Amazing. Obama Apparently Not Responsible for Anything!

A video clip is floating around Twitter of part of Obama’s recent stump in Seattle. In the clip we hear Obama say people are frustrated with the job situation, the terrible scene in Washington and the fact that our economy is in the dumps. Obama is saying all of this as a President who has had a full term and actually made it all worse. No mention of his role, no mention of his mistakes. No mention of himself at all.

This is kind of like approaching a bank and seeing a bank robber come out the front door holding bags of money and saying “I don’t know what happened but they no longer have any money inside there.” In other words, we know what happened and Obama pretends like it never did. Even though it’s all right before our eyes.

-Eric Odom

  • Benjamin McKay

    Because they are sheep. They are the reason the elites are still in control. Too bad they aren’t capable of looking at themselves.

  • Cheryl Lyn Martiner

    YES they do!!! It’s pathetic!!

  • Mike Sutton

    Sheep is correct…

  • Laura Wilde Harrow

    Oh, he’s responsible alright! And we’ll just have to drive that point home in November!

  • Tim Martin

    Mr. Obama, ..let”s be clear here. . .WE are frustrated with Washington because YOU haven’t fixed anything!! Nobody got those jobs that were “created” because you created them for your friends, and NONE of them were permanent anyway. We are in immensely WORSE shape now than when you took office, and that is YOUR fault, NOT Bush’s.!

  • Rama Sikka

    just coz he is “black”

  • Kyle C. Picard

    Oh yeah, and a bunch of people commenting on your status updates, agreeing with eachother and hating on liberals, that’s not sheep-like behavior AT ALL. Give me a break, you’re all hipocrites.

  • Kathy Jones

    Obama illegal welfare aunt just put a book out about how terrible her welfare life is. And no I am not making this up

  • Kathy Jones

    No Rama he is black white and Irish. funny thing is Bobby Rush ran against Obama on the base he was not black enough and won.

  • Christine Totten-Dunn

    More like Obama takes No Responsibility for anything!!

  • Charles Hamerle

    Well, what is he supposed to say: “I failed you, the American people, because I can’t lead.”? That would be speaking the truth, something he can’t do unless it’s politically expedient.

  • Kristin Beaver

    Obama/Biden 2012!!!

    • Robalou01

      Romney’s secret weapon==Joe Biteme

  • Kathy Jones

    And the book also broke today where Clinton a year ago made the statement Obama is incompetent. Lol

  • Steven Nickell

    I guess the last 3 plus years of out of control spending, jobs going over sea’s, corruption in government and sky high gas prices are all George W. Bush’s fault still. I guess he was a truly great and powerful president if his actions are so far reaching that they extend this far beyond his terms. Maybe obama should pack it up and go back to Kenya because it looks like he’s going to be powerless if he’s reelected. BYE BYE Bro.

  • Kathy Jones

    Lol Kristin only two people want Obama, the ones with no grey matter between their ears, and welfare kings and queens. Which one are you?

  • Charlotte Davenport Oliver

    sheep being led to the slaughter.

  • Liz Gordy

    He IS right about one thing: “that jobs report doesn’t mean much”.

  • Michael Champion

    At some point he cannot blame Bush and take “credit” for his actions (or lack thereof)

  • Linda Woodham Witt

    Same old, same old…..blame anybody but me!!! I’m the savior….spotless and blameless…..and full of lies and deceit.

  • Thomas Parsons

    If Obama is not responsible for anything..someone please tell me whose the daddy to Michelles girls ..we know it is not him he is gay!

  • Kristin Beaver

    Well Kathy how can you be so childish yet know so much….frankly if you must know I’m educated with a masters degree and a great job that Obama helped create, so since I really don’t care about your opinion you can choose. Have a great day!

    • Pam Kuhn

      So, Kristin, what job is it that you have and 0bama created? Since we don’t know anything, this is your opportunity to enlighten all of us to his great accomplishments.

  • Aaron Berry

    @Kristin – Obama DID NOT create that job. The company you work for, created that job. Time for you to stop drinking the Liberal Kool-aid.

  • Aaron Berry

    @Kathy – She’s the one with gray matter between her ears.

  • Kathy Jones

    So I see Aaron, I figured it had to be one of the two.

  • Kyle C. Picard

    @ berry she didn’t say he created her job, she said he helped. Learn to read!

  • Aaron Berry

    @Picard – He didn’t help either, duuuuhhh!

  • Virginia Alcaraz

    Obama voters are so into themselves that they could not see an elephant in their bathrooms.

  • Katie Rodgers

    Four years of Blame is long enough—time to get someone who will do the job

  • Kyle C. Picard

    @aaron you don’t know that and you can’t claim you do.

  • Jennifer Brown Zapata

    He seems not to have slept much.

  • Susan Hutchinson

    ObaMEo was never qualified to do this job. NO educational experience(show me the transcripts) or OJT(a senator running only on “present”is not enough)! All running candidates for Potus know what they R getting into election year. He is NOT about fixing America. If he gets voted in American people R studpid=1/2 them R already. But we know Spain will count the votes so American is pretty well doomed b/c Spain gave $$$$ to ObaMEo campiagn.

  • Apple Tart

    Wow I am sick of people putting down Obama the gave Ronald rest in peace and both Georges all those years to
    F–k everything up now they Obama to fix it up n 4 yrs it took more then 4 to mess it up give him a chance and it has nothing to do with race I don’t care if he was rainbow colored he would still need more then 4 yrs to clean up what has been messed up most ppl r just angry that a black man is pres u ppl need to move off of Petty Blvd and get a life

  • Raymond Lussier

    I agree. He sure is one irresponsible MF.

  • Cynthia McBride

    Yep. SHEEP!

  • Mike King

    More racial coddling

  • Geoff Parmenter

    Apple…2 wrongs don’t make a right and Obama has only made it worse and spent more than all of the presidents combined. As for the color of his skin…get over it and give it up already. You know darn well that is not true. Check out Allen West from Florida. I would endorse that black man as the next president in a heart beat.