The SCOTUS Isn’t the Final Verdict. You are. (Video)

While most of us sit with sickened feelings in my stomach, we would do well to remember that while Chief Justice John Roberts may have turned his back on the country and the Constitution, his verdict is not the final say.

You are:

  • niki069a

    The battle line has been drawn, we have not only Oblame-o but now we have traitor Roberts and the rest of the do nothing Congress who stood by and let this fool get away with everything he’s done. We can wait until November and that’s why we lose all the time we let things go until it loses its momentum. We have to send millions to D.C. and shut the government down for as long as it takes until they do as we say. Petitions don’t work, telephone calls don’t work, faxes don’t work,,,,The only thing that works is mass protests and by shutting them down they will listen or we drag them out and replace them with whom we think will get the job done.

    Regardless folks we must take an oath that we will vote all incumbents that are sitting there for more than two terms regardless who they are. WE MUST REPLACE THEM NO IF’S AND’S AND BUT’S.

  • Jimmy Foley

    Vote this socialist disaster OUT of office in November! Obama care is a tax!!

  • Cheryl Cottrell Boyd

    And…I will remember this in November!!!! OUT with the old, IN with the NEW!!!!

  • Amber Copeland

    Please go an make sure you and all people you know are registered to vote !!!! on avg 30% of all your friends and family may not be… And an avg 14% who think they are already registered are not!

  • Roger E. Lalley

    Don’t worry I cannot wait!!!

  • Cynthia Turner

    we are not defeated… this is america we will not go down without a fight and the fight has begun…

  • Virginia C. Padgette

    If we don’t vote him out in Nov., we have a dictator for sure.

  • Raymond Lussier

    Let’s not wait until November. The people need to speek since the congress and the court won’t. Let the 26 real States nullify this abortion of justice and remove from the union. Let the people bring this dictator to trial for Treason.

  • Bob Rostad

    Looking forward to throwing the liberals out!!!!!

  • Rick Sharon

    I wasn’t about to forget next November before this happened. Pardon my language, I am not feeling defeated, I am pissed. My resolve is strengthened. I expect next November will have a major backlash against the idiots that made & allowed this to happen.

  • Gerald Treadwell

    Its about control, they cant bring a new world order and control the planet if we have control of our govt, or freedom, or liberty…..if you think this is bad, just wait until they put obama in for 4 more years to finish the job,,, and they will…

  • David Shahal

    Thats right…we have November. This is now a tax on the middle class…not just a mandate. Repeal what we can, keep whats good and change what we cant repeal.

  • Aaron Berry

    I’m voting against Obama, that’s for darn sure!!!

  • Chip Albritton

    November is not so far off that I will forgot a slap in the face like this

  • Pamela Holden

    VOTE or prepare for enslavement!

  • Jamie Kelso

    AMEN to that!!

  • Shellee Bosworth

    What an incredibly dissapointing decision by the Supreme Court. What has happened to this country is a pure shame

  • Beth Dunn Corbett Obama LIED, deceived and swindled Americans! Remember in November!

  • William Rodgers

    Stand and FIGHT!

  • Thomas O. Wittig

    Man, I am a die hard RP guy, but officially I am now voting for Romney.

  • William R. Shaneyfelt

    Huge tax increase!

  • Impeach Nancy Pelosi

    WOW: Romney has raised $300,00 in the last 1.5 hours.

  • Joyce McClure Sanders

    He has been doing that since day one! Remember his eligibility issue?

  • Sandra Fabbri

    Romney all the way!!

  • Barbara Hall Norvell

    I we don’t vote for Romney it is an automatic vote for obama.

  • Linda D. Kennedy

    Obama will win in november. I dont think the Republican party took the phrase anybody but Obama seriously. I dont like Romney but I will vote for him. Me thinks Obama will win again. What a shame.

    • niki069a

      That’s the spirit Linda, that is what everyone is waiting to hear! To me you sound like a Liberal infiltrating our site and try planting a thought in someones mind that Romney cannot win so why bother to vote. That’s great encouragement. If every one has the same thought as you, of course he’s going to lose, maybe that’s what you are hoping for.

  • Karen K Pahl Decker

    This is absolutely taxation without representation. As a health care professional, I cannot express enough to you the need to be on your congressman, phone, email, letters, whatever and tell them to do their jobs- to represent WE THE PEOPLE. Their number one and two priorites are to repeal this obamanation (pun highly intended) and to impeach the poster. It is mind-boggling to me that congress let it get this far. Not just with obamacare, but with everything else. They sit there and do nothing while obama defiles the constitution, day after day with acts that are illegal. They are not doing their jobs at all. With the passage of obamacare comes more health care rationing, which is already happening in the medicare realm. This decision has set America back decades in the field and will indirectly cause the rise of diseases almost irradicated, will cause the deaths of thousands that could have easily been prevented. The supporters of this say, “Yeah, but the govt is going to pay for it all!” The bottom line is, where do you think that money is coming from? Guess what, taxpayers. YOUR pockets. and they will dig deeper. Highly qualified doctors and nurses will be jumping ship now. Businesses will fail. Do you work for or know anyone who owns a small business? These will be quickly failing because they cannot afford this mandate and the people that work for them certainly will not be able to afford to pay out of their pocket. And guess what? the result… higher unemployment, leading to less taxes being taken in, which means who is paying for health care which means…. epic. disastrous. failure. game. over. (feel free to copy and paste this to anywhere you want. Scared? You should be.)

  • Benjamin Lee Adcock

    Now with it being treated “as a tax”… Congress has a way ro REPEAL it as a Burdensome Tax. WE shoul remove the coverage for any Illegal Aliens. In our country now AND those that are crossing every GD Day.

  • Robert A. Redmond

    Thomas…I BEG you to please help convince other RP folks to do the same. While you might say there isn’t much difference, there is a MASSIVE difference between the two…..I’m a lifelong Independent and learned the hard way my choices might not be ideal when I have to vote, but my vote STILL makes a difference when added to millions of others. To vote Obama back for 4 more years will permanently destroy this country. Romney is not the perfect choice in my mind either, but I do not believe he INTENDS to destroy the country.

  • Doug Merf Merfen


  • Kate Moore

    It ain’t over yet!

  • Joe Barr

    Either way, join your local militia just in case.

  • Al Draheim

    What we need is for everyone to get involved with time, money or both if possible. Our freedom is being stolen from us day by day. Try to read the VA Attorney General’s opinion, optimistic but quite thought provoking.

  • Becky Mears Raley

    SO looking forward to November.

  • Paul Maitrejean

    What difference will November make? If you vote Romney in he’s not gonna do squat to repeal Obamacare. I guarantee it. How many times do you people need to vote Republicans in before you realize they’re all the same crooks on both sides of the aisle?