Team Obama launches “African Americans for Obama” campaign

Barack Obama’s campaign is not only more than willing to address and campaign to Americans by class, he’s also taking it head on by race. The Obama campaign just launched “African Americans for Obama” with a custom designed portion of the campaign website, a¬†separate¬†newsletter opt-in option and a featured function aimed at helping volunteers organize students at “historically black colleges and universities.”

Below is an introduction video for the new race based project of the Obama campaign.

Screenshot of new website

-Eric Odom

  • speedyjerry

    This past year I have asked alot of blacks throughout South Florida on construction sites, Home Depot, pumping gas, ect ect about Obama and there’s alot of them calling him a fool, won’t vote for him again, most likely just won’t vote at all after he disappointed them so badly is the feeling I get.

  • DD

    What kind of firestorm would there be if a caucasian or hispanic ran an ad like this, hmmm….