Ann Romney Compared to Hitler, Stalin by… Newsweek Editor

Now that’s good old fashioned MSNBC and Newsweek journalism for ya.

“I found that phrase, the “crown of motherhood,” really kind of creepy,” she said, “not just because of its, like, somewhat you know — it’s kind of usually authoritarian societies that give out The Cross of Motherhood, awards for big families, Stalin did it, Hitler did it.”

Here goes…

-Eric Odom

  • Tom W

    What the “h-e-double hockey sticks” did that woman say, anyways????

  • Anneka Newman

    I got her email and I thought it was a very sweetly written email. These crazies need to stop demonizing people for being genuine.

  • Bryan Jensen

    At least she wasn’t racist.

  • Alexandra Dingleaberry

    Do what? They have to be joking. Yet again they try to take the eyes off them. Couple of days ago it was holder and goons going against the sheriff. Now its taking the eyes off Obama being a communist. Morons and what is sad is there are people out there who will fail for this crap.

  • Bryan Jensen

    Gee, and didn’t Obama call his campaign slogan “FORWARD” which was used by someone else that was a socialist?

  • Tim Morris

    who is MSNBC? oh that rat,s ass tv station

  • Phil Folkman

    They should ship her off to the Middle East with the rest of her gang!!

  • Brenda Cibelli

    boycott Newsweek

  • Tami McDonald

    BEYOND disgusting! But only Fox News has a bias in its reporting. MSNBC is as neutral and fair as they come. *eye roll*

  • Joey Owen

    Those words are being spoken by someone and those who are the hitlers and stalins of today. They are simply trying to take our focus off what the hitlers and stalins are doing to us. DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. THEY ARE LIARS AND HATE MONGERS AND ANTI AMERICANS. MOVE FORWARD PATRIOTS AND LET’S TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL THOSE WHO STILL LOVE HER. IN GOD WE WILL ALWAYS TRUST!

  • Jim Cottrell

    Can this broad be any MORE stupid!!! Talk about ignorant!

  • Angela Mendonca-Burch

    LOL, well you do need to realize that “title” for one of the women was author of “the vagina monologues” I think that says enough. Didn’t read the others title but I like my vagina silent thank you.

  • ReGina Newberry

    You kow I don’t think anyone is really paying attention to all the slanderous vile crap coming from these Libtards anymore…most everyone I know just shuts it out or doesn’t even hear it anymore…I believe these nuts are preaching to a pretty empty church…

  • Jay Nutt

    While it was a horrible thing to do… I’d be a lot more upset if people actually read Newsweek or watched MSNBC…

  • Terri Molnar

    What a twit… And she gets airtime?

  • Robert Warnecke

    Im never surprised at the lows the vile lefties will stoop to.

  • Mitch Cole

    Lucky, NO ONE watches MSNBC.

  • Brian Fahrlander

    It’s a shame people don’t recall more about Hitler. Show me the fixed election that brings him to power…the impoverished people he solved to cement their love for him, as he attacked a neighbor?

  • Brian Fahrlander

    Seriously; if you have no sense of history, don’t try. Go back to the blog, where only your friends scan your works.

  • Angela Constantino

    Most dumb reporters do not do their job well! Reporters do minimal research and believe whatever they are told.

  • Robert Stevenson

    Thats called “Projection”….Nobody in the USA is more like Stalin & Hitler than Obama. He draws from their playbook every step of the way…Even his “Forward” was taken straight from the communists!

  • Mic Kilroy

    What a shocker…or not.
    It’s this kind of radical leftist stumping that had Jewsweek in a sea of red ink and sold for a buck + debt-absorbtion to a new sucker.
    I don’t like the Romneys, I think they are fake, Rockefeller Republican neocon-artists, but this kind of cheap, patently partisan jingoism palmed off as news/op-ed is overplaying their hand once again.

  • Ralph L Angelo Jr.

    There are words for this. “Hypocracy” is the first one that comes to mind. Thsi is obviously written by a boot licking liberal.

  • Ron Fitzgerald


  • Chad Miller

    These things that are nothing more than ‘Progressives” lurking under the Democrats banner, are Traitors to their own Nation & we the American people! The same can be said as well for their complicit Stormtroopers in the liberal media! Traitors ALL of them! No other Country in the world has leadership so dedicated to eroding their own sovereignty as we seem to have! So dedicated to subverting its own laws, wrecking its own economy & defense with such brazen impunity, putting the safety of every American at high risk as these treasonous degenerates we have now infiltrated throughout our institutions of Government are doing! Polluting our Justice Department, our Military, & our Homeland Security! Allowing & placing sworn enemies into critical sensitive positions of political influence, dictating policies to our own FBI & other intelligence agencies for God sakes! Political correctness was a deliberate evil designed & implemented by Progressives to ensure the turmoil & conflict we’re facing now! To make possible the infiltration of this enemy Muslim Insurgent presently occupying our White House! It has become a pervasive cancer completely saturating our body politics & social discourse, wiping out common sense as it has advanced! The ridiculous credibility given now to such abstract lunatics is sickening! That these unhinged extremists are even tolerated to commit such blatant Treason should be an obvious indicator at just how much we’ve been compromised! These dispicable individuals MUST be recognized as the enemies of the State that they ARE & dealt with accordingly for the sake of our Nations continued security, prosperity, & survival! They MUST be destroyed lest they destroy ALL of us!

  • Doug Perry

    Obama and his Communist entourage is the ones that most emulate and resemble Mao, Stalin, Polpott,Chavez,Hitler,Castro and the Islamic Mullah’s and every other Tin horn despot in history the “Boy King wannabe” who wants to RULE from day one when the office of the President isn’t supposed to be RULE but instead is supposed to be honored “SERVICE” to the people. These Democrat Communist’s know NOTHING of Service only enslavement.

  • Alice Lyons

    This is a new low and I will never read Newsweek and hope fellow conservatives won’t either. We must take a stand!

  • Linda Woodham Witt

    Like someone said…I’d be a lot more upset if anyone actually read Newsweek or listened to MSNBC. Sad!

  • Theodore Coords

    Do not ever buy newsweek its an obvious rag that doesnt care about truth. Liberal trash. And I suppose the Fascist first lady is compared to Mother Theresa.

  • Sherry Taylor Schlereth

    This is disgraceful. And, it will turn on them.

  • Frank Danforth

    Thats what you get for reading such trash and listening to NBC…people that read and listen to that crap aren’t worth the air they breath

  • Lisa Mason Thelen

    I guess this is what we refer to as… “responsible journalism”?

  • Lisa Mason Thelen

    I guess this is what we refer to as… “responsible journalism”?

  • Susan Littlefield

    Oh great,,, Owebama can use a communist slogan a d no one says a word ,, but someone else gets hammered for nothing ,, I am so tired of this,, we have so many real problems and this is what so called journalist, are reporting on ,, how desperate are they,, Get a grip and actually see what Owebama is doing ,, before we are over the cliff and can never climb out again.

  • emsaravia

    Are those ranting rats journalist? Is she a graduate of the Jesse Jackson mumblers academy?.

  • emsaravia


  • Eddie Pickard

    They spelled the name wrong. It’s spelled B.A.R.A.C.K. O.B.A.M.A.