Newest Obama Appointee Calls for Invasion of Israel

Earlier today we published a gut-gripping post about Samantha Power, Obama’s pick to Chair the new Atrocities Prevention Board. One of the freakiest parts of the post is the part about Power being in favor of an invasion of Israel to attain peace.

Power has, in the past, called for the US to force a “peace settlement” by invading Israel.

Find that hard to believe? Here’s video evidence. It’s as real as it gets.

-Eric Odom

  • Steve Johnson

    Just goes to show that Obama is a Muslim at heart and a commie

  • Kathy Jones

    genocide Chick that was her AKA. Saw some of her college stuff she is way way radical.

  • Jason Debney

    not surprising

  • Tobin Michel


  • John Houpt

    how many more days before we can remove Obummer and all his commie socialist cronys from power????

  • Bryan Preston

    That hoe bag better shut her stupid mouth. She’s a true fool……

  • Kathy Jones

    that’s one thing about Obama you can spend a lot of time trying to figure out about his back ground but it’s the people he surrounds himself with that’s the trip. look at Valarie Jarrett and her father in law. it all ties in

  • Geneal Barger

    Is all of Obama appointees as evil as he is? God have mercy on us.

  • Keith McPhee

    The woman should never be allowed to Chair the new Atrocities Prevention Board she is the enemy of the United States as well as Isreal

  • Cj Williams

    Did I hear right were not a democracy but a liberal Democracy? She is insane

  • Andrew Taylor

    Trying to figure out if I’m asleep or awake. Because this seams to stupid to be a reality.

  • John C Dewhirst

    O.K. I’m no liberal by far. But did any of you even listen to what was said?
    You DO have to be serious with these people whether it be Isreal or Palestine. but our country has never been equal or fair when it comes to these matters, Its whoever pays/Donates/Funds the most.

  • Thomas X Sayles

    This lunatic from wherever she comes from needs to go back and soon. Her comparisons to Rwanda in regards to Israel is an affront to anyone who can think rationally. I don’t see Israel calling for the destruction of its neighbors nor do I see them waging a war of aggression. Should Israel be invaded I will support them not the aggressors and that includes this Muslim some call the president.

  • Kathy Jones

    valarie Jarrett father in law was claimed communist and wrote several pieces on communism. Obama mentor Frank hooked up with Obama in Hawaii when he was about 10. frank later worked with jarrett father in law at which time she was also working with them in Chicago. Obama then began working with them at which time he meet a Michelle Robinson.

  • Rich Kolasa

    No, jackazz, WE support the country that isn’t full of terrorists. Maybe your puny brain can comprehend that Israel wants PEACE, Palestinians want WAR. Christ, morons pizz me off.

  • Kathy Jones

    Like I said start with who he surrounds himself with and work out to he is the closes to.

  • Jason Wojnar

    please explain the diferance? in big bird words!!! also, what the fuck does an atrocity advisorry board do? why do we have one? would that fall under the state dept (foriegn desk)? also why does she do her so called job and advice the president of his presidency?

  • Jack Fossilfetcher

    The we actually PAY this woman a salary to advise us on ANYTHING is shocking. Every friend of Isreael should be up in arms over Obama’s latest attempt to strengthen his Muslim Brotherhood.

  • James Harpe

    Chills yes!!!!! That person is INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave Johnson

    Just being a simple man, I do remember that Arafat was offered Palestine on a silver platter, and he rejected it. THEY DON’T WANT PEACE!! WHAT THEY WANT IS ISRAEL DEAD AND BURIED!! Israel bends over backwards to try and make peace, to have to dodge mortars and rockets from it’s neighbors. I say turn Israel loose on the whole region, and back EVERY PLAY!!! However, “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

  • Penny Melton

    Another of BHO’s high paid CZAR’s who will further his desire to kill Israel and the USA>

  • Don Reid

    Hang the broad

  • Evaan Arrnold

    for those who say “Israel is our only friend in the middle east”.. Remember those days before Israel we had no enemies in the middle east? We shouldn’t be supporting a genocidal murderous state, but invading them isn’t the answer either

  • Sandy Wooldridge Beaver

    well she is about stupid.

  • Casey Jones

    I didn’t hear her say anything about invading Israel. She said support Palestine and insert a significant military presence to keep peace. Either way, she’s absolutely flawed in her line of thinking because we should not be intervening with our military anywhere that does not present a direct threat to our security or sovereignty. I’m sure, the Israel firsters will eat this up though.

  • Jack Fossilfetcher

    Evaan, sorry to shake your tree but Christians have been battling Muslims since the Crusades. It didn’t begin with the creation an Israeli Nation.

  • T.j. Moore

    Isn’t she married to Cass Sunstein? He is probably obummer’s most destructive czar.

  • Ivy Benoit

    No great nation that has turned its back on Israel is a great nation today. Not knowing history is just another weakness of this administration … also installing anti Americans in positions of influence is the norm!

  • Debbie Hall Perrone

    “Funny” how she tries to hold back her crack of a smile whenever she is talking of things NOT favorable to Israel and the Jews. Totally in support of Palestinians, where did he find this broad?

  • Dominic Jarozynski

    this is totally SICK, Please all….get out, get your friends out to vote this guy OUT, we will need every single vote to get Obama OUT

  • Rob Hazelwood

    no there’s no pattern to every new tzar that cant look up, or very little at the person asking the questions. the russian anthem must have been playing over and over in her head, singing sweet songs of masicism

  • Harold Bramlett

    If Obama invasion Isreal God will deal with Obama.

  • Karen Honeck Garrett

    He who curses Israel is cursed. Go God!!!!! Have at him!

  • Ray Mundo

    Incredible. What is he up to? What’s his agenda ?

  • Mary Carlisle

    Invasion of Israel! Israel is not the problem!

  • Eric Robinson

    I think if Obama ordered such an action, the military would take down his administration.

  • Richard Lowe


  • Marjorie

    What an idiot. ” liberal democracy” no dumb A#$ we are not a democracy we are a CONSTITUTIONAL REBUBLIC