Reuters: Despite outrage, security leaks may go unplugged

Democratic and Republican intelligence experts in Congress are joining forces to condemn a series of jaw-dropping intelligence leaks which some Republicans charge are timed to boost President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.”

That’s according to Mark Hosenball and Susan Cornwell at Reuters. 

Hosenball and Cornwell:

“On Wednesday, the leadership from both parties of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees issued a rare joint statement deploring recent leaks which have included reports on U.S. cyber warfare against Iran, procedures for targeting militants with drones, and the existence of a double-agent who penetrated a militant group in Yemen.”

The Reuters reporters say:

“But castigating leakers and questioning their motives may be a lot easier than coming up with remedies that might make leaking more difficult and risky…[T]he current administration has largely avoided confronting journalists who obtain classified information – a step secrecy experts say prosecutors almost certainly would have to take if the government really wanted to put a lid on leaks. That step is full of legal and political peril, however, as it runs into the Constitution’s free press protections…”

A lot of talk but not a lot of action.

So are the politicians simply feigning “righteous indignation?”

And is this actually whole lot to do about nothing?

What do you think?


Van Guard
@ Vanguard of Freedom

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  • Alan Paris

    it is culture of Wshington now

  • George Morris


  • Tom Conde

    This administration feels that the entire US exists simply to be used to further it’s goals of economic breakdown leading to loss of respect world wide and the resulting loss of power. They have no qualms about throwing anyone under the bus as long as it can further their ambitions. Destruction of trust among our own military and intelligence services is part of that breakdown. Constant turmoil in the courts over whether law is to be enforced. Attacks on the infrastructure and energy and farming sectors, all of which or absolute necessities for any country to thrive, are constant and from so many directions that response is nearly impossible in a timely manner.

  • Dennis Galbreath

    More like: “Gentlemen, we’ve got to protect our phoney-baloney jobs!”

  • Raymond Heath

    The dems have been the masters of leaks and espionage

  • Alan Paris

    might slow it down…maybe….if you believe that….

  • Al Draheim

    Tom, are you saying this is beyond doubt the most corrupt and worst administration in American history? If so I totally agree with you.

  • Frank M Sheridan Sr

    Just whose purpose do these leaks serve?? Then one can decide!!

  • Jeff Ezell

    Here’s an idea, shoot the bastards when you find out who it is for being a traitor! This country has gotten soft when it comes to traitors and we wonder why there are so many!