Morning Coffee Links

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Bonus Video:

In this morning’s bonus video, a man is stopped for openly carrying a gun, which isn’t against the law, and cites the law. The police give him his gun back and let him go. Know your rights, know the law. This video shows why:

  • Nuno N Vero Luis

    that was poetic :)

  • Charles Queen

    His ratings are going to fall a whole lot more to in light of him invoking his executive priveliges on the fast and furious documents,what he basically did was to say,I’m guilty but I don’t have to admit it,this is one he cannot blame on Bush at all,i was devised and set up by Obozo,Holder the ATF and several other people so in effect what he did was to sink his own ship all by himslef,this guy truly is stupid without a doubt

  • Ian Mercer

    Meh, I’m of two minds about this. On one hand, the guy is absolutely correct in asserting to the officer that he is not required by law to comply. However, he’d be smarter to simply point it out, then comply, then file a criminal complaint.

  • Keith Salyers

    Wow!!!! This video shows the importance of knowing you rights.

  • Christopher Sainsbury

    Hell yeah, good for this guy!

  • James David Severt

    That was great. Know your rights and when you’re right.

  • Craig Arsenault

    On one hand, this guy is a douche for going out into the street with a camera and a gun, because he was hoping something like this would happen. Even if it was a project to better educate people, he could have been more tactful about it, as the police officer he was dealing with (though woefully uneducated) actually handled that really well I believe.

    On the other hand, it ridiculous that police don’t know the laws well enough to have even got it to this level. At another town in Maine, walked home from a gun show carrying an AK 47 I had just purchased, and even though it was only a couple miles, it was without incident, which is surprising.

  • Greg Renner

    The Police should have told the “citizen” making the call that it’s legal to carry a firearm in the open. State law. Stop bothering citizens that are following the laws.

  • Ivy Benoit

    Interesting stuff, still it probably scared the hell out of anyone seeing an open gun carry, legal or not! Too many nut cases out there!

  • Ian Mercer

    Greg, that’s what I think too. I’ve had the cops show up at my house for a “Man with a gun” call. Had to be one of my neighbors. It was holstered IWB while I was building a fence in my backyard. That’s part of the reason I usually CC.

  • Albert Groeller

    I like the video I can tell you one thing he know the law on guns. If I ever get in trouble I would like him on my side…..