Rep. Trey Gowdy: Pelosi’s Statement “Mind Numbingly Stupid” (Video)

Rep. Trey Gowdy from South Carolina’s 4th District was on Greta last night. She asked him to comment on former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s assertion that the vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt was because he would vigorously fight the Republican effort to suppress the votes of minorities.

His response was fantastic:

“Mind numbingly stupid.”

That about sums up Pelosi.

  • niki069a

    Lois, keep it up its pseudo Conservatives like you that make it harder to win elections. Do you really know anything about Romney? or just what the M.S.M tells you?. Anyone who is on the Republican ticket even an Ape can beat Ob lame-o Kardsahian but maybe I’m wrong referring you as a Conservative, you have the makings of a Liberal attempting to sabotage the election…Nice Try!

  • Joyce Hunter

    Me, too! I’m really impressed by his knowledge, background and “say it like it is” truthfulness!

  • Charles Queen

    Pelosi is an idiot,she and her husband are billionares in their own right,so when she said she only made 37,000 last year she lied once again like the dog she truly is,in fact she is right up there at the top of the list with obozo when iot comes to proven liars

  • Roberta Joyce Rodgers

    too much botox, its gone to the empty space in her head

  • Wynonna Juggs

    Pelosi is a brain damaged moron………..

  • Elaine Leonard Nause

    Nancy is a liar and just as corrupt as Holder and Obama. Who? Who votes for this idiot?

    • niki069a

      Other idiots like her.

  • Philip F. Formicola

    Trey Gowdy hit the nail on the head, or should I say, Hit the botox bitch where it hurts

    • Captain Crazy

      If it wasn’t the botox then the big gavel she paraded around, before she was retired, fell off the mantel and hit her in the head. This statement is as crazy as, “you have to read it to know what’s in it”. I usually say that elected officials are smarter than 50% of their constituents but can San Franers really qualify here? And she was elected Speaker for a time. What does my theory say about her fellow Democrat reps? By the way, Sheila Jackson Lee was the basis for that theory so I still feel like it’s a valid rule.

  • Kevin O’Reilly

    and she is against private citizens owning guns yet she has a Federal license to carry hmm

  • Darren Alexander

    Yes, very impressive. No fear. More please.

  • Roy Gochenour

    Unfortunately, Pelosi has made many stupid statements over the years. For some reason, she hasn’t been called to task. Couldn’t the Dems have come up with a better representative?

  • Stephen Whiting

    2 for 2: Holder yesterday, Pelosi today – this guy’s on a roll! THIS is the kind of leadership we’ve been craving in Congress. You go, Trey…!!! :)

  • Barry Kraemer

    The sad thing is ………. that there would have been more outrage and news coverage if all the Mexican people murdered by the Project Gun Runner scheme would have just been asked to show an ID at a voting booth.

  • Barry Kraemer

    She should have gone with “Operation Fast and Furious created hundreds of shovel ready jobs in Mexico”

  • Larry Secrist

    me too

  • Gretta Shouldice Todd

    I must admit, I do like his comment.

  • shell

    The old woman, is Obammys pig with lipstick and dementia.

  • Lois Andrews

    I love this guy! We need him running for president…not Mitt:-(

  • Cheri Nunley Boltz

    OMG I love this guy!

  • Steve Elliott

    This guy is great. VP now, and next ??

  • Richard Lemire

    I think the last time Pelosi was accused of being smart was wayyyyyy back in her school days.

  • William Peart

    LOLOLOLOLOL! He is so right! And he had the ballz to say it! I am doff my cap!

  • Colleen Sullivan Lentz

    @Richard Lemire … I ahve my doubts that she was ever accused of being smart. What comes out of that womans mouth never ceases to amaze me!

  • Cosmo J Occhiogrosso

    Why do people like Trent Gowdy magically disappear after episodes like this? Refreshing to see a lobbyist for the taxpayer in Congress.

  • CWD

    I think her plastic surgeon missed his mark with the botox needle and hit her brain instead. Thus he created a numb scull.