BOMBSHELL: Proof Obama Born in Kenya?

Drudge is screaming it from the mountain tops!

Breitbart has the story that will likely be the biggest story of the week… if not month, year or or Obama presidency. Read it and weep.

Breitbart News has obtained a promotional booklet produced in 1991 by Barack Obama’s then-literary agency, Acton & Dystel, which touts Obama as “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” 

The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel. 

This is pretty damning of the Obama response to the accusations over the years. There is absolutely no coherent way to explain why a passage like this was printed some 20 years earlier if it were not true. Why in the world would they do that? The only logical reason they did it is that it was true.

Which brings us to today. Why are we being told something now that is so different than what others were told 20 years ago?

Lots of questions here. Lots of inquiring minds.

Go to Breitbart’s website and read the full report.

-Eric Odom

  • Diane Marshack

    If this is true not only does he need to be impeached but we need to bring him up on charges

  • Victoria DeLacy

    To me the biggest scandal is the way that both the Congress and the Supreme Court (who are supposed to compel compliance with the Constitutional parameters for the Presidency in the first place) went completely AWOL in the matter when the evidence has been clearly out there for years. Did they really think IObama’s paternal grandmother – his “Mama Sara” shown speaking about her having been a witness to his birth there in Mombasa Kenya (he “is a child of this village”) in the you tube video Born in Kenya II would have any reason to lie about something like that? Our system of government which is SUPPOSED to function through checks and balances completely failed in this case and that needs to be addressed so that it does not happen again.

  • Paula Jeanne Haagenson

    What a surprise. NOT!

  • Stephanie Barragan Gibbs

    Can he get throw into jail for this? He should.

  • Lyric Gillett

    Been saying this since August of 2008, but no one would listen. The evidence has been readily available.

  • Sal Porcaro

    GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Linda Coudriet Landsman


  • Alison Hess Clayton

    Yes he can Stephanie..

  • Lori Weber Raines

    It all depends on whether people want to wake up and take action.

  • Jamie D. Lowe

    Was Obama lying then or is he lying now?

  • Kathy Jones

    At the min it shows what a big con job he is.

  • Jackie LaCombe Miller

    What are y’all going to do about all everyone does is talk about it I want action

  • Debra Phillips

    praying …..

  • Symmi DeFrancesco

    Well what is anyone waiting for Let’s go.

  • René O’Deay

    This is an indictment of the major media.

  • Shannon Larimore

    No more excuses. No more sealing records to be President.

  • Sue Dyer

    How do we get it all over the airwaves?

  • John Marshall Flora

    He’s illegitimate in so many many ways.

  • Jack Brady

    why is it when you click on this link it won’t load

  • Stephanie Barragan Gibbs

    @Jim Omg then that doesn’t make me a citizen? My dad became a citizen yrs before I was born.

  • Rhonda Pierce

    DUH!!!! Ya Think.:)

  • Dorothy Weckesser Ward

    Well it wont load for me so sad. That’s ok it will just confirm what I been saying all along

  • Andrea Speir Robertson

    It shows he is a big liar no matter ig he was born here or not.

  • Jack Brady

    kinda fishy wouldn’t you say

  • Holly McGinty Kling

    I’ve been saying this for a long time. Sheriff Joe proved his BC was forged. Why have all of Obama’s college records sealed?. Why is he using a dead man’s social security number? This man is a fraud, from his name to his place of birth! Where are all the old girlfriends??? We have the old boyfriends he had sex with, but weren’t there any girls before Michele? This man needs to step down.

  • Ron Casebeer

    …………how soon is the FIRING SQUAD??? :-P

  • Denise Wagner Wendel

    I’m not holding my breath that anything will come of this, even if it’s true.

  • Salman Talpur

    @jim lol alot of the illegal mexicans’ offsprings are eligible to become presidents, because they were born here, obama is just an oreo prick who has done more harm than good, thats a reason enough not to be president

  • John Miller

    His mother was a citizen therefore he is as well no matter the place of his birth. As it stands he was born on US soil with a Us citizen mother. Crappy president yes but still a natural born US citizen, lets move on and stop taking the Kool Aid. We look like a bunch of crazies.

    • Michael Bickerstaff

      @johnmiller Just because his mother is a citizen does not automatically make him one too. That only works if the child is born on American soil. If his mother had him while living in Kenya, he is Kenyan…not American.

    • Gimmie Some Truth

      @johnmiller Here is how it works. You can be born anywhere in the world as long as BOTH your parents are US citizens that makes you a US citizen also with duel citizenship from whatever country you were born in. Here is the issue, Obammys dad is NOT a US citizen. He was born in Kenya. To be president BOTH your parents have to be US, NOT one but both. He lied about his past and covered it all up. Why would he seal his school records? What is he hiding? Oh yeah, his student ID says Foreign Student. The birth certificate, proven to be fake. SSN # stolen, How did someone from Hawaii get a Connecticut SSN #? There’s a lot more then just this.

  • Holly Tipton Roddy

    He should be impeached!!! And because he lied and had knowledge of the conspiracy to falsify his birth certificate he should be in jail! The leader of the free world is a charlatan and a liar! He should be held to the same laws as everyone else!

  • Jack Brady

    ok took a while but finally loaded…so at least two people died trying to get this story out…Breitbart and the coroner who autopsyed him

  • Jack Brady

    ok took a while but finally loaded…so at least two people died trying to get this story out…Breitbart and the coroner who autopsyed him

  • Becky Stewart Vaughn

    Everyone knew all along!! Hillary Clinton had the proof back in 2008!!

  • Peter Fithian

    Won’t matter.

  • Cherrie Seymour

    I doubt anyone has guts to kick him out of office …….and guess who’s gonna take over if that be the case ……gotta vote him out THEN go after him for fraud …if he has no citizenship papers, kick him out of the USA forever

  • Peter Fithian

    The entire system surrounding this fool is corrupt.

  • Steve Waldon

    Typical liberal bum. demo’s have no soul

  • Tim Peck

    In my view, this invalidates all legislation he has signed into law and Joe Biden is the President of the United States.

  • Barbara Hall Davidson

    So, here again, why is no one doing anything about this and all the other facts that have surfaced that points to treason, etc.

    • Matt

      Actually, if Obama is proved illigitimet then anyone aPointed would also fall into that category. Along with any legislation signed into law by him. That being said the next in line for POTUS would be Speaker Boehner. All in all that would never happen though, do you realize how much money would need to be returned to the American People if his legislation was over-turned. It’ll never happen. The only way to get him out is in November.

  • Barbie Ann Burrow

    We’ve all really known something was terribly amiss down in our guts.

  • Caren Kuhn Smith

    He will laugh it off like usual…

  • Lyric Gillett

    @Tim Peck, this would render the entire election, and everything that has ensued, completely invalid, so, by default, John McCain would be president…not that I’d be thrilled about that.

  • Jac Garelli

    It is called a COUP…

  • James Mabry

    Barry Soetoro was plausibly born here, plausibly born there. It’s anybody’s guess. What is for certain? Barry is not now, nor has he ever been, an American in any way we have ever defined the word American.

  • Dave Solomita

    Ah, no shit…

  • Timothy Bailey

    i vant seem to get it to open?

  • Linda Bartholomew Stauffer

    That’s why he wont release his college records. He’s a foreign student!

    • Frank DeVito

      And where the hell is our Congress, Senate, S. Court and especially the Media, etc. The fact that something like this could ever possibly happen in the U.S. shows how corrupt our whole system is.

  • Jim Bless

    shame on you for talking bad about the

  • Jay Gauthreaux

    Will the Republicants finally take the dress off and finally grow a set and do something??!

  • Sandy Loveland

    IMPEACH the SOB!!!! NOW!!!!

  • Becky Stewart Vaughn

    Tim Peck, I agree with you except that Biden is also an Obama pick so he should not be eligible either. President Boehner sounds better to me…just sayin’…

  • Eileen Wright

    well I would think that a booklet could also be forged – so -

  • Diane Weissman

    gee, the emperor has no clothes…surprise! surprise! he doesn’t have a birth certificate either!

  • Sheila Simmons

    “The ‘president’ is unaware…” -Robert Gibbs

  • Doug Baker

    looks like its blocked, google wont open it!

  • Paul Randy Wilkinson

    Although I’m inclined to believe this, I wouldn’t put it past him to claim he was born in Kenya, even if he were born here, just to get whatever benefits come with financial aid to foreign students. In any case, I don’t believe he is elegible & I’m confident many politicians are aware of this but are afraid, for a variety of reasons, to confront the situation. Sad.

  • Melvin Hoskinson

    It was Bush’s fault.

  • Nancy Swafford


  • Sue Christensen

    For certain, he is not of this earth, either.

  • Debbie Hall Perrone

    So, he bamboozled everyone and is continuing to do so. Would he be a criminal and charged if this is true?

  • Corey Amundson

    Sheriff Joe already knows

  • Vannessa Blasingame Burson

    Those who don’t want to know the truth will say “this doesn’t mean anything. Anyone can print anything up. This isn’t real.”

  • Rodonnah Briscoe

    “The Truth will set you free”….SAD, though, a lot of people do not really desire the truth!

  • Apple Tart

    Wow u guys sure r reaching looks like some ppl should get a life LMFAO!

  • Louis Fernandez

    It’s not evidence he was born in Kenya, it’s evidence that he will lie for political expediency. And you say Paul supporters wear tin foil hats?

  • Robin Smith

    Yup and again nobody will do nothing about it.

  • Robert Pilz

    Even if it were true, it gives the other side something to laugh about. As Ricky would say to Lucy, “You have an awful lot of splaining to do!”

  • Patricia J. Starr

    Wherever he was born has almost become irrelevant. He is not an American. Our parents & grandparents wouldn’t recognize him as one.
    Reminds me of Hitler ruling Germany.

  • Chris Schatte

    Birther from the start… and people think I am crazy,,,

  • Barbara Katherine

    So we all need to contact our local representatives and ask what they are doing to investigate this… And also what is the meaning of a “Natrual Born Citizen”……

  • Paige Quintel

    Here are 6 African Newspaper articles calling Obama “Kenyan-Born”

  • Lori Gibson

    Don’t any of you get it? If Obama WAS born in Kenya, he is NOT eligible to be President of the United States & guilty of gross criminal FRAUD ! If Joe Blow did that, he would swiftly be arrested and put in the FEDERAL PENITENTIARY ! WHY is Obama not under FBI investigation for the crime ???

  • Lori Gibson

    Obama s own Grandmother said he was born in Kenya!

  • Bill Bordeaux

    worst case of Gutter Rot I have ever seen

  • http://Breitbart bob

    Breitbart was murdered for the information revealing the truth

  • Rev. Emory R Mrs Thacker

    To Whom it may concern, When America was America, They use to Hang people for Treason. And that goes for anyone who would dare to trample the Constitution in under their feet. and that goes for Harry Reid or Frank and the rest of those people that he has in the White House with Him. And His friend Erick Holder. People have stayed silent to long. that is why we are where we are today, that is why we need to stand like Patrick Henry did when he said give me Liberty or give me death. It is time America becomes America again, One Nation unto GOD. In GOD we stand and without Him we fall. Thank you And GOD Bless America.

  • Dee

    Where he was truly born is important, yes, but that has been fairly successfully falsified. What can’t be denied is the fact that his father was never a US citizen. In order to be a ‘natural born citizen’ and therefore qualified for the office, both parents also have to be US citizens. Why isn’t there more focus on that? And why hasn’t action been taken accordingly?

  • Helen Jones

    Much as I dislike mr obama, why hasn’t anyone done anything about this issue?

  • Wombat2

    I am a US Citizen and the arduious trail of investigation; searching and looking under my bed and those of my family all the way back to Ireland and Australia was an eyeopening; througher search, which obviousily, this rat did not have to go through or he would be on a banana boat as a deck hand, not the commander in Chief of the new declining, greatest Country of all time, because of his insolence and incompetency.

    Christ help America?

  • Tom

    So now that this information has been brought to our attention recently, when should we expect something to be done about it?

  • M

    The amount of tin foil on this site is laughable. And for the boy who said Dems have no soul, I guess people calling for hanging Obama shows a lot of soul. Scary, crazy, people. And, Breitbart was an old alcoholic who pissed away his health. That’s how he died. A drunk.