Senate Democrats Decide for You Which College Degrees are “Worthless”

Now that the student loan industry is totally run by the federal government, the federal government will be deciding for you which degrees you can pursue and from what schools. Apparently you are not smart enough to make your own decisions on this matter. Democrat fireplug Senator Barbara Mikulski’s site spouted this bit of irony yesterday:

“I’m for choice and opportunity in higher education, but we cannot be enablers of debt without empowerment,”Senator Mikulski said. “It’s appalling that schools are providing students with worthless degrees while leaving families buried under debt. It’s wrong for families and the federal government to make investments in higher education and be left with nothing to show for it. I’m cosponsoring the Protecting Students from Worthless Degrees Act to ensure that higher education programs meet the accreditation or licensure requirements so when students graduate they are qualified to be hired for the job they’ve prepared for.”

God forbid we allow anyone to end up buried under debt with nothing to show for it.

The hypocrisy and lack of self awareness here is amazing. The Worthless Degree bill was co-sponsored by Mikulski (D-MD), Tom Harkin (D-IA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR).

Meanwhile in the House of Representatives, Elijah Cummings (D-MD), ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, continues his crusade against private, for-profit educational institutions. Cummings claims that these institutions pay their executives too much and don’t provide students with the needed skills for employment.

I think we can see what the bee in the Democrats’ collective bonnet is here–profit. There’s no mention here of the multitude of “worthless” degrees from accredited state schools which prepare no one for employment in anything but teaching the next generation of worthless degree recipients.

This is a foretaste of what we can expect from government run healthcare–bureaucrats deciding what treatments are worth paying for. If only we had elected officials who were this eager to clamp down on worthless government programs.

  • Steve Schaper

    I would imagine that this is the death of seminaries and Christian colleges.

  • Matt Walker

    The Occuturds major in things like The History of Weaving, and LGBT Studies. Are those worthless? They tell me these degrees may yield as much as $100K per year to start!

  • John Acker

    I’ve encountered many “conservatives” who insist that only degrees in business, law, or perhaps medicine are worthwhile. When I tell them I have three degrees in English they promptly accuse me of being a leftist hippie!

  • James Savik

    actually- I don’t mind this much as long as useless degrees like womens studies, native American studies, queer studies and other such bullshit is shit canned and we don’t get stuck with the bill for it and the useless turds that hold those degrees and can’t hold a job as a McDonalds burger flipper.

  • Rama Sikka
  • Joe Mcd

    i’ll be damned if they’re gonna tell me that my college degree is worthless…

  • Rama Sikka

    How does a guy who earns around $190K a year accumulate a $10 million fortune?

  • Chris Parisy

    I’m sure they will one day decide for us which cars to buy.

    Personal choice does not exist under an authoritarian, socialist, communist state.

  • Andrew James Christianson

    Evil jerks!!!

  • Clayton E. Benignus

    Let the Colleges keep statistics on the earnings of their graduates by degrees. Also. let Placement Offices be held accountable for this. Also, let the colleges publish their Athletic Budgets.

  • Carolann Cepuchowski

    hey people at McDonalds and Burger King go to Burger U.,they prob get loans too.

  • Jim Burt

    He’s a damn crook like most of Congress. Many retire from Congress with large fortunes they never went in with. What’s that tell you?

  • Brian Saier

    Rama, Senators are free to use insider trading when they know well in advance where government contracts are going to

  • Melissa LaTour

    Yep, and there-in lies the problem. Tax money should not be available for some degrees, i.e. those that you graduate with and cannot find a job. Until the recent availability of loan moeny the market controlled this. Who in the world would get a degree in Women’s studies? Some rich girl who needed an easy degree and was never going to hold a job. Now, you got kids majoring in tons of junk and then wonder why they can’t get a degree, and there was NO critical though put into what they should major in. The problem is that those in control here will never get it right on what junk degrees are.

  • Galen Stangeland

    Well… At least it wasn’t three degrees in Spanish, French or Chinese… LOL

  • Patricia Wood

    Moronic Libtards did think just that.

  • Lynn Klein

    I have no problem with this, most of the schools that advertise on NYC subways exist just to take government funds.

  • Bill Butler

    What makes lawmakers any more intelligent. Than any citizen in this country? Nothing!!!!!!! They are just self important assholes who want to control everything!

  • Bert Nichols

    INSIDER TRADING is the answer Rama.

  • Bruce Taylor

    Personnal freedom has gone by the wayside. Communism here we come. Free speech? Gone. Freedom of religon? Gone. Freedom of association? Gone. Free to chose a colllege? Gone. free to chose a career? Gone. Welcome communism.

  • Mark Lawrence

    “you didn’t earn that degree….”

  • Stephen Spears

    Actually, this is great news. I’d rather the government not be spending my tax dollars on someone’s degree in Bitterness Studies. If they want to study something worthless, they can do it on their own dime like they should already be doing.

  • Craig Nichols

    Well isnt that special!!!

  • Jim Adams

    But they already spend our tax $ on scholarships at public institutins for LGBT students majoring in “LGBT studies”, a violation of the Constitution’s Equal Protection clause because straight students aren’t eligible for this free ride on the taxpayers.

  • Patricia Hutchins Brown

    Voters better wake-up before our Constitution is totally destroyed!

  • Cesar Alvarez-Castillo

    Does this mean they’ll finally get rid of being able to major in useless subjects like Star Wars, community organizing, and hating whitey?

  • Raymond Lussier

    Democrats are useless and should be made extinct.

  • Jeff Ezell

    All degrees without liberal arts are banned!

  • Catherine Nelson-Dittmann

    Political science better be at the top of the list.

  • Vannessa Blasingame Burson

    I’m a conservative, and I don’t think there’s any such thing as a worthless degree. My husband has a degree in English, and I have a degree in psychology – now there’s a degree that many say us worthless (unless you have an advanced degree), but it has been a personal blessing as it allowed me to pinpoint something in our family that needed immediate attention. (Not all benefits of an education one in the form of $).

  • Leslee Foerster

    Wow…what are we becoming…

  • Tim Pecsenye

    Isn’t enough enough? Pass a balanced budget; reduce the deficit; reduce the size of government – do something to help the taxpayers, not something as idiotic as this! Most of the Senators (and Representatives) wouldn’t know the value of a field of study if it bit them on the ass!

  • Darque Jester

    The problem is that most college kids are so indoctrinated with liberal bull, they still vote for this crap and the people that do it.

  • Kay Gianou Ehrick

    Sounds like many Dems have those worthless degrees. Maybe they need to go back to school to make something of themselves.

  • DeeDee Porthouse

    This stinks!

  • Chris Kerr

    OK, i am a in for it. But first i am Conservative, not a Republican. But i kind of agree with this idea. Let me explain before everyone comes after me.

    First the bill MUST require that the loans should be based on your ability to pay it back in 5 to 10 years. if that was enforced, Guess what? no more
    Womyn’s studies,
    Masters degrees in Puppetry. (yes there is such a thing) read here:
    Socailism/communism dgrees

  • Carolyn Kadlec Flynn

    Stupid Americans…what the hell did they think would happen?!

  • Craig Hixon

    The Dems actually have the right idea, but for the wrong reason and will attack the wrong majors. IMHO, if there is going to be such a thing as federal financial aid, it should only go to students majoring in truly skilled academic pursuits. If a school wants to offer and a student wants to puruse frivolous programs, they should pay the freight. Sorry if that offends anyone who majored in hyphenated-persons grievance studies.

  • Clay Wardrop

    This is the problem, just like Welfare programs. Once we give the government the power to tell us how it’s going to spend OUR money, we’ll play hell trying to undo it. The people will have NO control over which majors will be banned from student aid, and you can bet your sweet a$$ that the BS majors like Ancient Babylonian Astronomy, and (fill in the blank) studies will NOT be on the “banned” list!! When will this country pull its collective cranium out of its anal orifice???

  • Jeremy Janson

    I have no problem with government or private lendors deciding to not pay for a particular degree, or adjusting the interest rate or repayment term. The problem here is that government regulation of the student loan industry is blurring the distinction between the two. You should have the freedom to study anything you want provided that you’re paying for it yourself. The only problem is when government is making this decision for a private loan organization.

  • Pam McConnell

    Bigger government and more intrusion in our lives? No thank you.

  • Lucien D Perron

    So much ffor freedom of choice!