Pelosi Wants Religious Liberty for Catholics in… Hungary?

When Nancy Pelosi is here at home her tone is one of complete disregard for religious freedom. Or really, liberty in general. But when Pelosi is in Europe she prays for religious liberty for the Catholic church in Hungary.

Someone should remind her of who’s rights she’s sworn to protect.

-Eric Odom

  • Gary Withrow

    The hypocrisy is beyond digusting

  • Art Sarlin

    she just Can’t Understand Normal Thinking!

  • Robin Knee Conrad

    This is no surprise.

  • Mary Boles Edwards

    All the people we have that are hungry…..she does not deal with our problems…

  • Greg Lowrance

    they need to get rid of the whole GANG!!!!!!!

  • Shelby Beringer

    sick and evil

  • Kevin O’Reilly

    i tried to see things from your point of view but I cannot get my head up my ass.

  • Sonia Crooks

    @ Kevin probably because you haven’t realized your head is ashtray up Obama’s ass.

  • Dolly Amos

    Who in the hell is concerned about people in other lands huh?tell me.Should be worried about people here in america. What the sam hell is the matter with people.We have been sold out to please other countries who don’t mean shit to me. wise up! what say u ?I would really like to know.

  • LeRoy Vigil

    Pelosi believes that her sins are forgiven by the Church thru Confession. She fails to understand that she must be sincere in her Act of Contrition, “to amend my life, Amen”. She continues to lie, cheat, steal and bear false witness against her neighbors withou fear of being condemned to Hell.

  • Diana Elaine

    Someone please send the hag to Hungary!

  • Sonia Crooks

    @ Kevin O’Reilly that’s probably because your head is already so far up Obama’s a$$.

  • Michael Bixler

    She rather live and support other countries. She is clueless and belongs in a nursery home

  • Karen Thompson

    Who cares what she wants for Hungary. Distraction from what is important and that is the economy, job and Obama’s record as President.

  • Mary Jo Leake

    Think she goes to confession and confesses all those lies she tells on tv?

  • Peter Fithian

    The fact that this moonbat keeps getting elected is proof positive that San Francisco is populated by those who flunked study hall…

  • Sani Adam

    Let’s send her there, then. She can do so much….

  • Mark Bindenagel

    If the catholic church does not reign her in line with its teachings or excommunicates her for openly opposing the church ill leave it for another church. She mocks the church at every turn…

  • Wade Ludwig

    Thats what you call a bigot. thinks it’s ok somewhere else, but not here in our own Country.

  • Joan Thivierge Charron

    Wacky tobacky Pelosi is a hypocritical, lying scuzbag just like all her buddies.

  • James Damron

    She is insane and she proves it every day.