Rush Explains the Difference Between Operation Wide Receiver and Operation Fast & Furious (Video)

A caller today asked Rush to explain the difference between what the ATF was doing under President Bush and what they were doing under President Obama. This is especially relevant considering how the left has passed around the talking point, read: lie, that this program started under Bush and was stopped by Holder.

Here’s the truth:

  • Bob Langis

    1st big difference, no Border Guards were killed with Op WR.

  • Scott Bashaw

    Under BUSH’s gun program all the guns were tracked down and accounted for,….Obama’s on the other hand was to flood the streets with guns so they counld crack down on the 2nd ammendment,

  • Shelley Kazimour

    Bush didn’t breech Mexican Sovereignty either. I believe Mexico wants who is responsible. I am soooo going to get my wish.

  • Nancy Kellerstrass

    Learn the truth