NYC Ad Campaign to Ban Soda 87% Funded by Federal Government

We’re all aware of New York’s aggressive attack on liberty via bans on soda, coffee, popcorn and other items that are less than healthy when consumed in large¬†quantities. What we may not be aware of, however, is the fact we’re all paying for it… even if we don’t live in New York state or city. That’s right, the majority of the marketing campaign to ban soda in New York was paid for by the federal government.

The city has also waged a campaign to influence public opinion. Since 2009 it has run five waves of advertising, in subways, in print, on the Internet and on television, linking soda consumption to obesity. The campaign has cost $2.8 million, city officials said, of which 87 percent was financed by the federal government.

We only just heard about the push to ban soda a few months back. But, unknown to most of us is that our money has been used to brew the ban up since 2009.

Let’s stop arguing that we have a do-nothing government. Our government is very, very busy.

  • Dorothy Crout Bryant


  • Lisa Malon Spangenberg

    They banned popcorn!!???

  • Roni Walters

    I don’t drink sodas, but I’m certainly not going to take such a bold stand against others drinking it! Good grief! So much for freedom, eh?

  • Jon Jones


  • Luke Gramith

    its a bunch of bs. you people are overweight bc you choose to be. changing drink size isnt going to change anything

  • Woody Rester


  • Denise Lynne

    exactly. for that matter let’s destroy the entire donut and candy bar industry. or ban trick or treating is next? wth?

  • Keith Mitchell

    Makes me want to go chug a cold 2 liter bottle of coke !!!!

  • Larry J Harwood

    Don’t give them any more ideas!

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    stop the insanity and get out there and vote these anti-American yahoos out ASAP!!!

  • Terry Sloan

    Ban soda pops that everyone loves to drink,,great,,how many more people will that put out of work when they are no longer needed to make a product that most everyone wants and loves !!!!!!this man is the forerunner for the antichrist and he has come to steal,kill,and destroy,,

  • Philip Pauff

    this is stupid it’s this kind of thinking that just blow’s my mind . they are gonna ban big cup drink’s .all people are gonna do is drink it fast out of a small cup and get more refills .stupity

  • Kenneth Smith


  • Karen Williams Eckart

    I love Texas (smiling while sipping on a large diet Coke)…

  • Sharon Nowak

    Food for thought…if soda is so bad for you, why are people allowed to buy it with food stamps? Seems that if you buy it with your hard earned money, you shouldn’t have it, but if it’s given to you by the tax payer money you did not earn, you can have it. Hmmm, strange.

  • Joe Abrahamson

    Idiots… why do we allow this?!

  • Kathy Kelley Merrill

    Geee – shocking…

  • Barbara Roberts


  • Mark Zampano

    They are taking taxpayer money to pay for their own ideological movement…. they are using their opposition’s money to pay for something that their opposition wouldn’t approve of…. and they expect respect? Who do they think they are, huh?