Pro-Life Bus Firebombed in Illinois, Local Media Shrugs

There are two stories in this post.  First, a well known pro-life school bus was the target of domestic terrorism in Rockford, Illinois:

A school bus covered in pro-life images that used to drive children to a local abortion clinic to pray was firebombed Friday night, report local advocates, who say the media have been negligent in covering the incident.

The bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, suffered extensive damage after vandals threw more than one device through the vehicle’s windows. Photos show some of the seats reduced to little more than metal frame and ash. The driver’s area was also bombed, and appears to be unusable.

The second story is how the local media cover the crime.  They didn’t.  Bloggers did:

In a video of the incident posted on the local pro-life blog, Rilott complained that the Rockford Register Star at first declined to do a story – but chose to run a piece this weekend highlighting an attack on the now-closed abortion mill that occurred 12 years ago. It also ran a story about another vehicle that was firebombed at about the same time as the bus.

Rilott said his group “tried all weekend” to get a story from the Star. “We did hear finally today they started to make some inquiries,” he said, although he expressed concern that it would be given little prominence. The Star has previously declined to report NIWC’s history of harassing pro-life witnesses.

Juan Williams condescendingly told Michelle Malkin he was a “real journalist, not some blogger.”

So-called “real journalists” aren’t covering stories like this one from Rockford, Illinois.  The “real journalists” are either scared or in chahoots with the professional left in America.

Here’s the video mentioned above:

  • Marc Necatera

    ‘cuz local media are liberal sheep…..

  • Tim Lett

    Won’t see this on CNN

  • Michelle Lemmons Walker

    Right in my hood and I had not heard one word about this! Wow!

  • Tim Morris

    of course it was in OBOZO,S STATE!! censorship, and he don,t care, the SOCIALIST PRICK

  • Linda Maddox

    I haven’t seen this on the news! Unbelieveable! Not even on Fox!

  • Linda Maddox

    I haven’t seen this on the news! Unbelieveable! Not even on Fox!

  • Bruce Mercer

    juan williams, was he not the one who the liberty groups came to his recue when npr dissed him? such gratitude

  • Rick Goddard

    They used the bus to take CHILDREN to pray at an abortion clinic??? What kind of sick fuck does that???

  • Ward Jr Rhoads

    What kind of human posts what was just said before my comment?

  • Rich Kolasa

    Hey Rick, if praying offends you, I say GO TO HELL, you lowlife vermin.

  • Ward Jr Rhoads

    I think it very nice of these children to pray that someone will change their mind about killing their baby. Even if it been you Rick Goddard !

  • Larry Kwiatkowski

    The exception being, how old were these “children”? If they were little kids, how old do you think before someone tells them what abortion really entails? Before a certain age, do you think it does any good to tell them about screwing, oral sex etc? Or does it do any good to just take them somewhere and just mindlesssly start praying for something they have no idea about. I could go on but I think i made my point. They are minors and have no choice, do they?

  • Rick Goddard

    Liking the comments so far, looks like I found the Fountain Of Dumb….

  • Linda Gray Yates

    The fire *was* reported in Rockford’s local paper ~ coverup on why the bus was firebombed?? That is the question. Here’s the so called story thus far

  • Lisa Carter

    I support abortion, but who the hell would fire bomb a bus? both sides can be overzealous in their opinions–just bring in the police.

  • Brandon Wood

    A bus full of nut job pro lifers? Good work!!!

  • Ben Wynkoop

    Are you 100% sure abortion is ok ? If so you should have no problem when u meet god and have to explain to him why u thought it was ok to kill baby . I’m not taking that chance !!! Its funny everyone that is for abortion has already been born !!!!!

  • Dennis Galbreath

    Not amazing, but disappointing, how many “pro-choice” posters here seem to think it’s okay to use violence against those who disagree with them. So far Lisa’s the ONLY exception. Kumbaya, HopeyChangey and all that….

  • Paul Helgeson

    @Brandon Wood You are proof that abortion didn’t work to cull the masses of stupidity

  • Rich Kolasa

    Pro-choice people are usually stupid hypocrites, nothing more.

  • Benjamin Lee Adcock

    @Brandon Wood – So…Firebombs are okay with you? What if it had been a “Pro-Choice” Bus full of pregnant women…the “abortions” would have been completed cheaper… What would have been your comment then? or What if some family members of your’s, who’s opinions were different from your own, were on that bus? Would you still say “Good Work”? You can’t fathom what doubts and hopes your own Mother considered before deciding she would go through Labor to give YOU Life. Why do Libs/Dems and Socialist think it’s Moral to Spare the Lifes of Convicted 1st Degree Murderers, BUT it’s okay to Murder an Innocent Child in the womb? You should call your Mom and Thank her for your being Born. You should also thank people like me for never promoting legislation for Retro-active Birth-Control.

  • Mark Todd

    You said it well Mr. Adcock. ..

  • Rick Goddard

    Probably done by a member of the church to whip the gullible up into a frenzy of idiocy. It seems to have worked…

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    now, IF it had been an anti-life bus, the lamestream media would still be foaming at the mouth!