BOMBSHELL VIDEO: Man Offered Eric Holder’s Voter Ballot… NO ID Required!

Sorry for posting this a day late. I’ve had the flu/strep so I’ve been a little out of the loop. Anyway, this video is definitely better late than never if you haven’t already seen it.

The video comes via James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. In the video we see a man walk into a D.C. poll location, ask if they have a ballot for “Eric Holder,” then be offered said ballot with no ID or need to prove the man is indeed Eric Holder.

Yes, you need ID to enter the Department of Justice, just not to vote for the individual who appoints the leader of the Department of Justice.

Ultimate irony.

-Eric Odom

  • Sandra Hunley Marshall

    Shared it last night. If only people would watch it and realize what is going on. GET THE HEADS OUT OF THE SAND! WAKE UP!!!

  • John Kerner

    I’m afraid obama will win by fraud! If not by the vote, then by the vote counting!

  • Kathy B Yost

    I shared too Sandra Hunley Marshall, but liberal dims will NOT watch it.

  • Bonita L. Roberts

    Okay, yep there is NO problem with voter fraud. Gee why should anyone have to present an I.D.? Duh.

  • Terri McDaniel

    No, our God will get him out of there Im praying and pushing everybody to get out and vote this time for a change and quit being sooo dang lazy and then have the nerve to gripe. pittiful and shameful not to vote AND THEN VOICE THEIR ROTTEN OPINIONS annoys me badly..

  • Ernest A. Landry


  • Bill Butler

    This should go viral!

  • James Savik

    this should illustrate exactly why voter ID is absolutely necessary.

  • Ivy Benoit

    Wait until November if you want to see voter fraud !

  • David Ward

    Need an ID for everything…except for voting what will determine the destiny of our country.

  • Mark Todd

    a total disgrace….everyday I am shocked at this kind of thing that as a kid I could never have believed would happen in my country…

  • Stephen Griffard

    assume this is a lie like everything O’Keefe produces