Fired Chick-fil-A Drive Thru Bully Posts Apology Video

We have the original bully video posted here. The story about the bully being fired is here.

The bully is Adam Smith. Before we get to the video there are a few updates. Some we learned outside of the video, some within it. First, it’s clear Smith’s terrible decision to make the video and publish it has turned his life upside down. You can tell in his expressions and his voice that he’s still struck by emotion over the whirlwind of things that have happened in the past few days.

Second, he makes it clear that when he went in to work the next day, Vante, his employer, was dealing with a massive PR problem. The answering machine held a maximum of 300 messages. It was maxed out at 300. Smith says clients/customers of Vante were being contacted and other employees of Vante were being contacted as well.

Third, as it turns out, Smith was a lecturer at the University of Arizona. Not only has he been fired from his job, he has been removed from the University as a Lecturer.

Adam Smith held an appointment as an Adjunct Lecturer, Finance (non-tenure eligible) in the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona from January 2, 2012, to May 20, 2012. He presently holds no appointment with the University.  

The University of Arizona is committed to being a community in which all members support the free and respectful exchange of varied ideas and perspectives. We strive to have a workforce that is diverse and respectful of different viewpoints.

Fourth, and this is an opinion at odds with Smith’s, in the video he claims his effort was all about keeping rights from being threatened by corporations. This statement comes in at about 5:50 of the video. Chick-fil-A’s President didn’t threaten any rights. He didn’t show hatred towards anyone, and none of the groups he supports show hatred towards anyone. This is where the disconnect is and why Smith is in an extreme minority with his opinion. Supporting traditional marriage and “hating” those who are gay are two very different scenarios. Most Americans do not view them as the same.

OK, that’s it for the points to be made. And now for the video!

  • Brad

    Adam Smith is a misguided bully that got what he deserved. I agree that he is only sorry now because of the public response and to being fired. I hope that girl at the Chick Fil A drive gets compensation for being so cool under fire with this idiot. If Adam Smith is truly sorry he compensate this girl big time.

    • Catherine Alexander

      I think he has gotten much more than he deserved. He and his family are now staying at an undisclosed location because they have become the target of a white supremacist group, among others. Their lives may actually be in danger. He made a bad decision, based largely on the emotion of the moment. Many of us can identify with that. He has made what appears to be a heartfelt apology. I think we need to stop piling on, and leave the guy alone.

  • SuzanneC

    Please tell me how your civil rights were violated? An opinion is just the an opinion, because you think it is a hate group you dare to go off like that. If Chic-Fil_A donates to a family group, we and I do believe in the family and marriage is between one man and one woman, what makes us wrong and the gays right? The have civil unions but that was not good enough they wanted to foster their outragest opinion on us. They wanted our marriage, like everything else these hate filled gay groups use to promote themselves and flaunt their behavior on us has failed in every state that it has been put to a vote. The gays had better realize all they have done is made enemies of the Christian community.

  • Ivory

    Thank you for apologizing to Rachel. You didn’t show any class that day with her, but this is certainly a step in the right direction. As it is written, Pride goes before a fall. But that doesn’t eed to be the end of anyone’s story. You have a wife to love and children to raise and I wish you and your family all the best.

  • Brad

    I would like to see an expert in body and facial movements / mannerisms to evaluate this apology video. I don’t believe him. He is only sorry that “We The People” have spoken and he lost his job.

    • Sara

      Amen! Any body who knows anything about body language knows 1) touching his eye at the very beginning–LYING during that statement 2) constantly looking UP–LYING.

      He is not sorry, only sorry he got ‘caught’.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Brad, I think we should give people the benefit of the doubt whenever we can. I think he was touching his eye because he was emotional and on the verge of tears.

  • Adam Smith Sucks

    You are not sorry other than for losing your job. If you had not been caught, you wouldn’t be apologizing. You are a sorry excuse for a human being and anyone that hires you is an idiot and deserves what they get. It made my day to see that you got fired. You are a small minded, bigoted, piece of trash. I hope you lose everything you own so you can get a taste MR. CFO what life is really like. Spoiled, rotten, indignant, arrogant, self-serving, piece of crap. Your apology video is laughable and it isn’t an apology, it is a blame video. TAKE SOME DAMN RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND GROW SOME BALLS. And no one wants to listen to you drone on about your viewpoints on gay rights. LOUSY apology. It’s pretty apparent you are gay, why don’t you just admit and get it over with.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Your comment puts you in the same category with the Adam Smith who made the video. Let it go, man.

  • Sharon

    Give this guy a break. Everyone makes mistakes. I hated what he did too but at least he took the time to apologize!

  • Andy

    Really wanted t0o believe the guy was sincere and had seen HIS failings but then he explains how “seeing all those people at CFA set him off” I realize he learned nothing positive for himself- just more excuses – “the crowd set him off, his company woudl not let him apologize, companies like CFA are the real problem- he – like so many progressives and liberals just does not get it – so sad they hate so much yet blame those they hate for such feelings ratther than their own black heart

  • Monica

    Like somebody else said, not much of an apology. I went right to the tape. Wanted to see what he had to say, so I did not know he worked at a university. Then I understood better. Like many professors and twenty some years old students, he is a liberal. Something common in that environment.
    Another reader expressed the fact that lesbians and gays already have a legal civil union. If I understood correctly, that is all they wanted in the beginning, something that defined them, as “couples” were they could take important decisions for one another in case of illness. If that is all they wanted, WHY all of this now?
    It can never be a “marriage” since that is between a man and a woman.
    It seems to me that Mr. Smith is more against “corporate America” than in favor of the gay community. His hate, as he was waiting in line to get his opportunity to express his believes, show more than just approval to gays.
    Since we are on the subject, could I ask a simple question? Why is it that if a conservative person voices an opinion is call names by the opposing side, but if a liberal does the same is “freedom of speech”? Is it possible to stop this and agree to des-agree? Can we live and let live? Follow what we choose and not have to accept anybodies else’s ideas just because they can yell louder?

  • Dana Roark

    There must be some openings at Acorn or GM for this phony. By the way, why does he support OPEC by buying gasoline, for example? After all, I hear the owners of OPEC actually execute homosexuals.

  • Mrs Melissa M. Harden

    Lesson learned here… don’t post stupid stuff on the internet… It WILL come back to haunt you.. I mean get you fired from your jobs, then you cannot support your family. What a dope!

  • Mark

    That’s not an apology, he’s just making excuses.

  • bebod

    I make no excuses for this guy but I think the 5:50 comment was “…rights…”, not …keeping “lives” from being threatened by corporations.

  • David

    Mr Cathy nor Chick-Fil-A does not preach hate. He says, he believes in 1 man 1 women marriage, that’s it. Dude, you need to get a life and quit preaching hate!

  • Linda Bullock

    I appreciate his apology but not his explanation. He did not all of a sudden get caught up in the emotion of the moment. If you watch the video, he drove up with a video camera or camera phone and a planned speech. This was all planned, not spontaneous. It backfired on him and he got caught.

  • Judy

    So what you are saying is that you think we Christians should go against our faith and say homosexual activity is alright. Why don’t you ask the Muslims to go against their belief on this topic? Their faith calls for the beheading of gays/lesbians. We believe what people do in the privacy of their home is their business.

  • Mark

    “… none of the groups he supports show hatred towards anyone.”

    CFA supports Exodus International. Exodus International supports the “Kill Gays” bill in Uganda. Exodus International supports “reparative therapy,” which includes performing electroshock therapy and ice bath submersion therapy on teenagers in order to “cure” them.

    Yes, the groups he supports DOES show hatred towards people.

    I think this Adam Smith guy was an ass and totally out of line. Rachel handled herself amazingly. When I went in for my ice water, I took my water and said “My husband and I thank you.” What Adam did just made the rest of us look bad. I don’t endorse or encourage his words.

    However, this site needs to look at the facts before publishing statements like “… none of the groups he supports show hatred towards anyone.”

  • Dianna Collins Sells Phd

    really? too little too late

    • Catherine Alexander

      Why is it too late, Dianna? Apologies, by definition, always come after the fact.

  • Jason Sanner

    Trust me. He’s only sorry because they fired him…

    • Catherine Alexander

      Why should we trust you, Jason? Do you have some insider knowledge of this case that the rest of us do not?

  • Bob O’Connell

    Tough. Made your bed sleep in it. So much for Leftist “‘tolerance’.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Wow, Bob. Are you are Christian? Because if you are, you need to work on forgiveness. He’s been fired from two jobs and had to flee his home in fear of his family being killed. When will you be satisfied?

  • Greg Lumpkin

    A day late and a dollar short. Jack ass got what he deserved.

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    too little, too late!

  • Rangerbill Cass

    I* just bet he’s sorry, he’s the sorriest jackass I’ve seen in a long time

  • Carlton West

    serves him right…tolerance my ass

  • Dane Lepson

    hey bully, do you know how to say fries with that?

  • Tony Fell

    He’s a socialist progressive, a liberal nutjob!

  • Gary Musso

    yes f?ck him!!!

  • Anthony Chmielewski

    Free water what an ass. Hate is a two way street.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Anthony, go back and watch the original video. The man was rude and inappropriate, but he wasn’t hateful. He didn’t use any profanity. He made no threats.

  • Shari Keels Lusk

    It’s sort of an apology, but not really.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Why do you say “not really,” Shari? What else could he have said or done to convince you his apology was real? He sounded convincing to me, and I think people deserve the benefit of the doubt, if there is any doubt. For crying out loud, he’s lost two jobs and had to flee his home. His family, including innocent children, have been threatened. Let’s give it a rest.

  • Barbara Ross Kneup

    that should be the turning point in his life. or at least hope it is and he learns how stupid that was

  • Vanessa Waddell

    Way to go Alabama!!!

  • Michael Thetford

    Apology not accepted. He had plenty of time to plan and think out his actions. He was almost gleeful in his attack. He is only apologizing because it has cost him his career and his ignorance has gone viral. Everyone knows he is an ass!

    • Catherine Alexander

      Michael, he may have had plenty of time, but that doesn’t mean he took plenty of time. Maybe you are too young to have yet had the experience of acting on impulse and later regretting it. This has not just cost him his job; he and his family have had to flee for their lives. Enough is enough. Give him the benefit of the doubt and pray that his life, and that of his family, return to normal.

  • Tommy Armistead

    GOOD, less liberal BS in the classroom!

  • David B McKenzie

    These Scum are only sorry when what they do comes back and bites them in the ass.
    I refuse to waste 0ne second of my time on them, and the second I discover someone is a Liberal, I walk away from them.

  • Glenda Aspinwall Wright

    I am baffled why he vented on a kid working at the drive through. So immature.

    • Catherine Alexander

      What the man did was wrong and immature, but for the record, I don’t think that was a kid.

  • Beth Dunn Corbett

    I attempted to watch the video – but he’s such a disingenuous creep that I had to turn it off…..Bleahh

  • Dennis Dupuis

    Colorado university may have a place for him….

  • Pj Perry

    I hear ya!!!

  • Wayne Cummings

    Too little too late.

  • John Marland

    he’s going to have a hard time getting a job at any reputable company now, maybe you’ll meet him at your door delivering a pizza before long lol

  • Donna Villarose Binger

    He is a bully !

  • Brenda Erway Bronson

    Glad to see that the business he worked for does not tolerate bully behavior!

  • Donna Villarose Binger

    He’s just a bully !

  • Vickie Alexander

    he is a jerk and I hope he is unemployed a long time for this.

  • Back Packer

    I watched the video. It was “Dear Rachael, I’m sorry…but it was all worth it because…”

  • Frank N Trezza

    Dude that bell rang — you showed your true self. He’s sorry because he was fired and will have a hard time finding a new one. He should have known that a corporate officer represents the company regardless and is held to a higher level; might not be fair but that’s the way it is.

  • Larry Ivie


  • Tony Hall

    Wxcuse my language but what a dick.

    • Catherine Alexander

      Your vulgar language is not excused. There is no need to resort to name-calling, especially vulgar name-calling.

  • Michael K Beattie

    Too little too late, douche! You’re only apologizing because it’s YOU on the receiving end now! Good luck getting a job now!

  • jim

    ahhh looks like Karma bit your butt big time . haha. Who is laughing now? JERk

  • Lori Giordano Vitali

    Very sad that this person thought it was OK to berate a young girl like that. All the while saying he hated the hate but he himself was spewing it. Then, to top it all off, he tells her his is heterosexual? Why is that? He should have added….not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    • Catherine Alexander

      Why is it that he told her he is heterosexual? First, he didn’t tell “her.” It was directed to all viewers of the video, and if you had watched it carefully to the end you would have known why — because he has been accused of making the video because he was gay, and he wants viewers to know that you don’t have to be gay to support gay rights, any more than you have to be black to support civil rights for black people.

  • Susan Miller

    Is he sorry? Or sorry he got caught? There is a difference. I hope he is truly sorry and learned something in the process.

  • David Richardson

    What a stupid asshole! She should have “accidently” dumped that “free” water on him!

    • Catherine Alexander

      That’s nice. You’re a great representative of freedom of speech.

  • Johnnie Whitfield

    Watching his apology and reading his interview on The Blaze I think this guy really sees what he did and is regretful that he did what he did. Time to leave him alone and move on! Let’s talk about the economy and jobs again.

    • Catherine Alexander

      AMEN, Johnnie!

  • Carole Sarkuti

    The smirk at the end of the video kind of makes a mockery out of what he just said…

  • Carey Smith

    This is what happens after your mother calls you and reminds you of your raising. ..and if you need reminding you best go cut a switch cuz she’s on her way over. Redeye.

  • Tom Conde

    Anyone who gives this guy a job with any authority is condoning bullying people who can’t fight back. He is pure trash.

  • Thom Brasuell

    Don’t click on the original youtube video, this douchebag has pay per click advertising on it.

    • Catherine Alexander

      I think the original video has been removed Thom. He took it down after a white supremacist group copied it and he and his family began to receive death threats.

  • Sharron Benson

    Who cares!!! Too little too late. Should have kept his mouth shut in the first place and put his foot into it if he was that hungry for attention!!

  • Joseph McCoy

    Contrary to most, while I agree he was an idiot, I think we should show we are the tolerant ones by asking that he get his job back. I believe he understands now the error of his actions. He does have a wife and four kids from my understanding.

  • Cj Williams

    Maybe chicfila should hire him to work the counter with a sign around his neck that he his that creep. Then fire him on last day of probation period.

  • Colleen Whipple

    Mr. McCoy has a valid point but I’m not sure I’d want him teaching my children anything.

  • Carol Hardegree Wall

    I would like to hear the “threats” made in him, his family and co-workers, because I doubt they exist. He still doesn’t get it. Probably never will. Douche of the month.

  • Marcy Samuelsen

    I won’t judge whether his apology was sincere or not. That’s God’s department.

  • Jerry Crowe

    this is what the libs do,,apologize, shed a tear or two, bite your lower lip, show some remorse and the world is now a better place. F’n Scum!!!

  • Cathy Scheile Beasley

    99 weeks of unemployment entitlement, obamacare, food stamps….he has no worries

  • Rhon Evans

    I’m sure the Obama people will be happy to give you a job.

  • Leonard Raskin

    I hope he gets is full 99 weeks of unemployment and then can’t find work after.

  • Fred Stewart

    typical I’m sorry I got caught apology

  • Randy Ritchie

    Too little too late

  • Rebecca Higgins Meisner

    You would have that someone as supposedly intelligent as this guy would have figured out YouTube is not his friend…. Just proves that common sense and decency can’t be taught in school

  • Maureen Fiume

    I can understand the rationale in firing him. He said he went on that rant because he was so excited about “the cause.”. Can you imagine if he went off like that if he disagreed with a client or a student? I hope he is not a bully in his home. He did say he has a young family and words can cut very deep and can stay with a child for a very long time.

  • Maureen Fiume

    @Cathy. I never thought of that but you’re absolutely right.

  • Donallen


  • Micah Rickman

    Sounds like an attempt at damage control to me….he wouldn’t have apologized at all if he hadn’t gotten fired.

  • Sharon Thorne Cunningham

    I don’t think he should have lost his job for being a rude a hole through the Chic Fil A drive thru on his own time.

  • Rhonda Means

    He still doesn’t get why Chick-Fil-A has so much support.

  • Joe Alvarez

    Go away MORON.

  • Christopher Lind

    I think he’s only sorry because he got caught…

  • Brian Steele

    KARMA !!!! Not really a believer in it, But I am having 2nd thoughts !……..LOL !

  • Gary Zaremba


  • Andrew Buchen

    So now the fag back-peddles and rants, a bit too late I’d say and even though this is supposed to be an apology he makes no doubt that he still supports his fag cohorts in the war against decency and religious and traditional views of family and sex. This is a shallow attempt by a frustrated faggot to regain what he threw so willingly in the trash the other day. To him I’d say go and celebrate with your homo’s lifestyle racist left-wing friends that you really stuck it to that poor employee in the name of fags. And take your BS apology and shove it up your ass.

  • Pissed Off US Army Retired

    Sorry ass-maggot; too little, too late. You can be repentant all you want (it’s obvious you are not by still trying to lay blame at Cathy’s feet), that doesn’t absolve you from suffering the consequences of your malicious actions.

  • Nancy

    Wow what a waste of time ! Certainly not a genuine apology, more like an obligatory response maybe because his wife or mother made him…Thrilled that he’s out of the classroom where he can no longer manipulate his hateful agenda on our youth who actually pay for an education from the likes of this guy. Why is it the the liberals spew about tolerance however never practice what they preach? Would love to have all the liberals, progressives on our campuses meet the same fate….unemployed!

  • Charles Thomas

    A TRUE apology ALWAYS includes the words “Please Forgive Me, (name of person) for (the offense).” I don’t believe I heard Adam say those words. Many years ago a dear friend gave me some wise counsel when he said, “These 4 sets of 3 words (12 words in all) will help you in your relationships down the road. They are I WAS WRONG…I AM SORRY…PLEASE FORGIVE ME…I LOVE YOU!” My friend was so correct and to him I am sooooo thankful. It’s also interesting that “Adam” is the first name of Mr. Smith. Didn’t the “first Adam” recorded in history committ a devastating “sin” in his life that not only affected him, but the whole human race?

  • Buffy Register

    Any time you say, “I am sorry, but”, you are not really sorry, you are blame shifting. The “but” puts the blame on others. Also long rambling stuff like this shows he is still justififying what he did. When he saw all the people who were supporting… Also if he wanted to say that he was sorry as soon as he did it, why didn’t he? He was proud enough of it to put it on youtube for the world to see, how sorry was that? Nope, he was proud til he saw the unexpected backlash for his hate and venom.

  • Beverly

    The only thing this left wing bigot is sorry for is that he lost his job and is now a national joke. Once a bully always a bully!!!

  • mark

    He is STILL and idiot !!!!…..and always WILL BE !!!