Van Jones Joins Symphony of Leftists Finally Speaking Truth

As we’ve pointed out time, and time, and time again, radicals on the left have been acting as if they don’t care who hears what they truly believe. It used to be the case that radicals would hide in secret meetings, plotting and planning their communist agenda. Now it’s all right out in the wide open for all to see.

The next post in our ongoing series of pointing this all out is a clip recently taped of Van Jones speaking at the “Green Festival” in Chicago on May 5th. In the clip Van Jones says what most of us already knew, that we can’t let someone as radical as him get into the White House.

Food for thought quote… “If you only have formal control of the government, but you don’t have the media and you don’t have the movement, you can be checkmated” -Van Jones

And now we know.

-Eric Odom

  • Jake Beckham

    Well this regime certainly has the media in the palm of their hand.

  • Congress Watcher

    Then maybe the people should do what I HAVE DONE ; KICK THEM OUT OF YOUR HOUSE…

  • Corey Amundson

    the scarey part is they’re getting bold enough to say it openly…

  • Andy Farrell

    You mean Commies

  • Jim Johnson

    Van Jones another worthless Commie Scumbag.

  • Holly Stowe

    Van Jones is a communist and the sheep bay at his feet.

  • Joanie Dilbon Zima

    Why don’t we approve the bill to see what’s in it. duh. Take her and Obummer at one time.