Dem Rep Claims Tea Party Cursed and Spit at Her, Says Movement is Crazy

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (NY – 11) recently participated in a Democrat candidate forum sponsored by “Prospect Heights Democrats for Reform” in her district in New York. During her speech she decided to make some pretty wild accusations about tea party voters, saying they were cursing and spitting at a rally to oppose Obamacare.

No word from Clarke regarding calls for murder at Occupy events.

-Eric Odom

  • Rod Robbins

    we all know thats another lie, we just want her to live the country…..thats all.

  • Cory Burroughs

    the Dems are going to try to make as many accusations as possible …

  • Bert Nichols

    Her boss gets away with the blatant lies, she figures she can too.

  • Linda Hill Hibdon

    LOL same thing that dumbass Emmanuel Cleaver said in the walk across during the healthcare debate. $100,000 reward for ANY pictorial proof….2 yrs later…still nothing…desperation makes this dumbasses flat out lie!!!!

  • Kris Erickson

    you destroy our country-steal millions w/ insider trading and piss and moan about a drop of saliva? you’re lucky you didn’t get ‘what you deserve’-communist whore

  • Elaine Gandy

    where’s the proof? they already played that game and got caught lying..they never learn.

  • Carol Modrow

    Do you honestly expect them to tell the truth. If their mouths are moving, they are lying

  • Joan A. Mills-Lawlor

    Probably OWS in disguise.

  • Chuck Boynton

    No, that was not the TEA party. That was ME!!!

  • Grant Hackethorn

    They should know by now, if it’s not on video it didn’t happen. It’s the rules they created, we just turned the tables on it. Where are these pic’s of all of these people harassing her outside her office?

    She should also read a little philosophy. Our civil society is not based upon (paraphrase) “Taking from some so we can give to others”. Notice the use of the word we, by that she really means her and government – I didn’t get to choose who I charitably give my money to when it is taxed and redistributed by her.

  • Sandy S Wirth

    NOT THE TEA PARTY> These dems will try anything to dispute any good the tea partiers have done for us.

  • Keith McPhee

    She’s lying!!!!!!!

  • Barbara Hall Davidson

    Did she actually say some people seem to get upset when you take from them and give it to someone else?? She was hard to understand with all the “er’s”, “uh’s” and “duh’s”.

  • Paul Tarsus

    Someone had offered a substantial amount of money, can’t remember how much ($10k or $100k) for any proof that the T.E.A. Party spit, cursed, cajoled…

    …no one came forward (even with all of the cell phone cameras/recorders, etc.).

  • Paul Tarsus

    Anyone who could stand there with a straight face and say things like “…you must sign it to find out whats in it…”, is so out of touch with reality that in another era, they would’ve been sent to a nut house…

  • Marie Wagenaar

    By God that’s where she belongs

  • Kevin Shipley

    Remember we have thousands of hours of film and pictures and police reports that tell us about the rapes, murders, sex crimes, vandalism, crapping in the stree, bankrupting small businesses, etc. that the occupy losers do. Has anyone EVER seen a single one of these things at a tea party event?

  • Doc Usmc

    Iam so SIc of these. Dems

  • Roseanne Osby

    careful doc if you are still in the military. you could get dishonorably discharged. they rather go after us then the real law breakers

  • Marge Wall

    Yvette Clarke cannot be accused of having any “Class”…….
    “Twitter Trackbacks for Its nice to see while Breitbart’s corpse is …
    Its nice to see while Breitbart’s corpse is rotting his legacy of hate and racism lives on. …”!/jasonhartsoe

    “Dem Rep Smears ‘Threatening’ Tea Party As ‘Racist – Breitbart TV – Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, attacks the Republicans and the Tea Party at candidate forum… ” SEE:…5298-427A..

    Yvette standing up against hate and bigotry???????? Excuse me, I am beginning to feel sick…….. – We hope others will follow your leadership and stand up against anti-Muslim rhetoric, hate and bigotry. Andre Carson, IN; Yvette Clarke, NY; Hansen Clarke, MI …

  • Susystin

    Before seeing a picture of her I knew. Big mouths. If they would spend more time working than spouting off their mouths, they might get more respect. What liars.
    I no of no tea party member that would do that. And, if someone at a tea party event did something like this, it was no tea party member, it was a plant. Again, what liars the progressives are.