a democrat, or Jessica, by our looks! Talk about stupid studies! And ‘low’ talking points – suggesting Democrats aren’t feminine is hateful and stupid.

  • Bryan Jensen

    Look at Rachel Madcow…..UG OH LEE

  • Chris White

    Just look at pigs like joyless behar & whoopi cushion goldberg. Oh and that animal cher and rosie….. and the list goes on

  • Dan Dowden

    Hey, I know lots of feminine Democrats. Of course, most of them are gay men. Just sayin’…….

  • Allen Gent

    It’s also great to point out that a lot of the liberal men look a lot like ugly women too…

  • Robert Stevenson

    They look and ACT more like women too!

  • Renee Schoenmann

    Chris White & Allen Gent, you are both so right!!!! Good ones!