Trayvon Martin Day at Elementary School

A D.C. elementary school recently declared a “Trayvon Martin Day,” handing out iced tea and skittles to bring attention to the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida.

In an effort to better educate students and their parents about race relations and social injustice, a D.C. elementary school has declared Friday “Trayvon Martin Day.”

Teachers at Malcolm X Elementary in Southeast are using the unfolding case and the story surrounding Martin as part of their “Let’s Keep Our Children Safe” seminar.

Malcolm X Elementary Principal J. Harrison Coleman says that she hopes the lesson will help reduce the needless violence and bullying in the community.

While the teachers are using the Trayvon Martin brand to promote safety and a reduction in needless violence, they fail to mention that Trayvon Martin was involved in needless violence himself. As can be seen in the video below.

The full video report of “Trayvon Martin Day” can be seen below.

Something tells me there are probably better ways to promote safety and reduction of needless violence.

-Eric Odom

  • deafy

    As usual … it is the Democratic – Liberal people in the world of “education” … they are consistently poisoning the younger generation … this just shows where we the patriots should be concentrating more in our efforts to the rescue of our great nation

  • Becky

    This makes NO sense! It was Zimmerman that was bullied by Martin…not the other way around! Why aren’t they calling it George Zimmerman day? Oh…I forgot…Zimmerman’s the wrong color!

  • Yvonne Holcomb

    Schools and children should not be involved in racial politics. Did this happen at school? Has there been a trial? Was this an upstanding kid that we are honoring? What is the goal of this day? I call bullcrap also. Focus on education teachers!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Fraser

    Why are the schools choosing to glamorize Thug Life?

  • Brian Rayner

    A house divided cannot stand

  • Andreas Shizas

    Who fuckin cares…..Zimmeriman will go to jail for life and that will be that

    • Becky

      Zimmerman is NOT at fault here! He was attempting to protect his neighborhood from wanna be gangsters like Martin! It was reported that there had already been several break-ins in his area. He was doing his job as the Neighborhood Watch representative! Martin was out looking for trouble and he found it! He got what he asked for…I have no sympathy for him…just happy to have one more thug off the street!

  • Edward Gibson

    Ironic is it not. Just think what may have happened if Trayvon had a gun and Zimmerman was unarmed.

  • Tammy Land Murray


  • Kathy Kelley Merrill

    This is just all kinds of WRONG!!!

  • Michelle King

    I call “bullcrap”

  • Linda A Smith

    Way to go….glorify a drug addict thug

  • Steve Bleakley

    They sure are “working” this incident.

  • Nick Terpening

    I heard about this on the radio yesterday. It sickens me that that school decided to hold that “day” on Memorial Day weekend.

  • Bradley D Coddington

    Thomas Fraser they do it to bring in the evil into this country. This government we have now love to ATTACK GOD and anything else that is good like family’s and like to praise things Like thug life, gay rights, gay marriage , single parent hood and illegal immigration. This administration needs to go now before this country is completely ruined and to late to repair

  • Jimmy Williamson

    This is CRAP…. A dope smoker having a DAY. This is where our country has gone to I see.

  • Maureen Farrell Bender

    What do you expect from the schools who are tied in with this administration, who does not admit, but believes in whatever causes violence to get their way. NOV 6TH, 2012

  • Aaron Berry

    @Thomas – Because our school systems are bent on the Liberal agenda.

  • David Joseph Quinn

    They forgot the marijuana

  • Katie Rodgers

    Very good David Joseph Quinn—-Perfect

  • John McDaniel

    Anyone notice the name of the school?

  • Joanne Kress

    where are the parents??? My child would stay home

  • Gabe Barlow


  • Bryan Jensen

    Every day is George Zimmerman day pack your concealed weapon!

  • Tim Martin

    Making a martyr out of him without the FACTS being confirmed. Why not have Zimmerman day, since he is the one who got attacked by the thug?. . .Or do we know that for sure?. . This is clearly racially motivated, and is NOT a good lesson for these students!

  • Antonio Montana

    Nazi fascist liberal scumbags in DC promoting this garbage, might as well call it Thug Day. Makes me sick

  • Alan Reynolds

    Um, its the same as the American Music Awards holding a tribute to a crack head who drowned her damn stupid self…..I have no sympathy for her. Also, MJ’s doctor may have been convicted of giving him an overdose, but guess who Bozo, if you had not been trying to cheat death and the normal aging process, the doc wouldn’t have been at your house……again, no sympathy… sure to tell Michael Hutchence, Elvis and the rest hello for us.

  • Kathy Jones

    So are we going to declare days for every kid killed in the nation and hand out what they had on them that day?

    • http://LibertyNews marvthemartian

      Only if the kid is black , killed by an other than a black and the three nigra stooges come and polarize their flock.

      Just sayin’

    • niki069a

      Should that happen we will have 365 days of holidays exactly what the lame brain Liberals will want, why work when we get it for nuttin? as they say!.

  • Anita T. Roberts

    michele bama isn’t going to like this… sweets to kids at school.

  • Alan Pelt


  • Laurie White

    This country is so backwards!

  • Joe Schwabaucker

    Don’t forget the most important part. Everyone can beat the hell out of anyone they personally decide… needs it.

  • niki069a

    It won’t be long before he have a national thug holiday, something the Liberals can relate to. Why honor a good citizen? It only sends the wrong message to the youth of of our nation after all having strong morals, believing in God, getting a good education work hard and earn a good salary is the opposite of what the Democraps main philosophy is After all we have a Usurper P .O.T.U.S who went to the school of Community Organizer and look what we have today….

  • Dale Hogue author of “Email Connectors and Mr. Hogue’s Wisdom”

    I am truly amazed by the ability of misguided black Americans who come up with some of the nuttiest ideas possible and foist them on the American people. Think on this for a minute or two: If those teachers and administrators of the Malcom X Elementary School really wanted to stop the bullying in their community they would have honored the supposed “white” hispanic guy rather than the “black guy” who, by his own actions, created the bullying situation that wound up causing his own death. Of course, the real underlying reason for this “stop the bully day” was the undeniable fact that Trayvon Martin is a dead “black” guy and George Zimmerman is an alive “white” guy — you’re a smart person – you can easily see where they’re going with this misguided line of reasoning. The Malcom X type of reasoning won’t pass the smell test with honest members of the “black community”.