Libs Attack Kids Singing Patriotic Song, Tell Them They’re Going to “Burn in Hell”

I just got an email from Rusty Weiss, author of The Mental Recession. It’s especially timely considering the last post regarding the school children from PS 90 who sang “God Bless the USA.”

When they began singing, a liberal protestor began heckling them, telling them they were going to “burn in Hell.”

You can see one little girl is startled and turns to look at this man when he starts yelling:

“You Republicans come go to a Republican area and do that, we don’t do that here,” one of the hecklers said. “This is ridiculous, this is sad. This is so crazy. This is sad.”

A Turner staffer can be heard off camera asking the protesters to stop – and to “let the kids sing.”

“The kids don’t even know what they’re singing,” the unidentified protester replied. “They got something you tell them to say. It’s ridiculous. It’s sad, sad, sad. You all are going to burn in hell. You all burn in hell. Shame on you. Shame on you.”

At one point, a tattooed protester cursed.

“You got a right to make noise, I got a right to make noise,” the protester said.


  • Annie66

    These dirt bags should have been arrested and removed from the presence of these children. What in the hell has this country come to when filth like this is allowed to disrupt and menace a gathering of children? If these people do not like the USA, they need to get the hell out! What a horrible bunch of animals!

  • Bryan Preston

    stupid liberal….

  • Mark A. Chavez

    Sounds right… Lol… Crazy lib… USA!!!

  • Ronald Weiss

    They should have yelled back, Maybe so but we still have pride in our country you dumb donkey.”

  • Ron Paul Republic
  • Bryan Woodson

    Oh yes, because singing a patriotic, semi-Christian song will TOTALLY deem someone to hell… F’idiots.

  • Terri Cassidy Lafoon

    That is almost too hard to believe. I don’t understand these people.

  • Mickey Kelly

    You can’t be an American and comdemn patriotic songs at the same time. You are either an American and damn proud of it, or you belong to another country.

  • Terry Mac

    send the libs to hell

  • Joe Sena

    I’ll bet those gd demonrats just LOVE this one !!

  • Terry Mac


  • Joe Sena
  • Dennis Narcisi

    of course they did ….they are so Afraid of God,

  • David Ganz

    is this true ? i should not question, the insane hatred these leftys have for the U.S. and its great history is seemingly boundless

  • Garrett Crumby

    Y’all shouldn’t attack those liberals too much. Their incompetence is pretty much a mental handicap.
    They should seek help through the guidance of Ron Paul.

  • Joseph R Carreiro Sr

    These people are as sick as you can get.Hope it is not contagious.

  • Joe Sena

    these two videos will make you sick !

  • Joe Sena
  • John A White

    Just wonder if the heckler was Jehovah Witness?

  • Edward F Sumari

    Yelling at children no less.Bet they felt really empowered after that. If they had done that to my child,there would have been casualties.

  • JoPaul Wilkes

    Just when I think I have heard the worst………….there is a lot more to come, I believe.

  • David Ganz

    burn in hell to children. there is something in that , that makes me burst with laughter !

  • Warren Rice

    My Aunt and Uncle were they alive today would not recognize the Democtatic Party and what it has become. The ranks of the galactically insane have truely taken over.

  • Brandon Wood

    That IS sickening!!! There’d be a brawl if I witnessed this.

  • JoPaul Wilkes

    oh jo said that

  • Stevens C. Berry

    I’m sure they would’ve preferred the kids sing some Soviet Anthem instead….

  • Mary Frances Taylor Knight

    If you want to sing God bless the USA or God bless America….sing with all your heart..God will love it and probably show tears of happiness!!!

  • John Wayne

    Like I said earlier,they were glad I wasn’t there! BOOYAH!

  • Angela Constantino

    I wish I would hear some Dumbass yell this to some kids.! I would not hold back. Use my boxing and muay Thai skills on this frigging idiot.

  • Scott Akos

    I thought liberals (aka atheists) didn’t believe in hell.

  • Diana Regan

    It’s like the guilty person pointing the finger. We ‘know’ who’s going to burn in hell! Thank goodness those frickin’ libtards are going to keep warm and toasty.

  • Kellyann Marie

    I’m always amazed by those who claim to be so tolerant act incredibly intolerant. However, although being able to do something doesnt necessarily make it a wise decision, they do have a right to remark.

  • Doug Schwartz

    As you approach a coward like that they start screaming about how they will sue etc etc.

  • Diane Woods

    If they don’t believe in hell now, they will find out for sure one day if they don’t change.

  • Dale Cauthen

    someone should have lit the liberal

  • Althea Altman Paul


  • Tammy Koivisto

    if i were there, i’d sing loud and proud.

  • Robert W. Johnson

    But Libs don’t believe in Hell.

    • Preston

      This is ridiculous. Even if these children were indoctrinated then if he is soooooo free then he would be willing to allow the children to learn about the other side so they can make and informed decision. What a horribly inappropriate thing to yell at children, however the old saying it takes one to know one comes to mind so he must know hell is where he is headed.

  • John Acker

    Pathetic. If conservatives had tried to shout down a Code Pink rally like that, the cops would be pepper spraying them and hauling them away for protesting. Those leftard punks are lucky they walked away in one piece!

  • Raugh Hammer

    I would not advise that heckling behavior in Texas….

  • Mary Brooks

    seriously what is happening in this country?? makes me sick, what will those kids think? that idiot should have been arrested.

  • G Smith

    Jim – You are proving my point. The freedoms that we have in this country are unparalleled. And that allows YOU to live here and espouse your unhappiness as you take the advantage of freedom of speech. You are more than entitled to express your discontent with the US in a variety of ways – a freedom, I might add, that you would NOT find in the majority of countries throughout the world. Have you ever taken into consideration that there is not one country that has a viable, sustained political system that has been based on either communism or socialism? That there has been, actually, many countries that have been sustainable on democracy and capitalism. If you truly believe that China “owns” us, you are sadly mistaken. If you are saying that the US has made some errors, such as allowing China to import and not tax them for those imports, while we export and are heavily taxed for them, then you are correct. I might point out that most of these irregularities occurred during a Democratic Presidency, but I am digressing.

    What I love about America is we have so many freedoms. And one of the most important ones of all is that if you are so dissatisfied with the living conditions here (you feel that you are not ‘getting enough’ in what you consider your ‘entitlements’ to be), you have the complete freedom to leave this country and seek your fortunes elsewhere. I would be interested to see how you would fare espousing your criticisms, asking for your entitlements, and generally denigrating the governmental system of other places – say like, anywhere in the Middle East, except for Israel, most of Africa, the majority of South America, Australia – who most likely would ask you to leave as opposed to jailing you, or worse, many of the Eastern European countries, Russia, and I would venture to guess, China.

    You understand, of course, that you have the freedom and ability to leave at your own discretion any time you choose. I would suggest if you are so desperately unhappy with the US, you find a quasi-socialist or communistic country and live there. I am sure that according to you, you would be happy under, say, a copy of the Stalinist rule – socialist – or perhaps try the Chinese communism which is flourishing so brilliantly, according to you.

    I wager you would eventually appreciate where you had left in very short order