Energy Is The New Gold

We’re really missing the boat.

…black gold, transparent gold and rock gold.

That would be oil, natural gas and coal, not that the Obama administration has a clue about any of these.

Well, that may be a bit of an overstatement, they do have a clue but it’s a clue that they and their Environmental terrorist buddies have made up. They think oil, gas and coal are evil and solar and wind are our savior and that’s why they’ve dumped billions of dollars into companies that fiddle with solar and wind – and the fact that it put hundreds of millions of dollars into Obama campaign bundlers pockets didn’t hurt either – while doing everything possible to regulate the oil, gas and coal industries out of business.

The Obama administration has been blathering about how they’ve increased oil and gas production to record highs. What they neglected to mention was that the energy production we’re seeing today is the result of the work done by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney that Democrats screamed to high heaven about. In fact, the Obama administration has closed off exploration on public lands and offshore and while the energy sector is generating large numbers of very good jobs, Obama & Co. have shut down work in the Gulf to the tune of about 75,000 jobs with a dramatically negative impact on the economy in that region.

Obama’s EPA is doing everything possible to shut down the coal industry by closing coal fired electric generation plants, they’ve blocked – for now at least – the Keystone pipeline from Canada and they’re trying to shut down natural gas exploration and pumping with court actions against “fracking”. On the last works, they’re consistently failing, thank goodness.

The U.S. needs energy – REAL energy, not solar and wind that are both extraordinarily costly and inefficient – both for domestic use and for export. Obama and the Regulators, sounds like a bad garage band, are destroying the economy and keeping middle class Americans out of work with their policies. Remember, Obama in 2008 said that electricity prices needed to skyrocket. He needs to be held accountable for that statement and especially for putting policies in place that are making that happen. And, have you filled your car up lately?

The U.S. is a treasure trove of untapped energy that can bring our transportation costs down, our electric costs down, our manufacturing costs down while generating huge export dollars. We need a President and an administration that understands those facts and will formulate and implement policies to take advantage of our resources and help our nation. We don’t need an extension of unemployment benefits for people who’ve been unemployed for a year, we need to create a business climate where businesses will start-up and where existing businesses will grow and be profitable.

Reuters talks about the future of natural gas:

(Reuters) – A boom in unconventional natural gas over the next 20 years could see the United States and others benefit from cheaper energy while the importance of the Middle East declines, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Tuesday.

Growth in shale and other newly available forms of natural gas in the United States and China could match gains made in conventional gas in Russia, the Middle East and North Africa combined, IEA Chief Economist Fatih Birol told Reuters in an interview.

“Unconventional gas will fracture the status quo, and will be a complete game changer with major geopolitical implications,” Birol said.

What could stand in the way of developments that will move the U.S. toward energy independence and away from helping to finance those who finance worldwide terrorism?

Environmental group Greenpeace said in reaction to the report that it opposed the exploration of unconventional gas.

“Greenpeace opposes the exploitation of unconventional gas reserves because the impacts have not been fully investigated, understood, addressed and regulated,”

Greenpeace is the domestic arm of the Obama administration. They have, and will continue to, stand in the way of development of affordable energy that creates good jobs for Americans and that will boost the American economy.

The IEA said that a gas glut fueled by unconventional extraction methods would lead to a boom in U.S. exports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and impact global gas prices.

The advent of North American LNG exports by 2020 will more than double U.S. gas prices from current historic lows but bring down prices in the world’s biggest LNG market, Japan, the IEA said.

The U.S. could be exporting 35 billion cubic meters by 2020…

In addition to dramatic increases in natural gas production, the Bakken oil shale reserves in the upper-midwest are just beginning to be tapped. The Keystone pipeline will move oil from those fields as well as from Canada. In addition to refining and using the oil in the U.S., we should be selling oil to China and India. China is a growing market and they’re shopping according to CNN Money.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Eager to feed its growing energy appetite, China’s worldwide buying binge for oil and other energy assets is spreading to North and South America.

Yet most analysts say China’s newfound interest in American energy may actually be good for U.S. consumers, as it will likely increase oil and gas supplies worldwide and possibly lower prices.


China is also said to be interested in building a pipeline to carry 300,000 barrels a day of Colombian oil to the Pacific Coast…

Let’s not forget the Canadians who will build a pipeline to their coast to sell to China if the Obama administration keeps dallying. This administration is not only doing American consumers, workers and citizens in general a huge disservice when it comes to energy and jobs. And heck, everything else. There is no excuse, none, for not increasing our energy production in places where we have proven reserves like ANWR and not opening up public lands and offshore to significant development. Here’s the bottom line, from CNN Money, that we’re not taking advantage of with our current policies, and as you read it just think about how different our economy, our GDP growth and our employment picture would be if our policies were energy friendly.

China currently consumes about 10 million barrels of oil a day — roughly half of what the United States uses. Like the United States, China imports about half the oil it needs.

But unlike the United States, where oil demand is flat or declining, demand in China is expected to jump 50% by 2020.

They have to get as much as they can from where ever they can,” said David Fridley, a staff scientist at the China Energy.”

So, why not us? What do you think??

-Michael Becker

  • Debra Barron Bradley

    You must break everyone…to conquer them all…..they understand…….do you?

  • Dominic Jarozynski

    they DO understand, look into their investments…..maybe all green ?

  • Kathy Krimminger

    Yes they understand…why do you think they are doing it?

  • Diane Pascaretti

    Of course they not only understand it but are pushing it because it is just one part of the agenda. Agenda 21 to be exact. Google it or learn about it on you tube. UN NWO.
    Bilderburgs take over and the elimination of over 90% of the worlds population. They are having a meeting in Chantilly Virginia as we speak. See live video at
    Please post and alert friends and family to join the resistance.

  • Dianne Johnson

    Green is the new Red!

  • Catherine Cath Nall

    It’s always ‘follow the money’ when it comes to ‘green anything’!!

  • Jamey Hancock

    its called money…. they invest in it, they get money from those that invest in it, they get kick backs from stock shares and those that have invested in it… see? Obama hates capitalism.. he just believes in graft and pork barrel politics.

  • Kevin Robinson

    I guess I must be missing something here. Natural gas production in the US is at record levels (with such a glut of supply that prices are at an all time low) and the US is refining and exporting more gasoline than ever. We’re also approving construction of new nuclear power plants. That said, how is investment in wind and solar a bad thing? It reduces our dependence on states that are enemies of the US (such as Saudi Arabia and Venezuela) while investing in manufacturing jobs at home and reducing pollution in our environment. Given the massive tax breaks and federal handouts that oil and ethanol producers get from the government, isn’t this policy just balancing things out in away that benefits both consumers and employees?

  • Wes Tipton

    It isn’t their promotion of the green energy that is troublesome Kevin, it is their work in hindering oil and NG production that is the issue. We need oil to run this nation, and it will be a long while before any affordable ‘alternatives’ are available. Yet knowing this they still try to advance the green while ignoring all of the crude available to us right here at home. Quite a few administrations have cuddled up to OPEC and ignored domestic production that would have us at 2 bucks a gallon, but why is that? Who is really behind this threat?

  • William Hubbell

    Follow the $, Hussein is doing all this to help his puppet master Soros make Billions more by betting against America

  • Kevin Robinson

    But oil prices are falling again, Wes. And NG production is at record levels, with a fall off in supply unlikely for at least several years. It seems to me that if we have the opportunity to cut off the Middle Eastern dictators while keeping our hunting, fishing and camping areas clean (not to mention the air that I breathe) we should take that opportunity. Opposition to wind and solar production in the US defies logic and the basics of economics 101. You can count me as one that is thoroughly behind fostering a robust American energy sector, both in terms of hydrocarbon production and the manufacturing of wind and solar component. Good jobs, clean energy and huge “eff you” to OPEC? Sign me up!

  • Sheryl K. Howieson

    Is it j8ust me or does anyone else wonder what happened to wonderboy hairy reed…?