Giuliani on WH Leaks: “People Will Be Killed As a Result of This.”

America’s mayor and former presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani was on Fox News’ Hannity, speaking about the severity of the leaks coming from the Obama administration and the long term impact they will have:

“You can’t have the president and the president’s people investigating themselves.”

As we noted yesterday, one of the attorney’s appointed to investigate the leaks is a donor to several of President Obama’s campaigns, going all the way back to his state senator days. Yet, we’re supposed to believe he’ll be impartial.

I don’t think so.

I don’t say this often, but John McCain and Rudy Giuliani are right. There needs to be an outside investigator. If these folks weren’t in charge, they would be on the Senate floor screaming for the same thing McCain is demanding.

And I’d support them. Wouldn’t you?

Hat Tip: Breitbart

  • Toasty Choate

    i think its them muslim brotherhood members obama has appointed to high ranking positions…

  • Toasty Choate
  • Richard Lemire

    They all just need to go before they completely ruin our country.

  • Dom Brienzi III

    Complete overthrow is required.

  • Jane Clarke Myers

    This is another and more serious thing that Obama keeps doing to our country!

  • David Simonds

    How much of this crap is our country supposed to take????

  • Bill Butler

    Maybe, but the leaks from the WH undermine our country more than anything we have experienced. This is traitorous and seditious activity !

  • Tom Leonard

    Just like the deaths in Fast & Furious. This administration is a dangerous group of fools. Can’t wait for November.

  • Nate Bolton

    Prison time!!!

  • Richard Lemire

    I still can’t believe Clements is on his second trail for lieing to congress while Holder is still in office after flat out refusing the information congress asked him for.

  • Alan Parker

    Yeah but it makes the president look like he knows what he is doing. At least my liberal friends think so. Unbelievable.

  • Joanie Dilbon Zima

    Let’s pray that she’s out, Holder’s out and last but not least, Obama