John Edwards Now Less Popular Than Iran

John Edwards on the TV show '.

John Edwards on the TV show '. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Finally, pollsters have found something even less popular amongst Americans than Iran!

Last year, Gallup found that only ten percent of Americans have a favorable opinion of Iran — hardly surprising, given that its leaders are lunatic fanatics who daydream about a second Holocaust.

But the guy who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife, betrayed his entire campaign apparatus, and lied to the country can’t even beat that:

John Edwards’s favorability rating stands at a dismal 3 percent, according to a new poll released as the criminal trial of the former presidential candidate is set to begin on Monday.

Edwards — whose reputation was damaged after it was revealed that he had cheated on his wife Elizabeth Edwards (she eventually died after battling cancer) — has been charged with misusing campaign funds, and his trial is set to kick off in Greensboro, N.C., on Monday.

The rise and fall of John Edwards has been remarkable to witness. After completing some of his first term in the Senate, he ran for president, finished respectably, and became the Democrats’ vice-presidential nominee in 2004. He ran again in 2008 against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Not long after a disappointing second-place finish in Iowa in 2008, however, Edwards dropped out of the race — after which it was revealed by the National Enquirer that he’d been cheating on his cancer-stricken wife with a campaign worker named Rielle Hunter. His attempts to control the damage backfired, as he tried to explain his behavior by noting that his wife was in remission during the time he cheated — yeah, really.

Edwards now is on trial for diverting campaign funds to cover up the affair. The jury will have to make their own decision, but the court of public opinion has already hanged him.

-Alex Knepper

  • Debbie Metts

    At least Iran has some Biblical history!

  • Michelle Bennett

    No one likes a cheating scumbag.

  • Ricky Strickland

    Edwards is a typica democrat, he uses others to get what he wants in life. He wanted a faithful friend to take the wrap for his infidelity knowing it would distroy his family. Stealing is no big thing with Edwards, hes been practicing it professionallly for decades.

  • Ann Pettry Calabria

    He could not have been worse than the one we got!

  • Jon Clark

    His lying ass is going to be very sore once he gets to prison!