New Herman Cain Ad Seeks to Drive Narrative back to Economy

Herman Cain’s new group has an ad out that is short, sweet and straight to the point. The point is the economy is in trouble and government isn’t doing anything that might realistically enable it to turn itself around.

From the video page:

In essence, stimulus has been just like throwing a bucket of water on a fish and expecting him to swim on land

Watch it here.

Cain has a new website out at, which suggests he’s gearing up to fight future attempts and throwing more money down the drain via bailouts and socialist waste.

Now if only the GOP candidates could get back on this topic…

-Eric Odom

  • Doug


    Ron Paul is talking about it. Why are you not listening?

  • Angela Scarpaci Guizar


  • Kele Johnson

    I <3 Herman Cain.

  • Carla Moody Rogers

    I am still a Cainiaic!

  • Zac Hendrickson

    I really do miss Herman. I like Buddy Roemer a lot too but since he withdrew his bid for the Republican nomination I’m not sure who I’ll be voting for.

  • Brian Buchanan

    Herman will be filling in on the radio this morning from 10am eastern to 1pm

  • Lisa D’Amico Gentile

    Hope whoever our nominee is will pick him up as VP

  • Teri Cain Owens

    Somehow a former regional Fed chairman complaining about the economy sounds a lot like an alcoholic complaining of liver damage.

  • Judy Cooke

    I do miss Herman, he’s a scrapper. I don’t really care about his sex life, and all those years ago? There’s alot worse in the world than ppl who do things that are none of our business and don’t determine how they conduct business or lead others.
    It would balance the scales quite a bit with Obama, and I would love to see Obi come back to some questions Herman would give him. They were scared of Cain.
    It’s a dem tactic you’re going to see over and over again–as we have so far just this campaign.

  • Steven Overturf

    Straight, honest, and too the point!

  • Beth Fraser

    I was all about Herman Cain, and wish he hadn’t dropped out of the race. I certainly would’ve voted for him!

  • Vincent Fletcher


  • Charles Lee

    You dumb fucks, Look up Herman Caines background, he’s slimmier then Robme and the grinch

  • David McDonnell

    I like Cain, Gingrich, etc, but I dislike being called a dumb fuck by someone who can’t even spell SLIMIER…

  • Kelley Fager Stone

    RON PAUL is the answer!!!

  • Reed Palmer

    Definitely don’t miss him…9-9-9 is all I think about when I hear his name and old news, Ron Paul is talking plenty about economy. Did you watch him take apart Bernanke…check it out!