It’s no surprise California is the poster child for fiscal failure. Also, thanks to big government “nanny state” politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barbara Boxer, etc, California is a state with a year round law factory as a legislature. The number of new laws flowing out of California government is astounding. And it doesn’t stop with state government. In fact, California’s appetite for laws gets all the way down in to the counties.

A perfect example of a useless law that some politician wasted time and money creating, followed by the county wasting time and money passing, is Kern County’s law against “boobie pillows.”

I kid you not.

Kern County, California’s government takes morality very seriously. Chapter 9.12.010 of the County Code states that “No vendor shall vend stuffed articles depicting the female breasts (sold as “boobie pillows”) within one thousand (1,000) feet of any county highway.” The punishment for each offense is a fine of up to $500 and/or up to 90 days in jail. Worse, “Each day of violation shall constitute a separate offense.”

The purpose of the boobie pillow ban, according to the Finding of Fact Leading to Enactment that accompanies the text, is to prevent children on their way to church from seeing such adult-themed merchandise.

Strangely, boobie pillows are the only adult-themed merchandise subject to the ban. So, according to the law, purveyors of smut can still set up shop almost anywhere they please. They just can’t sell “stuffed articles depicting the female breasts.”

As CEI notes, Kern County is currently dealing with a $25-$30 million deficit. Yet, somehow boobie pillows made the priority list.

  • Common Sense

    This is a type of law that I would have expected to see down south. I clicked on the link, thinking it had to be a typo.

  • Jim, California

    “No vendor shall vend stuffed articles depicting the female breasts…”

    “It’s OK, officer; these depict man-boobs…”

  • Jim Johnson

    Okay what the hell is a Boobie Pillow?

  • Troy Ross

    Being that California is full of homosexuals, they probably like weiner pillows.

    • Ray Simpkins

      Now yer cookin Trey!! That would be real California style. Frisco Weiners!

  • Dave Reeves

    Ahahahaha! Oh sh*t! I live in Cali……sigh

  • Clarke Newton

    No wonder they are broke!

  • Clarke Newton

    No wonder they are broke!

  • Steel Magnolia

    They need to partner up with Mayor Doomberg. Both seem to be having an obsession with female breasts these days. And WHO is having a WAR on women?

  • Steel Magnolia

    They need to partner up with Mayor Doomberg. Both seem to be having an obsession with female breasts these days. And WHO is having a WAR on women?

  • Kim Parigoris

    How would you like to be stuck in this insane asylum?? You other states don’t watch out and start paying attention- this is your fate!

  • Mark Lawrence

    Ridiculous. Both the law and the pillow.

  • Peter Fithian

    Why, oh WHY would any productive person live there?…

  • Glen Hardegree

    The land of fruits and nuts !!!!

  • Tiffany Clark


  • Bornonthe Fourthofjuly


  • Joel Nelson

    Ya can’t fix stoopit

  • Joel Nelson

    Ya can’t fix stoopit

  • Nicole Katz

    New York follows CA’s lead in all the wrong ways. Our legislature is a disaster and the Mayor of NYC is a fascist.

  • Troy Brown

    Unbelievable. You can set up a sex toy stand but pillows shaped like breast ya cant. Since when does california, the most godless state in the union, care about kids or church?

  • Eric Hickman


  • Tina Brown

    What! Lol

  • Linda Gray Yates

    I am ashamed to live here ~ this is not who/what this state used to be!

  • Rick Ott

    Waste of taypayer money.

  • Patrick Hill
  • Cheryl Jefferies

    I hate to sound truly ignorant, but what is a “boobie pillow?” And, what does this provide in the grand scheme of things?

  • Paul McCrea

    Everything Cali does is stupid so why would we expect any less. Nothing from them surprises me anymore. Stupid liberal majority.

  • Pam McConnell

    Oh man….I do this all the time on Saturdays and Sundays! How will I ever make a living now? :/ duh!

  • Bill Huetteman

    never ceases to amaze me, with all the trouble this state has and they waste time on this crap

  • Elizabeth Volkmer

    I agree with this….not something that should be sold!

  • Tim Martin

    That is what happens when you have a bunch of liberal democrat idiots sitting around a room trying to justify their paycheck without actually having to THINK! .I think they learned this approach to being a politician from Boxer, Pelosi, and Feinstein!

  • Kim Parigoris

    Yes, Nicole…we are trying to get out of here, and my son in law and his family just moved from New York. Problem is they are non- involved citizens and are moving to NC where the same thing will happen, because of the lack of citizenry involvement and the influx of the liberal poison. It spreads like a cancer.

  • Steve Coelho

    Turn up the volume… Numbers don’t lie… I think everyone deserves to know whats coming…

  • Stuart Heinrichs

    Unfortunately, Californians who have taxed themselves to death have been rapidly moving to Oregon. Now they are doing the same thing here. Oregon now has one of the highest unemployment and food stamp rates in the country. The stupid socialized Oregon Health Plan is so broke they use a lottery system to determine who gets health care and who doesn’t. They consumed everything in their own state, now they are doing the same in Oregon.

    • Wynonna

      Kind of like Locusts?

    • Ray Simpkins

      Ala Obama! Spreads like Cancer. After they run out of every one else’s money, what are they gonna do? Eh?

  • Lee Thatcher

    Wait, gay marriage is mortally correct, but boobie pillows aren’t? Wtf?

  • Cheryl Hatcher Dutro


  • Bud Nelson

    Shame the politicians are not lemmings. At least then they would march themselves into the sea.

  • bajafox

    The real crime is who voted these idiots into office?

  • MikeD

    Who gives a rats a$$ about the laws in California. Where can I get one of these pillows????

  • Harley Bike

    Boobie Pillows outlawed by Boobs.

  • Tiffany

    This is the stupidest thing I ever read!! People actually have enough time on their hands to a) write this propaganda, and b) pass it!!!

  • Ray Simpkins

    They got rid of them because they just were not smutty enough to pass muster. LOL