House Committee Schedules Contempt Vote Against Attorney General Holder

Breaking: CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson is reporting that:

“…the House Oversight Committee will vote next week on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. It’s the fourth time in 30 years that Congress has launched a contempt action against an executive branch member…This time, the dispute stems from Holder failing to turn over documents subpoenaed on October 12, 2011 in the Fast and Furious “gunwalking” investigation…”

Attkisson is the reporter that was “screamed and cursed at” for her persistent questioning of the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” catastrophic, failed gun tracking program. (Read it Here) 

Just last week, Eric Holder continued this “stonewalling” against Congressional investigators.

In testimony before a Congressional Committee, Holder essentially claimed ignorance of the project and its consequent effects, and bucked once again turning over any more documents to Congress

See the CBS Video:

 Grassfire Nation continues to lead the effort to help Congressional Investigators keep the pressure up to press for the truth:

“Now evidence suggests that the failed plot was in reality cooked up by the Obama administration as a way to undermine our Second Amendment rights! …As citizens, we are compelled to defend liberty, and fight for justice. That said, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, an Obama minion is responsible for the DOJ’s actions, and must be held accountable…House investigations have been fruitless, and lawmakers have grown increasingly frustrated over Holder’s lack of honesty, accountability. Only increased public pressure on lawmakers and the DOJ can bring accountability and justice to light.”

YOU can continue to put pressure on your Congressional Representatives and Senators to take action, and you can accomplish that by signing the Grassfire Nation petition today. You can do that HERE… “


Additional Liberty News Fast and Furious Coverage:

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Van Guard
@ Vanguard of Freedom

  • Tina DaBella

    damn straight. about freaking time

  • Dennis E. Van Horn

    contempt???…it should be treason !!!

  • Danny Helms

    You have to VOTE for that? Heck, that should be obvious. The man should be in prison, along with his boss!

  • Linda Hill Hibdon

    If they dont file contempt charges against him then Boehner needs to hear from US loud and clear…QUIT BEING SPINELESS AND TRY HIM FOR TREASON!!!

    • niki069a

      It’s very hard for the elitist congress people to file contempt against one of their own. Bonehead is a total waste and the same for McConnell both should be voted out in November along with a bunch of other established career politicians…WE NEED NEW BLOOD to start bring our country back….SHORT TERM ELECTED OFFICIALS.

  • Don Sterling

    If we one of us we would have been behind bars a long time ago!

  • Bob Bell

    lets hope the racecard dont scare them

    • james tibbs

      Clyburn is about to play the race card in the holder issue. He already said that if anybody questions Oblunders eligibility they are a racist. Just sit back and watch.

  • Drew Mitchell

    T R E A S O N ! ! !

  • Rob Schoenthaler

    Forget sending suspected terrorists to Guantanamo Bay, send Holder and other crooked politicians there!

  • Maria Lombardo Arlotta

    Oh yeah!!!!! Lock ‘em both up!

  • Richard Lemire

    Why is it that politicians in this country are above the law? I think if any member of the government breaks the law, they should be held accountable, prosecuted and thrown out of government and lose all their benifits. They should also be considered for jail time.

  • John Turner

    They ought to hold a nationawide elexction to let the general public have a voice too. This clown and his minions are not above the law and need to be held accountable!

  • Valerie Mundy Fowler

    Well it couldn’t happen to a better guy!!! lmao! (wreaking of sarcasm!)

  • Bob Tamburello

    Why not vote today

  • Ed Denmat

    hope we get some members with a spine… this is a HUGE deal and Holder needs to answer for this horrific mess. A border agent is dead because of corrupt malfeasance. Someone is responsible… its just that simple. Whomever is responsible, Eric Holder should ultimately be charged with obstruction – no one is stupid enough to believe he is ignorant of the guilty party(s).

  • Jackee Allen

    i predict there are too many cowards to vote for the right thing. :(

  • John Mazurco Sr.

    Traffic fines are double in construction zones, this guy should get two life sentences.

  • Kelly Cannon

    Throw his rear in with the Gitmo prisoners.

  • Rhonda Jean McCall

    I agree, it’s about time.

  • Travis Choitz

    Its about time!

  • Cj Williams

    I love how we telegraph our intent. Next week huh? So look for a Friday document dump. Delaying that action.

    • james tibbs

      Yes, it will be a big one, you can bet their looking at every e-mail received this entire month. I wonder if he ever passed a secret or top secret security investigation by NSA. Probably not, and I know Oblunder cant pass one either. Impossible!

  • Mary Frances Shroat Crain


  • Greg Landon

    bought bloody time!

  • Al Draheim


  • John Rhoten

    The guy is not only corrupt, but a liar, and he is the head of our country’s justice system. Something terribly wrong with this!

  • David Floyd

    about time