Lunchtime Links

  • Ace of Spades HQ: If You Keep Hearing Calls For Bipartisanship, It Must Mean the Democrats Are Losing
  • The Jawa Report: Original Goodfella Dead At 69
  • Hot Air: New Romney ad hits Obama as out of touch with small business
  • Newsbusters: Limbaugh Amazed at Obama’s ‘Have My Back’ Radio Ad Targeting Blacks
  • Blazing Cat Fur: The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Shameful Attack on Defenders of Freedom
  • Sister Toldjah: Records compared: job-creation under Obama vs. his predecessors
  • iOwnTheWorld: Even Ex-Commies Know Krugmans a D**K
  • Ed Driscoll: Just NBC the Reason Why Old Media is Dying
  • Polipundit: Sheldon Adelson gives $10 million to Romney SuperPAC
  • The Daley Gator: Stunner… Kids At Blue Man Group’s Ultra-Lib Trendy School Can’t Read A Lick

Bonus Video:

Tell me that NASCAR’s Darrell Waltrip is not Will Farrell’s acting coach. I almost spit out my coffee watching this:

  • Kathy Krimminger

    I love DW…lol

  • Phil Claypool

    I didn’t realize Waltrip was such a wuss. He has driven his cars at Watkins Glen and Sears Point, I can’t believe what a crybaby he was in that sports car. What he needs now is a ride in a Fuel Funny car! Does anyone have one of those with a passenger seat? That’s a ride I’d pay for.

  • Janine

    Thank You, for your Link already have heated dicussions with family members who support the jerk we call President and i had to unfriended her on Facebook because I reposted something you had put on facebook last week and she asked me if I was going to start tha Revoluation and i stated yes and she said i was promoting violance and i responed to her and your promoting submissivenss and you better learn how to speak Chinese cause he sold us to China, a very opinonated family member just had to state her opinon. To me, opinon’s are like assholes everyone has one and if I want your Opinon I’ii ask for it. Thanks for hearing me out and Like everything you post. Janine