President Who Lied 69 Times “Keeping His Word” on Abortion

Obama never ceases to amaze… this time the guy who we know lied to us 69 times just launched a new ad campaign on his site called “Keeping His Word” at While Obama didn’t keep his word on marriage and 68 other positions, he did stay true to his word to keep funneling tax dollars into abortion providers. Heck, his new ad even proudly proclaims that he fights off GOP efforts to put a stop to taxpayer funded abortions.

The latest Web ad quotes Obama saying during the 2008 campaign that “change is a president who will stand up for choice.” It goes on to praise Obama for fighting Republican efforts to cut off federal funding to Planned Parenthood and for reversing the so-called “global gag rule,” which prevented organizations that benefit from U.S. foreign aid from discussing or performing abortions.

Watch the ad below.

-Eric Odom

  • Rod Robbins

    what a discusting human!

  • D. Lee Penner

    How about his transparent government??

  • Cynthia McBride

    He’s a politician. OF COURSE he lies!

  • Alan Paris

    socialism has killed hundreds of millions…abortions is the US alone have killed over 50,000,000

  • Larry Ward

    He is mentally ill………..

  • John Theodore Knecht
  • Raymond Heath

    We can’t all have the lofty goals China has achieved

  • Doc Usmc

    DISGRACE always has been since he is out of SICAGO

  • Benjamin Layne Shill

    What a moron for doing this still.Time to vote him out in November!

  • Carmen Dianne Mason


  • Raymond Lussier

    I wish his mother had one, it could have saved millions of innocent lives.

  • Linda Dodge

    As pro-life as I am, it’s too bad Stanley Ann Dunham didn’t have an abortion!!!

  • David Simonds

    Why do I get the feeling he wants to be fired? Let’s grant that wish in November!!!!

  • Steve Johnson

    Ya can tell when he is lying His Lips are moving

  • Kevin Smith

    Well, he kept his word, he launched a website to collect money from his sheep…

  • Penny Franck Reinhardt

    my father, who is 96 years old…says he has never heard any President lie as much as this one…..all he does is lie…..

  • Jennifer Psait

    Almost had me with the Impeach Nancy Pelosi. However, the whole tax dollars to buy abortions b.s. has me saying a no to the Republican Party this election. I am frankly tired of this card being used by your party and think it is out dated. Roe vs. Wade will never be over turned and I think I will vote for Obama this election which I did not last in the last election. Pretty tired of rich white Republicans telling women what they can and can not do with their own bodies. Choice I feel like that is between a women and her maker. Yes, I am mind your own damn business when it comes to this subject and the one subject that I will comment on when I see post about this subject used for votes and votes only.

  • Linda Teasley

    Pure evil!! Shared….

  • Roberto Wagner

    Right Jennifer you voted for John McCain & Sarah Palin in 2008…sure…Like I voted for the current Dictator…sure…

  • Raymond Lussier

    Gee, no free abortion? Then I’ll go with the Communist Dictator! And we wonder why this country is in the toilet. Same kind of thinking will cause almost 100% of blacks to vote for him even though he has done more damage to their cause than George Wallace.

  • Barb Adams Raimo

    Jenniifer…yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah…no one is telling you what you want to do with your body…WE just don’t want to have to pay for it. Go be used by owebama.

  • Tim Martin

    He hasn’t kept his word on anything yet, .except that he will blame it all on Bush!! If he gets what he wants, it is by Executive Order, . .if he can’t get what he wants, it is because either Congress or the Supreme Court “don’t respect his authority”. . .In his opinion, it has nothing to do with the LAW!!!!

  • Jeffrey Thomas

    What a guy!

  • Bo Evans

    Jennifer, you don’t even sound like a conservative. No conservative, under any circumstances, would vote for the freaking idiot!! You are lying! LOL

  • EJ Reynolds

    Still lieing. A Pinocchio to the max!

  • Don Sterling

    Keep hearing crap about the economy and the bailouts…well…my opinion is the bailouts did nothing to help the economy and only helped to make rich bastards richer or at least save their butts. If the big banks has failed would any of the little people have been any worse off?

  • Sani Adam

    At least he is going to make sure Democrats don’t procreate

  • Kathy Kelley Merrill

    Well, Jennifer, what are you doing on this page??? GTFO with your ignorant comments!

  • Colton Juliano

    her comments are just too inteligent for you to comprehend kathy^^^

  • Colton Juliano

    god forbid people have their own opinions that they comment about. why dont you GTFO. fucking consertives…

  • Colton Juliano

    @don sterling, you should make youre own page. i always see your comments and you dont usualy seem to be very ignorant. you also bring up valid points. probably a good debater too! id like your page…maybe…