Sandra Fluke can’t afford contraception, but expensive trips to Europe… not a problem!

Remember that liberal women’s group we talked about a few days back? The group that is boycotting sex to bring light to the need for “access” to contraception? As I pointed out in that post, that group of women are also planning a ritzy trip to Europe this year.

Estimated cost:  $8,000-$10,000. (It’s always better to prepare for more and be delighted if you spend less.)  Deposits for all hotels and vehicles due by Feb. 15th.  You are responsible for making your own air reservations. We will try to find good flights that you can all take together. If you find great fares somewhere, please let us know.

So much for not being able to afford or “access” birth control, eh? They’re not alone, either. Turns out Sandra Fluke, the law student who claimed contraception was breaking the bank, is also a fan of trips to Europe. Via Gateway Pundit.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything.

Poor Sandra Fluke, the 30 year-old far left activist who wants you to pay for her $9 a month birth control, is dating a rich socialist.

They recently traveled to Spain and Italy together.
It was a lovely getaway for the women’s rights activist and her rich socialist boyfriend.

Here the two lovebirds are roughing it late at night in Barcelona – drunk.


That image was uploaded in May of 2011. It shows Fluke and her rich boyfriend in Barcelona. Gateway Pundit has another pic of Fluke in Pompeii.

As I said last week, folks… “access” is code for “I want you to pay for it, for me.” Every one of these women advocating for mandates are able to purchase their own contraception.

UPDATE: Steve Elliott just messaged me a link to her boyfriend’s Facebook page… which is LOADED with pics. Facebook Album for Venice, for example.

-Eric Odom

  • DonRS

    “So, which lie might the naive American public believe?” That is the question Democratic strategists must ask themselves each day as they concoct their script for the “Lame Stream Media’s” daily propaganda message to the village idiots that watch their programs.

  • BDF

    Just another of Obama’s ” Useful Idiots” .

  • Elizabeth A MacPherson

    She claimed on CNN that she was NOT talking about herself but poor women. Typical of elites. It’s okay to kill off the less fortunate with toxic drugs that cause cancer just not them. Or is she flip flopping?

  • Jay Stang


  • George Bosak

    Self accountability and responsibility…..too much riding someone else’s back, not enough backbone to get up and find a way….

  • Dana Thompson

    I gotta say this just to be funny, does she really need contraception? I am just kidding, so don’t get ticked ofdf

  • Cynthia Brock Lantz

    Oh Boy!!! I HOPE Rush is on this like a fat kid on a cupcake…Sorry, Mrs. OBAMA; my bad…

  • Robert Brown

    Pelosi probably paid for it and a lifetime supply of condoms… So she pays 50,000 a yr. for Georgetown law, but that “ultra expensive” birth control is not affordable? It shows you can be well educated and still be a total moron… Wonder if she’s off to Amsterdam? Plenty of freebies there.

  • Thomas Parsons

    She got her stimulus check from Obama for her diversion from his screwing up !!

  • Sarah Pair

    She isn’t paying for any of it.

  • Rick Sharon

    Well … um … er … when you can’t get contraception locally in America, you have to travel to Europe to get it? Yeah, that’s it, contracaption IS available in Europe. That’s her story and she’s sticking to it.
    Flip flopping? Nah. When confronted with facts that disprove what you are saying, just alter what you are saying. Eventually you are bound to fabricate something the facts can’t disprove.

  • Amanda M Flores

    Not surprising from FLOTUS or Fluke they are all bitter angry people who want to control our lives and God forbid we be responsible happy thinking individuals. That is Not in their master plan.

  • Kim Tanner-Thomas

    The libs sent her there as a “thank you”

  • Patricia Wooten Harmon

    best contraceptive keep your legs closed duh.

  • Robert Warnecke

    Imagine that??

  • William R. Shaneyfelt

    Typical hypocritical elietist trying to shove their warped ideas down the throats of the public.

  • Craig Somerville

    wish her mom had used condoms

  • Michael R. Daugherty

    She is even wearing the same costume in one of the shots. This story stinks of fabrication. This looks like a fake story. We all know her true identity is Winona Ryder, so the lies continue. MD

  • Don Sterling

    Partying (having a good time) does not mean one is having sex! Dorks!

  • Brian Stomps

    your thoughts are exactly what I was going to say, right on

  • Jimmy Foley

    Fraud and a fake planted by the Obama Administration.

  • Jeremey Davis

    Given the chance, I’m sure if she would love to have taxpayers subsidize her trip to Europe too!

  • John ‘Fritz’ Karrer

    You really think you know her mind well enough to throw that ad hominem crap at her?

  • Tony Downs


  • Cheryl Hatcher Dutro

    paid tool of the obama administration to serve as a distraction

  • Cary Cartter

    It all comes down to personal responsibility – how a person wants to spend their own money, and where their priorities lie. Obviously, Flaky Fluke’s priorities are in lying to Congress and obeying the Liberal Left, while partying hard with her moeny that she saved by going to Planned Parenthood to get FREE contraception devices.

  • Suzy Bradford

    I have been poor, I mean don’t know where your next meal is from poor and trust me the least important thing on my mind was if I could have sex or not I was usually to tired from workings 10hr minimum wage job

  • Deb Crane Donaldson

    The dems can certainly find pawns for their party, can’t they.

  • Jeremey Davis

    Yes; I think most people find it easier to spend other people’s money than their own.

  • Dorothy Slattery

    Seeing if the latest round of antibiotics works against STDs.

  • Heather Neubert Johnson

    But contraception here in America already Is reasonably affordable. You can go to any health department and get free condoms and bc pills on a sliding scale fee.there is no need to force a private company to provide contraception if it is against their founding principles.

    • auntvick

      Heather, you have the exact truth of the whole debate in your post. Why then are the ptb promoting the mandate? IMO it is about controlling our lives to the nth degree. Kill our constitution is their objective. That’s it. All the debate is nonsense. Smoke and mirrors. Give the people a focus on inane things while they double down on control. Every time a contoversy arises in the public discourse, there is another unconstitutional “law” passed in the congress. Watch the other hand!

  • John ‘Fritz’ Karrer

    There is no dollar that anybody has ever ‘earned’ that they did without the assistance of the rest of their fellow countrymen…

    Real Patriots “…mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.” without the pretense that some of this good work and our society can be supported by greedily stripping the ‘fortune’ out of the process…

  • Jim Seiberling

    The Dems probably paid for her trip as a thank you for testifieing.

  • Edmund Long

    ^Librat trolls seem to always show up on conservative pages ,defending some puke leftwing scumbag , ever notice that ?

  • Edmund Long

    Notice she’s dating a fellow commie scumbag from Europe !

  • Barbara Potter Rickerson

    Said it before and I’ll say it again….. If you are having unprotected sex without the idea of procreating, then you are having sex for entertainment. Why am I paying for anyone elses entertainment? No one knocks on my door and says, “Hey, here’s $50. Go to dinner and a movie on me”. So, why am I paying for her entertainment? This is NOT about contraception and ‘holding women down” or “holding women back” or “women’s rights” or the “my body my choice” argument. No one is taking away her right to have contraception or a child… this is about WHO has to PAY for her contraception or child… and personally, I’m tired of paying.

  • Viki Cleveland Watson


  • Steve Earl

    With what she was spending, all she had to do is abstain to finance her European trip!

  • Brandon Waterman

    Here’s an Idea, if she wants birth control so bad, and cant pay for it, maybe her boyfriend shold shove something else down her throat, and it wont cost either of the scumbags a dime, lol

  • Drifter

    Why is her name and 10 minutes of fame being extended in these pages? The leftist cretin isn’t worth it. Let her crawl back into anonymity…

  • Kathi Jean Andrews

    so wrong! liberal loonies want everybody else to pay for their sex-lives-without-consequences lifestyle; remember in November!

  • Mark Angle Anderson

    No access ah? So, they won’t be getting in a mass ring to hammer each other’s snatches then huh?

  • Michael Johnson

    Got one word to describe all of this – HYPOCRITE……

  • jersey

    PROSTITUTE………….. why not let her rich boyfriend pay for her contraceptives,,,,,,,,,
    after all he is the one who is screwing her……….