New Tone: Dem Supporters Beat Man For Not Putting Campaign Sign in Yard

Democrat thugs beat a man in Taos, New Mexico when he removed campaign signs from his front yard after returning home:

According to the police report filed the same day, Eighth Judicial District Court judge candidate Ernestina Cruz was having a “meet and greet” event at Plaza de Colores. At the same time, across the street, Cunnyngham and his wife were returning home from dinner to find several of Cruz’ campaign signs in front of his property.

As in the police report, Cunnyngham confirmed that three men approached him and demanded that he replace the signs where they’d been staked. Cunnyngham said he resisted.

“We were setting them in the car and we’d planned to call whoever they belonged to,” Cunnyngham said. “I told them I thought it was very distasteful to put these signs in front of my property.”

At that point, a younger man came across the street and again told Cunnyngham to put the signs back. When Cunnyngham refused, the man “pounded me in the chest,” Cunnyngham said.

While Cunnyngham says he knows a few of the people involved, The Taos News’ policy is not to identify alleged offenders until they have been charged or implicated by law enforcement.

At the time of the incident, Cruz denied having any knowledge of anyone involved in the incident, saying that it was “unfortunate” that Cunnyngham removed signs that “did not belong to him.”

What followed was far from a fair fight, the Cunnynghams say. Cunnyngham was later checked out by a doctor who treated him for cuts and bruises, injuries to his mouth and a concussion, Cunnyngham said.

“They just attacked him, all three of them,” Joni Cunnyngham said. “Someone was keeping me and my son from getting to them.”

Don’t forget the words of the President:

Speaking of guns, here’s some information that could have helped prevent this from happening.

From union thugs to socialist radicals, the left will not hesitate to employ violence to meet their goals.  You can bank on it.

Hat Tip:  Gateway Pundit

  • Rich Kolasa

    I’d disembowel the vermin if they attacked me. I do believe that it should be a capital offense to interfere with the voting/election process in America.

  • Ricky Strickland

    Nancy has re invented the words “dog face ugly!”

  • Tim Hendricks

    This would not happen in Utah….or Texas I would think, where guns and liberty are alive and well. Funny how that works.

  • Ricky Strickland

    she would be a sure fire cure for an alcoholic, put her in the bed of a drunk and when he wakes, have her next to him all cuddly and … L O L watch him puke his tongue out

  • Bryan Jensen

    This wouldn’t happen in Tennessee either, the moment they stepped on my yard, Castle Law and they’d be down and out.

  • Bob Klemm

    Yet, the dems and their left wing media wants us think that it’s the Tea Party that’s violent and hateful.

  • John Acker

    What’s so new about that tone? Violence and threats is all the Dems have ever known.

  • Wes Tipton

    Time to start packing heat since you aren’t even safe in your own front yard anymore with radical goons like these walking the earth.

  • Christine Puliselic

    Thugs and a thug supporter for judge. New Mexico is too close to California.

  • Melissa Smilie

    At the time of the incident, Cruz denied having any knowledge of anyone involved in the incident, saying that it was “unfortunate” that Cunnyngham removed signs that “did not belong to him.” Wow so Cruz thinks a person has no rights on their own property apparently.

  • Pam Harrison

    Isn’t this considered a “hate crime”???? PROSECUTE!!!

  • Mark Todd

    Ridiculous behavior from Democrap thugs…

  • Randy M Garner

    The scum are running scared… they know sh*t runs downhill and they have nothing to stop the onslaught.

  • Genevieve Marie

    her new life will be that of beef jerky

  • Wayne Cummings

    This sounds more like Nazi’s than Democrat supporters in America. What are they thinking physically attacking a fellow American over a political sign? What kind of mental disorder must they have?

  • Alvin Lopez

    This is the Liberal way.Beat em till he does what we say.Sounds like a union thug to me.

  • Tim Martin

    Whoever is running against Cruz NEEDS to take and run with this one. Cruz CLEARLY sided with trespassers leaving their signs on another person’s property over that person’s property rights. This is OUTRAGEOUS!! Cruz is NOT qualified to be a judge based on this statement!

  • Craig Nichols

    Just what I was thinking Wes,,,if I find signs in my yard that I want to remove, I will be armed when I remove them.

  • Jon Siegel

    Let those cowardly pansy a$$ libs come try that in MY yard!

  • Julie Scott

    Perhaps publicly torching them would be a good statement too.

  • Gilbert-Brenda Bentley

    You betcha– try putting one in my yard- have gun will use.

  • Robert Walker III

    I would think, based on this article, someone would look at disqualifing her and having her removed from the ballot. She was clearly ok with the actions of her supporters and did nothing to prevent this gentleman from being harmed. I would love to go into her court, the contempt I would show. The fines and probable jail time would be well earned.

  • Deirdre Johnson

    Wow!!!! Here in Connecticut they just tried to ban signs in one town and I thought that was awful!

  • Julie Scott

    the yard signs I meant.

  • David Simonds

    I’m not gonna put one in my yard either. Come on down to GA and tell me what for. I’ll be waiting for ya. :)

  • Tyler Johnson

    Libs can see the writing on the wall.

  • Frank Danforth

    After reading the article it doesn’t say it was on his property but in front of it…..but if had been in my yard they would have been gone also …. a 12 gauge evens up the sides fast…

  • Nate Bryant

    I’m in Texas…..try ME….

  • Matt VerVeer

    well they were slave owners not much has changed

  • James Damron

    They are grasping at straws.

  • David Floyd

    typical for a lib you can not debate the brain washed they get mad and take toys and go home

  • Gene Lester

    Even the right of way between your yard and the street is considered part of your yard in most communities, since you are required to keep it up, so he was keeping the neighborhood cleaned up, and was attacked. Wouldn’t had happened on my area of responsibilty, I “keep the trash” off my property and the right of way, by any and all means.

  • Joanie Dilbon Zima

    This is an outrage.

  • Jim Chapman

    As for someone sticking signs on my property, You F*ck with me and there’s going to be a problem.

  • topeka

    No surprise …

    1. Democrats react violently to disagreement…

    2. And Commenters on this Thread JUSTIFY VIOLENCE BASED ON TIT FOR TAT…

    – NOTE – While experience and observation confirm the Democrat to Republican Violence Ratio is about 20 to 0.

    The Use of Violence is a Crime – and Attempting to Justify It by this means – Shows a Disgusting and Perverted Twisted Mind

    3. Cruz’s Reaction – is SHOCKING. She is Endorsing Criminal Behavior.

    – A complaint should be filed with the NM bar. It won’t go anywhere but they have to keep it on the record.

    – Her Opponent should run an Ad on this Immediately – If the Campaign Has the Money – I’d certainly chip in $20 bucks…

    4. “In front of his yard” – give me a break – most ppl consider the ROW strip in front of their yard to be part of their yard – AND IT IS POLITICALLY – b/c It is a Statement of Support.

    Mr. Cunningham has a FREE SPEECH RIGHT TO NOT ENDORSE A CANDIDATE. Tho pressing his claim may cost more than it’s worth – which is why we keep keep losing.