Paul Ryan: Obama Budget Will Increase National Debt By 76%

Making an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan discussed federal budget planning.  He defended Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital and compared that with President Obama “gambling with taxpayer money” on green companies such as Solyndra.  Bain Capital, on the other hand, invested private money and not public dollars.

“We don’t think the government should be in the position of picking winners and losers in the economy, which is the result of the president’s economics,” Ryan said.  He went on further to argue that Obama’s schemes amount to “crony capitalism” and “corporate welfare” and are stifling economic growth.

Ryan explained that the GOP plan will increase revenues by plugging tax loopholes and will address the debt crisis by overhauling Medicare and Social Security.  “The kind of budget that Mitt Romney’s talking about is one to prevent a debt crisis, save Medicare and Social Security from going bankrupt,” Ryan offered. “Unfortunately, the president’s budget does none of that.”

Ryan also said that the Obama budget plan would increase the national debt by an astounding 76%.  “If we just did nothing, the debt would go up 78 percent,” he said. “This is not leadership. It’s economic stagnation. The president has punted. We’re going to lead.”

Additionally, Ryan pointed out that his budget proposal would help “prevent” the type of austerity measures being implemented in Europe.  It would accomplish this by not allowing entitlements to bankrupt the nation.  Ryan believes that the upcoming presidential election will come down to a “great choice of two contrasting visions — the President’s government-centered approach, or the opportunity society, the American idea offered by Gov. Romney.”
-Candice Lanier
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  • Timothy Kleszynski

    Because Pelosi Reid and
    Obama do not care!!!!

  • Stephen Douglas

    Typical Democrat ?Lawmaker?, can’t do anything to help the country and people make money, but consistently wants to take what others have & spend it on everything that they want. Idiotic, irresponsible, incompetent, narcissist.

  • Jerry Perkins

    And you expected something other than this? Another chapter in the Haji in Chief destruction plan.

  • BeBe Luxon

    A budget is supposed to keep from going in debt. Maybe someone should send their office a copy of the definition for Budget.

  • Raymond Heath

    Only if it passes, which is unlikely because even his own senate voted 100% against

  • David Barnes

    If you vote for this idiot you deserve what you’re gonna’ get.

  • Vickie Davis

    Whatever Obama wants Obama gets……through executive orders! Somebody with guts stop this guy….hold him for treason!

  • Joanie Dilbon Zima

    Take both her and Obummer out of office at the same time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!!!

  • Mary Brem

    In my first term, I pledge to cut the deficit in half…
    Barry, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Marie Hyatt Oellig

    obama = SEVERE DEBT & US Bankruptcy! Wake up America! Do not re-elect a man who believes it is okay to be in SEVERE debt!… A man who is not even a US citizen, which is why he does not give a rip about what happens to this country!

  • Joey Nguyen

    This is why im moving to Vietnam, the government may be corrupt but atleast they admit it!

  • Scott Beck

    Reagan/Bush ran it up 4 or 5 times and Bush doubled it.

  • De Dupree

    @Scott B. – Where do U get You Info from? You have to be a Liberal Moran!

  • Craig Blair

    Wait didn’t Obama say he was going to cut the debt in half while he is president?

  • Jim Bless

    a fine kettle of fish

  • Jim Bless

    in obummers case, kettle of dog

  • Rick Sharon

    Craig, it’s that new political math: plan to increase debt by 152% but then only increase it by 76% – you just cut in in half.

    Where else but government accounting is an increase considered a reduction?

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    yep, that ought to bankrupt the United States for sure!

  • George White

    This big jerk does not have a budget. He and his cronies just scrawl now some marks and he believes his own lies. Only a dumb person would vote for this fool again.