Allen West Blasts Obama for Using Tax Policy as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Allen West is one of the best in the business when it comes to telling it like it is, regardless of how brutal it might sound. In this instance, West goes after Obama’s tax policy, suggesting Obama uses it as a weapon in a war against the success of the American people.

Nail on the head, Congressman.

-Eric Odom

Via Fox Nation

  • Alan Paris


  • Alan Paris

    if not VP… SEC of STATE

  • Nancy Kellerstrass

    He’s still awesome!!!

  • Don Arnold

    CAN WE DRAFT HIM FOR PRES..dont like rommeny

  • Tondi Lewellyn Franklin


  • Tim Tyler

    yeah, for all of the people out there who scream that we are racists because we don’t like Obama….well, here’s a great American, Allen West, and hes’s a BLACK man!!! Doesn’t matter the color….just need some common sense…

  • Lisa Malon Spangenberg

    Keep blowing that trumpet!

  • Chad Lemay

    Its too damn bad that a guy of this caliber, a true leader, ends up throwing himself on a “political grenade” everytime he opens his mouth due to the climate in this country right now. Meaning, in the eyes of the simpletons that are voting these days, he can’t say anything right. If he’s for cutting taxes and reducing spending, he’s “starving babies in the womb”… Sarcasm obviously..but not by much. The libs make him out to be a demon, and the obama zombies buy it hook line and sinker. At least West is brave enough to say what needs to be said…just too bad he’ll pay a political price for it….

  • Danny Helms

    I would have rather had just about any of the other candidates other than Romney, but again, money won! I wont do it willingly, but I’ll vote for Romney and hope that he doesn’t screw this country up more than it already is. The only alternative is Obama and we all know how that ends!

  • Chuck Griffiths

    West is a joke. Chases cameras when he’s elected to legislate.

  • Lynn Swartzell Matheson

    Again, thank you Allen West for speaking up!!

  • Lori Howerton

    Agreed. Moral fiber of this caliber is so refreshing.

  • Sheryl S. Swan

    I agree…

  • Timothy Jones

    West voted for NDAA. That speaks a lot louder to me that any of his pandering soundbites.

  • Jerry Ford

    RON PAUL + ALLEN WEST . . . . get er done

  • Kathy Halpin Evans

    ALLEN WEST for VP in 2012 and then on to President!

  • John Tardif

    I wish Col. Allen West would run for President !!

  • http://AllenWest Emily

    Allen West would Make a Fantastic President.