Anderson Cooper Refuses to Let Obama Mouthpiece Off Hook Re: Bain Attacks

Last week we posted a video showing Ben LaBolt, campaign spokesman for the Obama camp, getting blasted with facts and details on Obama’s attacks on Bain Capital. LaBolt was back on CNN this week and the resulting interview was even uglier.

The core of the clip narrative surrounds the fact that Obama attacks Bain Capital while accepting big money from private equity firms that operate exactly the same way.

-Eric Odom

  • Donnie Burwell

    Dude can’t answer a question!

  • Andreas Shizas

    Who are the “WE” people that looked at the books?

  • John Klemm Jr.

    Dude is a moron.

  • Richard Scott

    Finally an example of mainstream media getting their head out of their ass.

  • Bruce Tibbetts

    Ok,, but what the hell is Cooper up to?? He suddenly realise he is supposed to be UNBIASED??? I mean?? WTH?

  • Kathleen Coad O’Brien

    CNN at 15 year low in ratings…that’s what’s going on.

  • Paul B. Smith

    All this jerk could do, like all the other zombies is spew talking points. He could not or would not answer the questions. I’m also wondering if Anderson stopped drinking the cool aid. hmmm

  • Brandon Soileau

    That snake didn’t answer a single question

  • Dominic Jarozynski

    they have to start getting on with the wasted taxpayer loans to these solar companies that went belly up….all due to obama’s energy plans, and this guy in the video…..didn’t answer a damn thing cause he knew cooper was right on, but that only makes him look foolish by trying to stay on his talking points

  • Timothy M Stahl

    He didn’t answer a question but he spoke his drivel for 10 minutes on air. And Anderson didn’t cut him off or make him answer, he wouldn’t even talk over him….weak. I would not call that a “reform” of mainscream media.

  • Gail Spencer

    Never did answer the questions

  • Danny Helms

    Obama’s people can say what they want, but they ARE NOT pro business! I’m a business owner and I have lost employees over the last 3 years and have no intention of hiring them back until he is gone. He is killing American jobs, but then again, the people who support him could care less about a job. Obama has to go or America doesn’t have a chance!

  • Dominic Cadena

    2 libs talkin = dead air

  • Greg Malone

    This Obamaite is so far under the spell that you could tell him BAMBAM says the sky is green and he will SPEW it MORON ASSHATS

  • Corey Amundson

    Wow, when did AC grow a set?

  • Ray Williams

    Another left wing dweeb that has never worked a day in his life

  • Danny Helms

    He says that Romney hasn’t created as many jobs as he’s claiming, but how many jobs has Obama created? O!!!

  • Danny Helms

    When you are on tv and you refuse to answer a question, you are basically saying that it’s true! If it wasn’t true, you would have a clear answer to the question. He was just trying to keep his lies in order!

  • Bob Hunt

    An example of what is wrong with politics and people in general. When the goal is to win, never concede anything.
    When our politicians actually speak for their constituents, they will need to admit pros and cons of about all things. NOT something the teach in debate class, or political science communication arts.

  • Jay Ryan Prejean

    for a second there I thought I was in a different country, its refreshing to see journalism in its true form. I would have taken a shot at him for praiseing that GM is back and better than ever, hmmm last I checked no Pontiac,Oldsmobile,Saturn all shutdown. If a company downsizes, it usually me means JOBS HAVE BEEN LOST, HELLO!

  • Sherry Taylor Schlereth

    Good heavens! Is Anderson Cooper awakening from the drugged sleep the media has been in for the last four years?

  • Melvin Hoskinson

    Why do they always give an essay answer to a yes or no question? Skating around answering the question is not the way one is supposed to respond; but they do it so well.

  • Lynn Yohana Howard

    Gaining new respect for him.never liked him but wrote him to let him know I liked his interview with the pansy, and he wrote NE back and said thank you for the complement AND bitchslap… I think we will see more of this from him.

  • Glen J. Valiquette

    That guy is a fucking moron.

  • Thomas Faeth

    LaBolt is an idiot taught by the Obama machine to ignore the facts and only bolster the Obama rhetoric.

  • Mitch Cole

    Comical. Go Obama and his minions are claiming He restored GM to #1 on the Globe? Sorry, GM is not #1, nor #2. That would be Toyota and VW. So it looks like the billions lost on GM trying to shore up their position failed.

  • Holly Stowe

    I love how the Obama campaign keeps touting (their miserable) job growth numbers as a supposed positive when they not only don’t account for enough jobs for those who lost theirs, but don’t even allow for employment of all those first entering the job market to begin with! it is NEGATIVE job growth no matter how you look at it. And his campaign keeps touting the auto industry bailout. That’s a huge FAIL for Obama and a lie as well. Neither GM nor Chrysler were going to go bankrupt as in “close down”. They were going to reorganize their debt and emerge from bankruptcy. All Obama did was buy them out of doing so. Neither auto company will ever repay their debt of the bailout to the taxpayers…and all because of poor oversight and decisions by Obama. The banks, especially small banks wish they could have gotten the same deal! Just another case of Obama picking winners and losers in our economy. That shouldn’t happen in a land of (supposed) equality. Oh…and GM is number one in the world again BECAUSE they were able to capitalize on the troubles that Toyota faced.

  • Adriana Zottich MacMaster

    The pot calling the kettle…

  • EJ Reynolds

    Anderson Cooper was a little to polite wth the Obama mouthpiece. He never answered Cooper, CNN just gave him air time to spew his verbal onsided garbage. Liberals will change the subject everytime to avoid any comparison to Obama and his failed, failed record. American knows!!! OUr strength is in our November ballot.

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    liberals/democrats/secular progressives KNOW that their agenda is AWFUL, so they do everything they can to distract rather than simply ANSWER a simple question!

  • Tobin Holden

    Dear Democratic strategists: Please keep Ben LeBolt far from any recording device. The kid ain’t doin’ you any favors.