Huh? White House Struggles With Answer on Solyndra

It must be very difficult spinning reality day in and day out. Which explains why a White House mouth piece will occasionally start spouting words and sentences that really don’t make any sense. Especially when he’s asked a question they he has no good answer for.

In this case, inquiring minds want to know why Romney’s Bain Capital investments are fair game when Obama’s investments in bankrupt Solyndra are not. This is the answer we get.

Note: Some readers are having trouble seeing the YouTube embed. If you can’t see it here use this link to watch it on YouTube.

Say what?

-Eric Odom

  • AmericanPatriotMom

    If they just told the truth once in awhile they wouldnt have to fumble around for the old footage on the last lies they told and they might have a cohearent converation…? O said what?

  • John Austin

    sorta like when the president speaks….gibberish

  • Corrie Seames Caldwell

    Translation: I got nuthin’

  • Jasen Dill

    I think what he means is it’s not the presidents job to bankrupt companies and then go out driving one of his many Cadillacs… It’s the presidents job to make sure that the guy who is being stepped on by the corporations that hire high dollar lawyers to buy politicians, has some sort of fair shake in this country.

  • Jamie Hammonds

    Pelosi and Obama gave their buddies 600 million tax dollars and they stole it with repercussions, End of story!!!!!!

  • Rick Bertino

    He is saying NOTHING…. The same old crap!

  • John Ley

    menumenumenume that’s all folks

  • Jan Davis- Burke

    Spin…evade…spin…evade…spin spin spin.. What a JOKE! Jay-Jay go round in circles!

  • Mac McCartney

    Uh, duh, doh, what? The President responsible to make sure those from a failed company have jobs and training? Really?

  • Kenneth Tillery

    Uh Er, Uh Er, Gee, the loser still didn’t answer the question.

  • Lee Ann Salvia Brennan

    um uh I don’t think he was uh prepared to um answer this question um .

  • Charles Correll

    Porky Pig could do better! Oh yeah, Why settle for bankrupting companies when you can do the whole country!

  • Mark Todd

    Corruption in plain sight..

  • Michael Silverstein

    It was easy to understand what he was saying……..Nobama is President your not deal with it.

  • Tim Martin

    Wellll, you see, . .it is like this, .. I have no idea what Obama thinks he can do about it, so I have no idea what to say. He tried throwing money at the problem, that didn’t fix it,. . so now that he is starting to recognize that blaming Bush is not going to help his campaign, . .he has to start blaming his opponent, instead of coming up with real answers.

  • Greg Renner


  • Valerie Phillips Chramer

    I hate that I wasted a minute of my life trying to listen to that idiot.

  • John Michael

    He said: If you were rowing your boat down Grand River and it had a hole in it, how many candy bars does it take to fill a dogs house?

    • AmericanPatriotMom

      OmG! that was the eFfing funniest interpetation I have seen yet…. LOL ROLMAOF!!!!!! candybars doghouse yup thats about it lol still laughing LOL LOL LOL .. JAY JAY OBLA BLAS butt kisser lost it…

  • Mike Bay

    Blah yada blah blah yada rack ack RACK ack ACK…a martian on ‘Mars Attacks’ makes more sense than Carney can.

  • Frank Crumpler

    Nobama probably told him what to say. Nobama couldn’t explain it any better

  • Jerry Dagna


  • Dennis Crane

    I’m going to declare bankruptcy so I can get admin money…

  • Ivy Benoit


  • Sammy Haskins

    I know, he was quoting that episode of Fat Albert where the gang was trying to develop solar energy to power a hoobadajoobida

  • Maureen Farrell Bender

    Where are the individual comments. What it comes down to is that Carney is unable to explain the case and when he tries to look smart, he comes off as studdering idiot.

  • Nate Bolton

    Here, I’ll translate! He said “I’m a dumbass!”

  • Michael Yancy

    What Did He Say ??

  • Rhonda Means

    Reminds me of the Miss Teen America that tried to answer the question about why some people can’t find America on the map!!

  • Daniel Cordonier