Taxpayer Funded Abortion in ObamaCare

A new Health and Human Services rule allows for one dollar abortions via state health care exchanges—which will be funded by taxpayers.  In a move that the Independent Sentinel describes as an “accounting trick”, the Hyde Amendment, which blocks direct taxpayer funding of abortions, will be bypassed.

The accounting maneuver was ostensibly added by pro-life U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) who is now retiring due to, it is believed, his role in the debacle.

As a result, nothing will stand in the way of government administered health plans covering elective abortions.

Within the individual mandate, in the health care law, is an abortion premium mandate that requires anyone enrolled in insurance plans that include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate premium to fund abortion.  What this means is that the choice, for pro-life individuals, may lie between a choice of conscience or a plan that may fall short of meeting their health needs.

According to Life News:

As a knowledgeable pro-life source on Capitol Hill informed LifeNews, as authorized by Obamacare, “the final rule provides for taxpayer funding of insurance coverage that includes elective abortion” and the change to longstanding law prohibiting virtually all direct taxpayer funding of abortions (the Hyde Amendment) is accomplished through an accounting arrangement described in the Affordable Care Act and reiterated in the final rule issued today.

“To comply with the accounting requirement, plans will collect a $1 abortion surcharge from each premium payer,” the pro-life source informed LifeNews. “The enrollee will make two payments, $1 per month for abortion and another payment for the rest of the services covered. As described in the rule, the surcharge can only be disclosed to the enrollee at the time of enrollment.  Furthermore, insurance plans may only advertise the total cost of the premiums without disclosing that enrollees will be charged a $1 per month fee to pay directly subsidize abortions.”

Per their source, Life News reports that though the final HHS rule includes mention of abortion coverage in multi-state plans, administered by the Federal Government’s Office of Personal Management (OPM), it does not allay concerns regarding the coverage of abortion:

 “There is nothing in the Affordable Care Act to prevent some OPM (government administered) plans from covering elective abortion, and questions remain about whether OPM multi-state plans will include elective abortion,” the pro-life source said. “If such plans do include abortion, there are concerns that the abortion coverage will even be offered in states that have prohibited abortion coverage in their state exchanges.”

The final rule indicates “Specific standards for multi-state plans will be described in future rulemaking published by OPM…”

Section 1303 is set to go into effect in 2014 and would effectively obligate enrollees, in certain health plans, to pay the separate premium, at their own expense.  And, the option to decline abortion coverage, based on religious or moral reasons, would be absent.

Americans United for Life president, Charmaine Yoest, has said that  “President Obama’s healthcare overhaul includes an ‘abortion premium mandate’ that blatantly violates the conscience rights and First Amendment religious rights of millions of Americans,” and that “Nowhere in the Constitution does it require Americans to violate their beliefs and pay for abortions.”

Insurance companies benefit from participating in the exchange program, according to Jill Stanek:

“The attraction for insurance companies to participate in the exchange program is that under Obamacare the federal government will pay all or a part of someone’s insurance premium who makes up to 400% above the poverty level. But those people can only choose their insurance from an Obama-approved company in the “exchange.” This amounts to thousands or millions or prospective new insurees whose payments will be totally or mostly guaranteed.

The rule states insurance companies will not be allowed to mention the surcharge in their advertising. They can only advertise the total premium amount.”

In fact, you won’t find the explanation for the $1 monthly surcharge unless you read through the 20 pages of fine print you receive when you enroll in your insurance plan.

-Candice Lanier

  • Dave Johnson

    No surprises here…Wait until we see the rest of the story!

  • Rick Fischer

    Nice work Bart Stupak. Some pro-lifer you are…

  • James Griffin

    I believe most of Obama’s cabinet qualifies for Impeachment Procedings.

  • Linda Lee Johnson Brown

    Who keeps ELECTING these people.

  • Francis Rodriguez

    Barack is dogsuit.

  • Dianne Kirkwood

    sign the legal petition at: repeal, that idiot has not respect for WE THE PEOPLE. He thinks he’s King Obama, but he’s really just little Mr. obummer

  • Mary Jane Newell

    And don’t forget the $3000.00 /yr for college students birth control pills!
    ( They must be designer pills !)

  • John Klemm Jr.

    Ma’am morons keep electing these people.

  • Steve Janchus

    Why is he not charged? Or better still, impeached??

  • Linda Mensinger

    This is exactly why the main stream media loves Obama and all other abortion enthusiasts… If we all have blood on our hands, by supporting abortion with our tax dollars, then what they choose to support won’t seem so bad if ‘everyone is complicit’..

  • Jack Smith

    Liars and hacks. This is just sad. I hope the supreme court does it’s job.

  • Beverly Harville-Schrider

    This president is going to spend out country into oblivion…especially now that it is becoming obvious he has a snowball’s chance in heck of winning in November.

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  • Loyd Kelly

    TERM LIMITS PEOPLE!!! 12 years for all no more life time seats in goverment! Obama is not the only one that is running the country off a cliff! The congress & senate has been doing it for years. Before obama, bush, clinton ect….

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  • Tom Lewald

    I can’t stand B.O. but I’d rather pay the $400 then pay for the unlimited medical, schooling, food stamps, prison for the off spring of theses women. If you disagree, don’t waste your time commenting here, got to your local school and try to teach morality, see how far that gets you. P Parenthood NEVER got a girl/women pregnant ! !

  • Nancy Anderson

    @Tom: So killing the unborn, unplanned infant is justified because it will cost the taxpayer all these expenses? There is adoption; there is educating the mother so she can work at a decent-paying job and support her child should she choose to keep/raise the child herself. KILLING the new human being is NOT the answer. I don’t like Obama nor Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood ADVOCATES abortion because they are paid a lot for having an abortion “mill.” The infant dies; the mother WILL suffer emotionally, emotionally, and spiritually the rest of her life. This is the real truth.

  • Mountain Monkeys Leather

    So much for freedom of choice! I do not support abortion and a good part of the US populace agrees with me, yet our governemnt is making me support it financially via Obamacare!!! This is crap, literally!

  • Carol Modrow

    The Chi town mob knows every dirty trick in the book and will use them all.

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  • Phil Kiser

    Yes! It sucks that Obama doesn’t seem to want to listen to the taxpayers & voters. Let’s do something about that like throw him out of office this next election.

  • Bonita L. Roberts

    Well, just another example of that “transparency” we’re all receiving from the Obama administration. Nothing going on behind closed doors here!

  • Jim Beach

    Hey Phil throw yourself out a window

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