NYC To Ban Venti Size Coffee, Large Slurpees

Never before in my life did I think I would see days like I’ve seen in the past couple of years. From the passage of the unlawful healthcare mandate, to a DOJ that works against the people, not for them, to now… NYC banning Venti Coffee’s at Starbucks.

New York City plans to enact a far-reaching ban on the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and street carts, in the most ambitious effort yet by the Bloomberg administration to combat rising obesity.

The proposed ban would affect virtually the entire menu of popular sugary drinks found in delis, fast-food franchises and even sports arenas, from energy drinks to pre-sweetened iced teas. The sale of any cup or bottle of sweetened drink larger than 16 fluid ounces — about the size of a medium coffee, and smaller than a common soda bottle — would be prohibited under the first-in-the-nation plan, which could take effect as soon as next March.

I try to stay away from soda and slurpees, but I love a good Venti Coffee. Sometimes I’ll even splurge and go for a non-fat white mocha (no whip) in the Venti size so I can reheat the bottom half an hour later. But, see, that’s my choice. If it isn’t my choice, then I am no longer a free American. And if I’m not a free American, then America is no longer a free country.

What a sad realization… it’s all slipping away and we elected those destroying it.

-Eric Odom

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  • Patrick

    Funny how they are going after things that make people shrug their heads but nothing so bad as to make them rise up and rebel against an administration that is trying to control every aspect of their lives. Don’t be fooled that there isn’t an entire agenda built around this, and that the next step will add greater and greater control until its to late for the populace to rise up and complain, by then it will already be a law that they have no control over what they eat or drink and the screech heard earlier this year from the so-called feminist and birth control about the government or the Church having control over their body will seem like a whisper and control over every part of their body not just reproductive organs will be at stake.

  • Sheri Willoughby

    freaks !!!

  • Justin Ihnat

    I wonder if they’ll limit the # of drinks one person can buy at a single time, next.

  • Bart Burgess


  • Michael Crayne

    What? You didn’t see this comming when they started all the smoking bans? I did.

    • KClemens

      Mee to.

      And I really was shocked when the “battle against tobacco” began in the US because I knew the US unfortunately only NY and some parts of Florida) only as a very free country much more as Europe ever was.

      But our European nannies couldn’t be fast enough to adopt all these regulations and bans too. For the public not for themselves. So EU-officials are still allowed to smoke in their offices or EU-own buildings.

      With the smoking bans and the legizlation by several courts in Germany anyone now feels free to claim laws to ban any disliked behaviour and if the pressure is not enough it needs to be judged to “protect the children”.

      And with this “to protect the children” you can forbid anything.

  • Donna Adams

    Oh, geez. AYFKM?

  • Mac McCartney

    Aren’t we free to make our own choices?

  • Aime Louise Padula

    and you can’t drink raw milk and so on and so forth, when does it stop? btw of course i think people should drink healthier things-but you can’t make them, that is why this is America

  • Brendon Church

    The question is will people continue to be spineless slaves of Statists, or will they finally take action against the tyrants?

  • Tom Conde

    Fat people should be arrested and sent to work camps. I am being extremely sarcastic of course but, don’t be surprised when you start hearing suggestions bordering on such ideas. When you do raise hell, loud and long. Raise hell because the direction govt is taking is towards that kind of total control. Dont sit on your butt and say it can’t happen here. It’s happening more everyday.

  • Marian Malecki Bruce

    So true!

  • Melonia Mel Roberts Allen

    At Mac…. no not any more… welcome to Obamaland with his wife Michelllllllllllllelelelelelel the food natiz

  • Shawn Hilleboe


  • Joe Riccio

    I can believe it, here in NYC people actually LIKE being told what they can and cannot do…sad really.

  • Walt Don

    It’s why I don’t live in NYC. Vote these control freaks out of your government… NOV 2012.. Have we had enough control? Do something about it…

  • Kevin Libby

    They are fu@%ing out of their minds! Who cares what size coffee you buy! Are they going to stop free refills at diners too?? Stupid f$&ks!

  • Robert Meyer

    YOO HOO! Mikey B.! YOU SUCK!!!!!

  • Johnny Smith

    elections mean nothing, we are in the exact same struggle we’ve always been in, the few trying to control the many, monarchies just became industrialists

  • Kevin Libby

    10 years ago they had 2 passenger planes fly into the WTC and knock them to the ground and kill 3000 people and they are worried aboutr coffee cups! Fools!

  • Robert Meyer

    WAIT! Can you have the large coffee/Slurpie if it’s served with arugala? Or “peas”?

  • Craig Nichols

    When will each and every person in NYC be assisgned a goverenment nanney?

  • Corey Amundson

    Just another reason to not go to NYC. More of the “spoons make me fat” mentality… Thank God for big government, how would we ever wipe our behinds without them?

  • Travis Abbott

    the fact that people spend more than $1. on a cup of coffee blows my mind

  • Hood Mauermann

    To hell with that shit hole NYC. It’s full of liberals, let them rot. See what liberalism does???

  • Todd Urbaitis

    Just one more reason to avoid NYC.

  • Lisa Aguirre Williams

    What’s stopping me from ordering 2? Or 3, or 5? Obesity is about habits, not product availability. Ridiculous.

  • Brian Keith

    Get out of NY before it is too late.!!! That S!@# can only spread out of NYC.

  • Paul Deckelman

    I live in NYC, and I can’t stand coffee, but my wife loves the stuff. Fortunately, our nearest Starbucks is in nearby Nassau County, L.I., where some sanity still reigns and the government officials don’t have the same Emperor complex as Mr. Bloomberg obviously suffers from. Perhaps he should have a therapist prescribe him some meds. Oh, and we do all of our food shopping in N.C. as well. TOO BAD ON YOU, MAYOR MIKE!

  • Bill Floyd

    Lol Nyc the liberal capital of the world how stupid can you be to allow this, i say if your that dumb to allow it then you deserve it.

  • Todd Hosford

    yet they will allow the saccharin filled diet drinks to remain on the shelf…pick your battles politicians….and i’ll tell you what….stop trying to control every aspect of our lives here in america….if that’s your agenda…..move to china….LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!

  • Raletta Dickinson

    Heres a novel thought….teach personal responsibility!

  • Paul Deckelman

    I voted for him in 2001 because I figured he would pretty much continue the policies and keep the reforms Rudy Giuliani put in place. But now the imperious little weasel (who defied the will of the people by finagling himself a third term in defiance of established term limits with the help of the pliable, easily corrupted morons who comprise our City Council) has gotten delusions of grandeur and has WORN OUT HIS WELCOME.

    • KClemens

      But at least is Bloomberg just continuing what Giuliani has started. Keep the people afraid and you can do everything. Today in NY the criminal rate is surely much lower as in the eighties so they need new threads to keep the level of fear high.

      That is one part of the medal. The second part of this medal market-compliant people in a market-compliant democracy.

      There for smoking, sugary drink, french fries and burgers, and alcohol is more dangerous as the dept crisis around the world.

  • Melissa LaTour

    Seriously? I already order 2 at a time. I wonder if they can get 8 shots in a medium cup? BTW, I don’t put any sugar or flavor in it, so why can’t I have the size I want? Just more reasons to NOT go to New York.

  • Rick Sharon

    That must explain the unmanned drones flying overhead — food police.

    Ever vigilant in their war against soft drinks, bake sales, and children’s lemonade stands. Why? Because you are too stupid to be responsible for your own food choices. (Their beliefs, not mine).

  • Peter Fithian

    Try doing that s**t here in Texas. You’d be out of office in a heartbeat.

  • James D. Sherwood

    what’s the fuss he just wants us fat people to slim down!! oh! hay there sweety make that two doubles woppers!

  • Bill Long

    Government out of control……

  • Orly Gräber

    @Lisa you’re right, it is about habits. Which is why they are attempting to get rid of the automatic habit some people have to purchase oversizes sugar beverages. If people have to specifically order two, it will be more of a conscious decision. They aren’t banning the purchase of multiple drinks. Here’s a more detailed article:

  • Andrea Speir Robertson

    While drinking a Venti size coffee, I will comment like this. I hope the companies take their business elsewhere. Money talks. Come on businesses do the same.

  • Steve Hardman

    The funny thing is that people commenting on the NYT website seem pretty okay with it… even grateful. I find it comical however, that while they rip the venti coffee with 1 sugar out of their hands, they’ll leave the 32 oz. margarita alone… the thought apparently being that its so much better for you. I bet NYC makes more tax revenue off the later.

  • Allan Troester

    You just cant regulate stupid

  • Sani Adam

    Is it OK to buy 2 small slurpees?

  • Peter Fithian

    New Yorkers love their bondage. Let them have it. They obviously don’t think in terms of principles, so they’re too stupid to see what’s going to eventually affect something they like. Morons.

  • Celia Ann Godfrey

    I find it so hard to believe the people of N.Y. will just roll over and take this. This is a picture of brainless people who can’t think for themselves and need elected officials to come into their lives and tell them “how” to live.

  • Sara Foster

    I just wish someone could tell me how it’s any business of any government what size servings ANY business sells????

  • Ralph Meacham

    This will increase trash going to landfills: people will order two. Or three.