Scott Walker… A Rock Star is born!!!

Here’s how to advance conservatism!

And his birthday is June 6, very early in the morning. His name? Scott Walker.

June 5 is a true harbinger of things to come. It’s the day that the union forced recall election of Scott Walker happens in Wisconsin, and right now it appears that Governor Walker is going to win an overwhelming victory. His victory is fantastic news for conservatives and for freedom loving Americans. It’s also a major loss for unions, Democrats and fear mongers and thugs everywhere.

Scott Walker is a successful private sector businessman who got sick of watching the public sector unions and liberal Democrats destroy his state so he decided to do something about it. He ran for governor and he beat Milwaukee’s mayor in 2010 by five points.He won by actually laying out a specific plan of what he would do as governor, starting with reigning in the public employee unions that were strangling the state’s finances and were unrelentingly pushing Wisconsin toward the same fate – bankruptcy – that Illinois and California are facing.

After winning the office, he did a shocking thing. He actually kept his promise. He pushed legislation through the Wisconsin legislature that gave the state and municipalities the right to not bargain with unions over things like benefits and pay and his crown jewel was removing the ability of Wisconsin public employee unions to collect dues with a payroll deduction. Good things happened almost immediately for the state’s taxpayers and the unions declared war.

I’m sure you followed the near riots in Madison when public employee union members, mostly teachers who were AWOL using faked doctors excuses so they could protest instead of teach, stormed the state capitol and forced the legislature out of session. After the legislation was passed, they lost in court. After they lost in court, they tried to recall a number of Republican Senators and when that effort fell short they launched a recall against Governor Walker.

Why are they so angry? Well, for one thing I think they’re more than a little embarrassed that all the horror stories they said would happen if Walker’s legislation passed haven’t happened. Why, it looks to a neutral observer that they might have been either lying or engaging in fits of fantasy. Then there’s also the embarrassment that when the state stopped taking union dues out teachers paychecks, the teachers stopped paying their union dues. All they would have had to do was to treat their union dues like any other monthly bill that they pay for services they like, like their cable bill or water bill, but they chose not to. And since they can no longer be fired for non-payment, feeding their families a little better was an obvious priority. The teacher’s union had to lay off most of their staff and the Democratic Party in Wisconsin is having a much harder time raising money because the public employee unions don’t have it to give.

There is one group that seems to not be so hostile to the Governor, and that would be Wisconsin’s taxpayers. School districts around the state that have taken advantage of Walker’s reforms have been able to pass a portion of health insurance and retirement costs along to employees and they’ve been able to take their school districts out of the red and into the black without laying off teachers. Side note, I always find it interesting that unions would rather have their members laid off than accept small concessions on wages and benefits. Anyway, school districts and municipalities are saving hundreds of millions of dollars and this year, for the first time in anyone’s memory, property taxes in Wisconsin actually went down.

The Democrats had a particularly bruising primary between the Mayor of Milwaukee , who Walker beat in 2010 and a union backed socialist who’s lost any number of statewide elections. The Mayor won. And it’s also interesting that one of the major benefactors of Walkers reforms has been the City of Milwaukee. No word on whether the Mayor plans to roll those back if he wins the election.

As a result of the primary battle, the unions are, shall we say, dispirited. And the rank and file Democrats don’t seem overjoyed either. The point that Wisconsin Democrats are in disarray was driven home this week when the DNC passed on getting involved in advertising help and the White House is simply mute. Message to Wisconsin Dems from their own party leadership: you bit it off, you chew it. Too bad if it bites back.

The unions and Democrats and their media buddies also have a bit of a message problem. If you knew nothing of the 2010 election or the events since, you’d never know that Walker took on the unions because they’re not talking about it. What they have been talking about is the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting on job growth. Walker originally campaigned on creating a climate that would produce 250,000 jobs in his first term and according to the BLS – same people who produce a reduction in unemployment while fewer and fewer people are working – Wisconsin is 50th out of 50 in jobs, having a net during Walker’s time in office of about -34,000 and they’ve been beating that drum loudly for the last couple of weeks.

Last week they ran into a little problem. The BLS numbers are estimates based on a small sample of Wisconsin businesses. There’s also a report that comes out twice a year that actually talks to every business in the state. Walker jumped the gun and released it and it shows that Wisconsin as actually created nearly 25,000 jobs. The sound you’re hearing is the air going out of the balloon.

The data compiled by the state Department of Workforce Development show a net gain of 23,300 public and private jobs during 2011, up from the previously reported 33,900 drop.

Even Time magazine is paying attention to Walker.

These days, the numbers look good for Walker. The public opinion polls, which registered a virtual dead heat in recent months, are beginning to inch in his favor. A Marquette Law School survey released May 16 has the incumbent up six points, a big swing from last month’s virtual tie. It’s one of at least five polls in recent days that showed the incumbent edging ahead.

Governor Walker is setting the standard for GOP governors – and hopefully President Romney. He’s stood up to the vermin who inhabit the public sector unions, he beat them, he’s getting fantastic results and it looks like the taxpayers of Wisconsin are going to give him their seal of approval.

If you live in a state with a GOP governor, call your statehouse and demand that your governor stand up to the likes of the SEIU thugs and the NEA. Even FDR understood that unions have no place in the public sector.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

-Michael Becker

  • Betsy Smith

    Hurray for Scott Walker!!!

  • Shawn Fitzgerald Jr

    The liberals don’t understand that when they make such a spectacle out of themselves, they create conservative power houses that hurt their movement. They will never learn.

  • Christine Totten-Dunn

    Its called Common Sense over No Sense!!! Which makes more sense????

  • Michele Marie

    Scott Walker for President!

  • Guido Sarducci

    We elected our neighbor as our new and young Alderman, he told me that there are 9 Republicans that were elected to the board, making them the Majority… I see things slowly changing for the better here in Manitowoc, WI. :)

  • Dee Anne Harper

    We can only hope.The unions need to be brought down, they buy politicians and are enemies of this country and have outlived their usefulness….

  • Tara Tompkins Burr

    We’re giving it our best shot!

  • Kathy Jones

    good for them, I just am a leary yet as the democrats in WI have already proved they will do anything to get a democrat back in the gov office there.

  • John Owens

    Congrats! Good wins again. Let’s build some momentum from this!

  • Dana Mullen

    Please, God, let Walker win and the Unions lose.

  • Craig Nichols

    We can only hope,,,and pray

  • Dori Shervanick

    Love Scott Walker.

  • Cheri Nunley Boltz

    That’s what I think…..that Wisconsin will go Romney.

  • Holly Stowe

    Scott Walker has COMMON SENSE. the good people of Wisconsin should understand that much. This country cannot survive as we have been going these past couple of decades with growing entitlements, social spending, special interests (especially for unions) and massive budget deficits. It’s got to stop before we ruin our children’s and grandchildren’s future.

  • Stephanie Bloom Parker

    Romneys voting record is the same as Obummer, so why would we want him to win? Intellectually they are peers.

  • Annie Wallace

    Stephanie Bloom Parker: ???? Romney’s voting record on what exactly? Obama has been a state and Federal Senator where things are actually voted ON, Romney has been a Governor and private sector businessman. Your comment makes no sense at all.

  • Linda Gross Clapper

    Yep, but the main problem is as Obama’s poll #’s go down, and as his chance of being re-elected disappear as he loses states maybe like Wisconsin, he will resort to plan B so he doesn’t have to leave the Presidency or the White House. And what he might do between now and Jan. 20, 2013 in order to stay in power concerns me very much seeing how he has gone around Congress already, has referred to the Constitution as being old as if it needs revised, that we need redistribution which is not how our country is! He just might pull a big one….like getting some of his people to start blasting the Tea Party as if they’re terrorists. Do you remember the memo his Sec. of Homeland Security accidentally released within a couple months after he took office? Remember how just recently the Secret Service can have arrested anyone who dares ask Obama a question? Remember his truth squads during the campaign in 2008 that were law enforcement who were to seek out those who were spreading “mistruths” about Obama (when they were really telling the truth)? Remember the Trayvon shooting recently that you didn’t hear anything about until just after Obama had written his own Executive Order on “Peacetime Martial Law” that will basically give his appointees control of energy, fuel, food, banks, law enforcement, curfews, etc.? I figure that was in case there are riots due to any reason that can be found to rebel if they can make something out of the Trayvon shooting….if Mr. Zimmerman is not found guilty…..or if Obama starts trampling our rights even more and the Tea Party and others start speaking out against Obama most likely peacefully, but no doubt he might decide they need to be arrested! Has anyone thought about what might happen if it appears Obama won’t be re-elected. I don’t think he will leave easily at all! I think he might be a squatter…and a dictator if we give him the chance. :(

  • Carol Modrow

    Here in FL we are rooting for Scott.

  • Mary Speth

    yes, Linda Gross Clapper, I have thought of those things. Yes I agree we have a dictator narcissist in our WH. and then I think of people like my son, and brother in law and their friends in the military. They joined because they will freely give their lives to protect and defend the contsitution of the US. Hell will freeze over before they allow him to stay.

  • Gary Graf

    Scott Walker is awesome!! The best part of this is the liberals there having their meltdown knowing he’s gonna beat the recall!!

  • James Franklin

    Go Scott. Having the balls to do what needs to be done!

  • Carolyn Anton Andress

    I am sure the mainstream media will gloss over this…hope we win in November and Romney is able to make some changes to entitlements as well

  • Gregory Dodge

    Go Mr. Walker, The mainstream media and thier adoration means one thing and it’s just that simple. They are ashamed to be Americans and they hat America. They should go somewhere else.

  • Brant Ra

    Ponzi Mittens. He would sell America to the highest bidder…

    Ron Paul 2012.

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    looks like stephanie is spouting the left’s playbook! ANYBODY will be better than oblama! Go, Gov Walker!

  • Buddy Randolph

    Machevelli said something to the effect “If you attack the King, you should kill him, because if you don’t it will make him stronger”. the unions should have read it.

  • Donna M Scala

    Wish I could put boots on the ground for Walker. Unions must be put in their place for American cities to survive and thrive. I will neve join SEIU or any other union and I will fight till I can’t against the NLRB

  • Donna M Scala

    Romney already stated healthcare for his state would not remotely work for ove r 300 million people.
    Obamacare is play dog and pony show with seniors over Medicare advantage,, lying about saving Medicare,and,SS and his frmeaking budget failed in the democrat controlled house by 99-0! What doesmthatmsow the seeds of?

  • Donna M Scala

    Romney already stated healthcare for his state would not remotely work for ove r 300 million people.
    Obamacare is play dog and pony show with seniors over Medicare advantage,, lying about saving Medicare,and,SS and his frmeaking budget failed in the democrat controlled house by 99-0! What doesmthatmsow the seeds of?

  • De Dupree

    God Bless you Scott! Show the Dirt Bags America is behind YOU!

  • Rick Shaffer

    Huzzah, Badgers!