Pro-Walker Marine Arrested at Union Rally Speaks Out

As reported at Ironic Surrealism, the pro-Walker Leatherneck who waded into a sea of union goons was arrested at that same rally.

For what?

Watch the video and you tell me:

Listen to the union crowd cheer as this man’s Constitutional rights are squashed.

Today, he spoke out at the PJ Tatler:

It begins: “My name is Dave Willoughby. I am the one in the video.”

“Without being told what I had done, I was handcuffed and escorted off premise. Placed in a squad car and taken to a police station. I asked if I should have my rights read to me and was told “You’re not being arrested.” My personal property was taken from me, I was fingerprinted, mug shot taken and locked in a dark jail cell (lights off) still handcuffed.

“I sat in that jail cell, looking out of a meshed wire window, at a large American flag flying in the background. Where am I? How can this be happening? What did I do wrong? I prayed for strength.

“When I swore the oath to protect and defend the Constitution, I never realized until recently, how vulnerable our precious freedoms actually are.

“I did nothing wrong. There were literally hundreds of cameras at this event. I challenge all media to find one shred of evidence, which would support the actions of the Milwaukee PD officers.

There is none. This Marine did nothing wrong.

Here’s what the citation he was given said:

According to the police citation, which Willoughby read to me over the phone, Willoughby (seen at left at a Tea Party rally) is accused of the following: “During a political rally, subject raised a protest sign above his head in a manner that created danger to the public. Subject’s actions caused a disturbance during a political rally.” The citation carries a $185 fine and has a July court date. Mr. Willoughby is not in jail, but says that he will fight the citation on the grounds that he did absolutely nothing wrong and was exercising his free speech rights.

Not only does he need to fight the citation, he needs to get some loot from the city for their violation of his rights.

What do you think?

  • Devry

    absolute thugs… and i’m not just talking about the cops… union greed and thuggery has grossly superceded their original well intended purpose.

    • Carol

      As the head if one of the teacher’s union said publicly”This is not about education or school children…. This is about POWER “. The police are also part of a union. The unions had a purpose when first created. They now have too much power and have gotten out of hand. Absolute power corrupts absolutely .

  • Danny Floyd

    Bet the POPO are Union Members.

  • Andy Engle

    Wow. We live in a police state.

  • Martha Snively

    This was very wrong!!!

  • Alan Paris

    unions are nothing but corrupt thugs which should all go the way of Jimmy Hoffa…never to be seen again… the lefties will will stop at nothing to get their way… too stupid and ignorant to realize that unions are corrupt slave owners… slaves to the unions are too ignorant to stand on their own two feet…

  • Joel Jacobson

    This is disgraceful.

  • Andy Tennant

    These weren’t policemen…these were actually “pigs”

  • Tara Tompkins Burr


  • Kathy Roseman Barefoot

    This guy needs to sue someone! Unfortunately, the ones to pay will ultimately be the taxpayer because the police are public employees. I have watched all the video on this and Mr. Willoughby in no way presented a danger to anyone although he was being threatened and verbally harassed by several of the pro-union people. Stay strong Mr. Willoughby, we are behind you 100%

  • Chris Mackey

    U must watch !!!

  • Dan Alley

    This is exactly WHY you don’t want to vote democrat!

  • Bob Rostad

    the Milwaukee cops are union and the minute they laid a hand on him they violated his right to free speech and freedom of assembly

  • Deb Walls

    @Dan you are so right! The unions are in the pockets of the democrats!

  • Scott Chomicz

    There has to be an attorney on here who will represent him pro-bono to sue the Milwaukee police dept.

    • Macsizzle

      Hah! Not pro bono but maybe on a contingent fee, so the lawyer only gets paid if he wins. But, it’s so difficult to sue government employees because of a little thing called official immunity, which protects them from litigation for making good faith mistakes, judges always work hard to prove in their favor. The idea is that we don’t want our cops not arresting bad people or constantly second guessing their actions in an emergency situation because they fear being sued, so we protect them from as much litigation as possible. On the flipside of that, there is also immunity for employers of government agents that protects them from being liable for their employees actions if they were within the scope of their authority. And, you can see the dilemma there, a police officers normal duties include making arrests, preventing civil unrest, etc, so when you sue the government it’s highly likely you will lose because our lovely legislators have created immunity statutes in every state.

  • Erik Stone

    Since Liberals like to use it for their useless propaganda….I salute this man for his courage

  • Tim Martin

    Get a GOOD civil rights lawyer, and then sue the HELL out of the police department, AND the officers individually!. You can SAY whatever you want, but when you put handcuffs on somebody, and put them in a police car, you have denied their right to movement, therefore, you placed them under ARREST, the ACTION is what counts, NOT the verbage. These cops were bowing to the reaction of the crowd, when they should have been turning to the crowd and telling them not to provoke it. The cops were CLEARLY on the side of the union thugs, . there was no impartiality shown whatsoever,. .

  • James Damron

    Not suprising

  • Max W. Schmidt

    Apparently, your First Amendment right is only good if you’re a leftist. Sad times for our great state and nation.

  • Dave Wallace

    I have been in law enforcement for 30 years, and that is by far the most bullshit charge I have ever heard of. Milwaukee P.D. should be ashamed and embarrassed!!

  • Marius Ardelean

    The union thugs are fully in control of the People’s Republic of Wisconsin…what a disgrace….

  • Dan Flock

    I have friends and family who are LE. These two asshats should lose their badges, pure and simple. They are not worthy of a piece and a shield.

  • Jerome Griffin

    This is not surprising AT ALL.
    This mans rights were CLEARLY VIOLATED.
    Union thugs with badges, guns and handcuffs.
    This is ANOTHER disgrace of what this country has become.
    A Marine can’t PEACEFULLY protest the unions without being arrested… Or was that a kidnapping.

    • Lamb law

      It’s false imprisonment, it won’t be kidnapping when it’s done by officials of a government agency.

  • Resharin Posts

    Whatcha wanna bet the arresting officer was a union thug? How many other signs were raised at that rally, but the only one arrested was the one who was pro-Walker. That policeman should be fired immediately.

  • Kevin Heihn

    What do you expect, Walkers challenger is the mayor of that city.

  • Marion Daniels

    I can not wait for the election on Tuesday and hoping Scott Walker wins against the Recall by a landslide. I just wish they had a recall in 2009 to take the OBAMA, the worst President in our lifetime. Also take out Reed of Nevada .

  • Jim Richardson

    Every cop involved should be fired and NEVER work in law enforcement again. That includes the chief.

  • Jd Krupicka

    Demand a trial by jury!

  • Debi Calvet

    Utterly shameful—and frightening.

  • Mike Purcell

    communist basturds

  • Sheila Hammer Roberts

    This makes me sick….Can you say “Lawsuit”…..He had every right to be there and it was caught on film that he did nothing to be arrested for….Google “Readiness centers” under construction at this time….hundreds on the fast track being built as we speak to be used for civil unrest…..Here we go folks!

  • William Marcrum

    This video has to make every REAL w enforcement officer feel ashamed that the thugs who handcuffed this Marine

  • William Marcrum

    Are wearing badges.

  • Francis J Francesco Jr

    Heads do need to be rolling there.

  • Al Draheim

    Union policemen.

  • Mark noble

    First I just want to say ‘Thank You’ to the marine for protecting my rights,it’s just disgusting that his were voilated so grossly!This is what America is coming to,thanks to onobama and his leftist commie zombiies.AMERICA WAKE-UP!! We can take it back in November and ‘change’ it back to what it supposed to be,FREE ! Now go sue the shit out of them!

  • Christopher


  • Mark

    This is one of those rare instances where the main character, Dave, expressed every sentiment I would have were I in his shoes. He gave the officers every opportunity to honor his civil rights, reminding them repeatedly, while doing so clearly and forcefully. You could not ask for a more collected, composed and constitutionally minded citizen. Yet, for all his efforts, he was hauled away. I think we all know what’s wrong with this picture. I am just hoping Dave’s arrest will not die from the daily erosion of American liberties. O’Reilly, are you listening!

  • Dennis

    Although they are valid, the call for lawsuits are self-defeating. Whose money pays for the lawyers defending the police and the city? Yeah, yours and mine. Just make sure everyone in the USA sees this travesty of justice!

  • Cliff Good

    This is a sad state of affairs when a Veteran is treated in such a manner. He did absolutely nothing wrong at all. I hope this video is seen my hundred’s of thousand’s of people to show just what kind of people Union members really are. Thugs, plain and simple. The liberals will stop at nothing to ruin this country at any cost. Maybe now the Pro-Union people will be butt hurt that Walker was re-elected into office.

  • CyclingFoodmanPA

    Sounds like “lawsuit” music to me! Sue them into the stone age, get the cops fired, then, use the $ he wins in the lawsuit to fight the unions. Thank You Marine, you are what this country is about.

  • Peter

    Is there a patriotic attourney in the house? How about some pro bono representation for this Marine? Let’s make a statement that will encourage grass roots patriots from coast to coast. Our First Amendment and Second Amendments are both under relentless assault and this is as good a place as any to DRAW THE LINE! Sue these SOBs.

  • A.A.

    re; Q'” READINESS centers “? for who ? & how meany? AND for what perpouse ?

  • Allan

    “You’re intimidating me with that camera!” Pussy.

  • http://Yahoo BarHoJo

    WAKE UP AMERICA! This is just the beginning.This man had every right to be there – don’t think this couldn’t happen to you too. Just think, thrown in jail, no statement of what he did wrong or his rights read? Remember the story of the lady with a camera at the airport, the same thing happened. Remember Obamas hit list to post people who spoke against him. This is Unions in action. Remember the Police Dept is Union – can’t you see what this is leading to. It sounds like something that would happen in a 3rd world country. So many are complaining about the “Rich”, the Unions are not only very properous but they are very powerful. GET INFORMED!

  • Emmentaler Limburger

    So, where’s the ACLU? Why are those police officers still employed? Further, what made that liberal putz think it’s OK for him to ask a journalist for an ID card, but it’s not OK to ask a voter for identification?

  • Jim Frith

    As a law enforcement professional, my training would have placed me heads and shoulders above the arresting officer in this case. In my mind, this is a clear case of wrongful arrest. This individual had every right of free speech and every right to demonstrate like everyone else at this scene. Terrible misuse of police authority and the situation should have been handled in several different methods instead of the one chosen by this police officer. It would not surprise me if I found out that this police officer (and many others on the scene) were chosen for this duty by organized labor. Finally, this is the perfect example of why labor unions have outlived their usefulness and are no longer strong enough to run roughshod over others.

  • Karenc1

    This is truly infuriating. The police should have told the people harassing him to back off, instead of blaming HIM of causing civil unrest and hauling him off to jail. That said, you have expect there to be trouble when you walk into the lion’s den. Don’t the police generally keep opposing sides in clearly defined separate areas for their own safety during demonstrations, especially heated ones like this? What did he expect??? All things that are lawful are not necessarily expedient. He may have a “right” to be there, legally, but it was dumb. He knew he was looking for trouble and he got it, just a lot more than he expected.

  • http://Google Big Bill

    Back off and look at the other side of the coin, this Policeman understood that this Marine will be horrible beat up by these pieces of shit called union members. Yes, he had the right to be at this mob meeting in a public place but why would he want to be beat up if not killed. Not good thinking on his part.