A Political Establishment Without Memory

One of the most entertaining events of this political cycle, and perhaps most frustrating for some, is the apparent missed lesson the 2010 cycle should have provided the GOP establishment. When I say establishment, I mean the veteran “experts,” the long time pundits, the 20 year delegates and the folks who have paid for a $25 chicken dinner every time an invite came. It’s nothing short of astonishing to watch them try and fight a movement that in 2010 showed it meant business.

Regardless of your views on Herman Cain as a candidate, you surely must admit the way the media and establishment hacks have reacted is laughable. That’s at first glance, though, and through a deeper look we see the establishment reaction, should it be successful in keeping true conservatives away from the nomination, will be downright dangerous.

First, the polling data. It doesn’t matter if you believe the national polling average is to be trusted. What matters is that traditionally (especially for the past two cycles) the national polling average has been used by media elites to determine who their perceived front-runner is. Here we are on Saturday, October 29th, 2011, and Herman Cain is at the top of the national average.

The RCP average takes data from Fox News, CBS News/New York Times, CNN/Opinion Research and the Associated Press. Even Rasmussen, a poll that tends to sometimes favor big name establishment candidates, shows Herman Cain and Mitt Romney tied.

With this being the case, the fair assumption, based on polling data, is that Herman Cain is indeed the national Front-Runner. This isn’t up for dispute and should be obvious to any reporter who does his/her job from at least a half objective view.

But that isn’t what’s happening. Exhibit A:

On the Exact same day that it become news Herman Cain was the front-runner, a major Cleveland media hub ran the headline “Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney to rally Ohio GOP in Cincinnati area Tuesday.”

Via National Journal (Oct 28)

The longer he runs for president, the more doubts reputed Republican front-runner Mitt Romney seems to have about the science behind global climate change.

Ironically, CBS News, the same company that just days before ran poll numbers showing Herman Cain dominating the field, ran the exact same story as the National Journal.

A blogger for The Hill brings up a good point in his post about Herman Cain, but ends the post with this gem. (Oct 28)

So here’s my question: Does Herman Cain need Mitt Romney? It’s quite possible that he’d lose much of his appeal if Romney weren’t the front-runner.

US News has a post up about Michele Bachmann’s candidacy. In that post the author says the following…

With former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney settled in the front-runner spot, businessman Herman Cain surging in the polls, and Perry fighting for a comeback, there is little room for Bachmann to get back into the top tier, especially as more of her staff flees her campaign.

In a post that will provoke a chuckle, Fox News contradicts itself in the first sentence while explaining its own poll results.

Herman Cain takes the lead in the Republican presidential nomination contest as GOP voters continue to deny Mitt Romney clear front-runner status.

That’s interesting. You release a poll showing Herman Cain to be the front-runner, then suggest it only weakens Mitt Romney’s front-runner status?

It’s clear the only way the media will ever admit that Herman Cain is the front-runner is if Herman Cain changes his name to Mitt Romney.

As far as the establishment pundits and experts go… many are at a complete loss as to what’s going on. As my friend Robert Stacy McCain writes for American Spectator, even Nate Silver, often regarded as a journalist in a class of his own as far as political analysis goes, is scratching his head.

One expert who isn’t afraid to admit the difficulty of figuring the odds on Cain is Nate Silver, wizard of political statistics at the New York Times. Examining the gap between the weak “fundamentals” of Cain’s campaign and his high poll numbers, Silver concluded that “there is either something fundamentally unusual about this year’s Republican nomination process, or perhaps that some sort of ‘new normal’ has been established and that the old rules of how you win a nomination no longer carry as much weight.” And as far as trying to predict the chances of Cain’s future success, Silver threw up his hands: “Not only do I not know how I would go about estimating the likelihood that Mr. Cain will win the Republican nomination – I’m not sure that there is a good way to do so at all.” In other words, Cain’s success represents a journey into uncharted political waters, like an ancient explorer sailing off toward the part of the map where the legend reads, “Here Be Dragons.”

Nate Silver is admitting something most GOP elitists refuse to acknowledge, this is uncharted territory and no one fully understands the gravity of the scenario. Unfortunately, some of those GOP elitists, Karl Rove for example, have shoveled incredible damage into the GOP primary by inserting themselves into the equation when they have no idea what they’re talking about. Robert Stacy McCain goes on.

Karl Rove went on the Fox News “America’s Newsroom” show Monday morning to explain that recent gaffes by Herman Cain have created the perception that the Atlanta businessman is “not up to the task” as a Republican presidential candidate. Rove used a whiteboard to illustrate his verdict on Cain’s inadequacy, citing polls as evidence that the Tea Party-backed candidate had “peaked” Oct. 6-10 and telling host Martha MacCallum that the impression created by Cain’s gaffes was “really deadly.”

Here is where Rove gets it wrong.

At this point, even the campaign’s “gaffes” seem to be helping rather than hurting Cain. Commentators poked fun at a YouTube video in which Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block declares, “Tomorrow is one day closer to the White House.… We’ve run a campaign like nobody’s ever seen, but then America’s never seen a candidate like Herman Cain. We need you to get involved because together, we can do this. We can take this country back.” The video ends with Block puffing on a cigarette, a gesture that caused eye-rolling reactions from critics and helped turn Block’s YouTube debut into a “viral” online sensation, with nearly a million views in the first week after it was posted. One Republican consultant remarked that cable TV news shows seemed more interested in discussing Block’s video than in talking about Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s flat-tax proposal.

There is more to Rove’s damaging comments than meets the eye here. Where Karl Rove is out of line is that he doesn’t care about the movement surrounding the GOP primary. He doesn’t care that an energized majority is swelling up and ready to act for a true conservative champion. All Rove cares about is fighting a multi-hundred million dollar media war with Obama. All he sees is a money fight, and Mitt Romney provides him with mountains of cash to wage it with.

Like most political establishment hacks, Rove is old school. He’s operating as if it’s 2000 and a movement of conservatives isn’t real. And worse, he’s doing so on behalf of a candidate who is pro-gun control, pro-choice, and pro-government mandated healthcare.

In other words, Karl Rove and the rest of the establishment represent a danger to the future of our nation. They refuse to admit reality in the front-runner, they refuse to admit reality on how bad the economic scenario is, and they refuse to admit that extraordinary shifts in power are required to change it all.

Oddly, Karl Rove and his ilk in the “expert” class look at all of us and proclaim we’re un-realistic.

2008 should have taught this gang a harsh lesson. If you present the American public with a moderate like John McCain or Mitt Romney, you’re not going to get an energetic reaction. 2012 may be slightly different in that we have Obama to oppose, but we need enthusiasm to do it. We need a base that wakes up saying “what can I do for the candidate today?” We need a base that gets a fundraising email and says “I’ll donate now… not wait until next week.”

2010 should have been the biggest lesson of them all. The movement defeated countless establishment candidates and took a major chunk out of the existing power structure in Washington.

Now here we are in 2012, watching the political establishment fight against that same movement. Either they can’t remember what just happened, or they refuse to accept it as reality.

Remind me, who is being un-realistic?

-Eric Odom

  • http://www.libertynews.com/members/timothyburns/ Timothy Burns

    It’s called Marxist propaganda. Say something often enough. loud enough, and forcefully enough and the people will believe it’s true. It worked for the Nazi’s and every communist dictator in history. Now it’s at work here, aided by main stream media who has forgotten their sacred duty to protect the people’s liberty. There is obviously more money and power to be had promoting the govt’s talking points.

    • Lamarre

      Well Said Eric! I sent a similar e-mail to my political list this week, but am still not sure that Cain is the conservative that he is putting forth. He doesn’t want to audit the fed says it isn’t necessary, the 999 plan will implement a national sales tax, which our RINO congress would LOVE to dilute and transform to accomplish their own agenda, and he has flip-flopped on some very critical issues, like having muslims in his cabinet, as well as muddying the waters on his position on abortion. I think it’s too soon to go all out for Cain but I despise Perry’s and Romneys RINO habits, disguised behind Christianity (and mormon faith).

    • julie

      Herman Cain, such a prize candidate for an electorate without memory! How you can suggest that a man who supported tarp, the bank bailouts, believes that the Federal Reserve is honest,[LOL after it was revealed the fed made 16 TRILLION IN SECRET loans ] and whose genius tax plan actually ADDS a new tax, is a CONSERVATIVE, surely proves that the so call “leader” of the tea party, [ Eric Odom] is without brains as well as memory. That the GOP is rallying behind this fool that couldn’t see the financial crisis 5 days before it was news, only proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that come 2012, we will truly get the government we deserve.

      • Richard

        Julie – I think you forgot to end your post with “Paul 2012″.

        • joanneo

          We should all think carefully about what we want in our future. If we want four more years of Obama, Bush, Cllinton, etc, then vote for any of the other five that are running for office. Ron Paul and Michelle are the only 2 choices. They do not belong to the New World Order and will not have to follow their orders. Vote for the others and we will all get what you have chosen, and may GOD have mercy on us.

      • Jason T

        I am highly suspicious of the Fed. However, it should probably be subject to increased transparency rather than dissolution. The “shareholders” should be public knowledge, and the ability to recapture those shares by the American public should probably be exercised. Refinement/reform of the Fed is necessary, but complete dissolution is a bit manic, I believe.

        The fact that Cain understands how it works, combined with his love for the Founding Principles gives me confidence in his ability to guide us in the right direction where the Fed is concerned.

        Ron Paul says a lot of things that are 100% right. The rest of what he says is 100% wrong. I love his contribution to the discussion, but it’s impossible for me to support a guy who completely misunderstands the fundamental nature of America’s enemies.

        Further, if RP feels like we shouldn’t build a fence because it might “keep us in”(as he said in a debate this summer), then he has the wrong idea about how to run America.

  • G Travalini

    what really gets me is although I consider myself supporting most of what tea party stands for, I just can not get over how the tea party thinks Cain has any chance of beating obama. the tea party has not learned their lesson of the Sharon Angle and the C. Odonnel debacle… There is no way (regardless what these polls say-)–, that Cain can beat obama. The tea party is willing to give the election to obama rather letting a Romney win the GOP nomination . Romney will beat obama… Cain who is very smart and likeable can not, repeat can not beat obama.. Wake up tea party people before its too late.. Dont you know the media wants Cain to win. obama fears Romney the most… If you dont get your act together, then we are going to have four more years of obama which our country can not stand………….please get off this Cain bandwagon and get behind Romney as he clearly is the only one that can beat obama

    • drlisa

      What makes you think Cain can’t beat the faux president? I believe Romney would not be able to beat him. Also, if Romney is pres, we keep heading down the road to socialism.

    • http://AndjustwhyisitthatCaincannotwin? Neal C White

      Explain for me exactly why Herman Cain can not beat Obama? You repeat the statement over and over but give nothing that would remotely explain Why? I am quite simple, but if the majority of the voters should decide to vote for Cain would that not give him a win? Back up your statement with some facts and maybe we (the voters) can agree with you.

    • Sandy B

      I disagree. I see Cain as a formidable candidate against Obama…plus, he needs no prompter.

    • Tonys Take

      Should the establishment Republicans fail to get behind Herman and they let Obama win, the best that can happen is the Tea Party becomes a political party and the worst will be revolution. Whatever happens will be the establishment’s doing.
      Has anyone noticed what happened to the Republican’s for Reid in Nevada? Their names are Mud. Their businesses have been boycotted and they are out of the political loop altogether. They can’t even buy their way back in. If they wish to have any political influence, they will have to join the democrat party.
      If it comes down to Cain or war, which would you prefer? It really is that simple.

    • Richard

      Romney is the de facto author of Obamacare, and he is a proponent of the “Global Warming” myth. How on Earth do you think we will defeat Obama with a candidate who stands with him on so many issues? Why would anyone vote for a cheap, knockoff RINO candidate when he or she can vote for Obama and get the real thing?

    • Jason T

      Cain is laying much deeper roots here in NV than anybody understands. He’s more organized, and more serious from the start than anybody in the media has measured. His grassroots style will rival the Obama 08′ campaign, and he was bold enough to suggest something that nobody thought possible just a few years ago… An injection of Fair and Flat Taxes into the system.

      While I’d rather see him include a capital gains tax and remove the national sales tax (maybe change it to 10-10-10 or 11-11-11, or however the math works???), I also give him a tremendous amount of credit for completely changing the conversation. His plan would mean fewer loopholes, participation from everybody, and treating people fairly, rather than identifying groups (poor, rich, middle-class) to determine a tax system. It’s more “American” than anything produced so far.

      He will have some gaffs. He’ll make some mistakes. But Cain is for real, so don’t write him off.

    • NotPropagandized

      How in the world can you put HermanCain in the ChristineODonnell/SharronAngle category when, instead, you have MarcoRubio / MikeLee / RandPaul as far better examples of candidate virtues. Your establishment inclinations are showing.

    • Jim

      THAT’s the problem, we have a history of voting “for the candidate that can win” rather than the candidate that represents our beliefs. e.g. I voted for Arnold Schwartzneggar for CA Gov. because I thought a true conservative like Tom McClintock could not win. I GREATLY regret that decision because you end up with people like GW Bush and Schwartzneggar defining what Republicans believe and the masses of people turn away from the Repblican party. it’s time to vote for who best align with our beliefs rather than allowing ourselves to be manipulated by the pundants that conservatives can’t win. In the long run we will win because RINO’s will no longer define who we are.

    • Tony P

      Romney? Rino Rom ??? You jest!
      Romney can’t give a straight answer about his Massachewsits Obama Care plan.
      That’s like trying to have an argument with someone about the color of a cow – In Romney’s case he’s arguing if it is a cow to begin with.
      Sort of reminds me of Obama in 2008 arguing that he didn’t hear the anti-American vitriol spewed by THE Rev. “g-damn America” Wrong! LIAR LIAR
      Or Obama’s not knowing bomb thrower Bill “the commie” Ayers past much less the fact that he even knew him to begin with! LIAR LIAR

      Mr.Flip-Flopper Romney is a LIAR LIAR !
      He must have went to the same school of “Straight – Talk” like John (old fogey) McShame and Lindsey GrAmnesty !

      A plague on ALL their straight RINO talk.

  • http://www.colony14.net The Obama Timeline author

    “Beat Obama with a Cain”
    “Cain is Able”

    Romney has changed positions more than an insomniac with restless leg syndrome. We don’t need a RINO running; we need an elephant stomping.

    The Rove types laughed at Reagan in 1980 also. They need to get out of the way and let the Rockefeller Republican establishment die once and for all.

    If Cain can wrest even 10 percent of the black vote away from Obama, the Democrats will not only lose the White House, their party will suffer for a decade or more. If a Cain presidency succeeds in turning around the economy and black voters realize that the Dems are not on their side, the face of politics can be changed forever.

    Don’t believe the pundits. Obama and the leftist want Romney to be the GOP nominee for a reason. They know that it’s easier for a liberal to defeat a leftist-lite than a conservative.

    • http://CAIN MERL


  • Dominick T Farruggio

    The 2012 election is over a year away, many things can happen between now and November 2012…What we must stress is the inept performance of Obama instead of worrying about the candidates. With his track record for the past 3 years my grandson could beat him in an election, he cannot run on his record so the next best thing to do with the help of the drive by media is character assassination on each of the candidates. We as a Conservative group should counter their attacks by daily reminders of all the things he has done to drop us down from a triple A rated Super Power to a two A rated border line third world country.
    Lets not give them the edge by falling for their traps …HE HAS NOTHING TO RUN WITH ON IS RECORD….SO . LETS NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK!

    • Jason T

      Good point… but it is important to select a candidate that can beat him. Questioning the candidates now will only help chisel out a winner that can provide peak performance against Obama. While I agree your grandson could beat Obama, it’s likely he’d still have to out-debate and out-perform him in his campaign. Obama’s horrible performance should hopefully make that easier, but then again, look at McCain’s performance. He allowed a guy associated with Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, and ACORN beat him.

  • TerriD

    I am convinced that Herman Cain should, and will be, the 45th President of the United States of America! Get on the CAIN TRAIN!

    • Alexia

      Terri D. I so agree with you! Cain’s being a black man does not bother those who love this country & want the best for it.
      Alexia a white woman

    • Ron in La Mesa, CA

      I have been for CAIN since he first announced THAT he was running. I listened to what he said, and KNEW that he’d be BETTER THAN romney ANY day. NO romney. NO way. NO how. And ROVE, GO Home to Texax w/ all your DRIVEL. And take perry WITH YOU. I agree w/ Terri D. Here’s to President Herman Cain.
      (an old white guy who’s TIRED OF “repub establishment” pcing LOSERS like mc-cain, the grand-stander and non-conservative. In Dec, before the 2008 election, mc-cain showed at ONLY 6%. I CHEERED, and wrote a friend that NO WAY would he BE the candidate. The “esablishment” decreed “it was his TURN” and they pulled out all the stops. People like ROVE did that. AND he’sTRYING to DO it AGAIN. SEND Hannity’s “The Artichoke” HOME. Just watch: “We, the PEOPLE” choose Herman Cain as our NEXT President! We’ll NOT even LISTEN to ” Rove-ing egomaniacs” DARE TRY to tell us what WE want any more!!! Hail to our NEW Chief, as opposed to that “pretender” in there now. Time for REAL change!!!
      — Ron in La Mesa, CA

  • http://brucefeher.typepad.com Bruce Feher

    The establishment just doesn’t get it! We unwashed masses have discovered the internet! Their smoke and mirror shows will not work any longer!
    Rove needs to trade in his white board for a laptop!
    Hey TerriD I too like Mr. Cain and here are a few of my reasons; He is NOT a professional politician, AKA snake; he is NOT a lawyer: he made what he has on his own: he speaks a language that regular folks understand AND he has a sense of humor!
    Put that in you establishment pipe and smoke it Mr. Rove!

    • Alexia

      Excellent post Bruce Feher!

    • http://4732GoshawkDe.,ChesapeakeVA23321 June Elliott

      Excellent post! Let us unite to defeat O and not fight among ourselves. I’m for raising Cain. I believe that many African Americans are disillusioned with their president— enough to take him down. what about the Jewish votes? He is a self onfessed Muslim, who is paying lip service to Jewish voterrs. Cain for president in 2012.

  • RVSister

    I have been watching the “media pundits” for some time with chuckles. I think that if Herman Cain were in the back, they would not hesitate to toss the “racism” card into the fray, but given that he is the front runner they can only babble with platitudes and unbelief! I am very sure that Obama does not want a conservative equal to oppose him, he would be swept away!!

    • Jason T

      Exactly right!

  • Alexia

    The Republican Elite in Washington of which Karl Rove is a member is in fear of losing their status. Their support of Romney is evident while bashing all of the other candidates. Their actions could lose them the support of The Tea Party Members if they succeed in nominating yet another Rhino for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Elections.

  • G Travalini

    i will say it again… the tea party would rather put up their candidate no matter if it means he would lose to obama. I baffles my mind that you just do not get it.. It really matters not anyway…. Romney will be the one to run against obama and will win.. The best Cain can hope for is VP.

    • kara

      Guess the GOP doesn’t get it. Alot of us aren’t going to vote for Romney period. If he wins the nomination he looses alot of votes – mine included. I just won’t bother because I am tired of settling. I am NOT voting for someone who I don’t trust and can’t support.. Don’t think I am alone.

  • http://campaigntrailreport.com/2011/08/14/rick-perry-launches-full-campaign-for-president Richard Karkkainen

    There are three viable candidates remaining: Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and Newt Gingrich.

  • Patrick Duffy

    When you learn that the political establishment “feeds” the America people with the canidates of THEIR choice, then you will understand why we are in this 2-party predicament. The democrats are controlled by their billionaires (Soros), and they pick candidates that protect THEIR interests. Soros picked Obama because he was their ultimate PUPPET. The Replican establishment also is controlled by their billionaires like Trump, and those who control the military establishment will always make sure there is a candidate that protects THEIR interests. No outsiders, like Ron Paul will EVER get the Republican nomination because he threatens this establishment.
    So what is the solution? I believe the “Korean” solution to America’s problems is the only way out. Korea was split into two separate nations, where the communists took the north, and the capitalists took the south. America must be split along the Mason-dixon line, and a “demilitarized zone” must be setup so that the communists (democrat party), can not pollute the south. The Civil war must be resurrected so that states rights issue that Lincoln crushed, can be resolved, once and for all. We are no longer “One Nation under God”, but we are a divided nation with a 50/50 split along communists/capitalists lines, and the only way to resolve it is to physically sparate like they did in Korea.

  • Erika

    If one takes the time to study Herman Cain’s history, bio, career etc., there will then be no doubt that he is more than capable to beat Obama. Having said that, there still are people out there that don’t realize just how big the Tea Party is. OWS is a drop in the bucket compared to the Teaparty. More people I know would rather vote for Perry or Gingrich before they would vote for Romney. So where is the establishment getting the idea that it must be Romney.
    I hope Cain gets the nomination.

  • Mark

    The liberal media and left wing attacked the Tea Party and the Tea Party attacked the GOP

    Unless you replace the idiots the run the Tea Party, your influence will pretty much sink to nothing. Now I’m reading you are turning on your own candidate. You people do need a reality check


    Ex Tea Party member

    • http://www.libertynews.com/members/carrollscorral/ Carroll

      Mark, the Tea Party is a movement made up of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and Independents, that are fed up with you liberals that have their hand out for more of our money instead of having to work for it. There is no one that runs the Tea Party, it is merely people that believe in the original meaning of the constitution. We basically believe in my Indian ancestor’s theory, “If you no hunt, and you no sick no cripple, you no eat”! We believe in personal responsibility. Those of you that are living under a tarp on Wall Street, would never understand that!

      • Jason T

        Carrol… you “No hunt” comment is classic. Thank you.

        It’s unlikely the “ex tea party member” was ever a Tea Party supporter in the first place.

        1st, like you said, we are all Tea Party Leaders. Replacing the leadership would mean it’s dissolution, and anybody suggesting such is clearly not a supporter, and never has been.

        Further, saying you are an “ex member” is like saying, “I used to believe in the Constitution, but now I don’t.” Fact is – he never did.

    • Tony P

      For your information – No One Runs the Tea Party!
      It is a Massive Movement (voters) of like minded Individuals !
      We’re Mad as Hell and were not going to take it anymore – The “Silent Majority” will be Silent no longer !!!

  • http://CAIN MERL


  • Mark

    Who made Eric Odom the “leader” of the Tea Party anyway? He has done more damage to the movement and continues to do so. He hijacked the movement calling it his own


    • http://www.libertynews.com/members/ericodom/ Eric Odom (Media Director)

      Mark, with all due respect, your comment is nothing shy of insulting and baseless.

      #1: Please show me where I claim to be “the leader” of the tea party movement. I have always claimed to be a tea party activists, but I’ve never claimed to be “the leader” of anything.

      #2: Damage? I’ve now been involved in more than 100 tea parties across the nation. I’ve organized GOTV efforts in at least 25 races. I’ve helped raise money and run ads in countless races.

      #3: Considering the fact that I was “organizing” a rally within 24 hours of Rick Santelli’s infamous rant, I’d say I was one of the first five activists to actually have jumped into the modern movement. I’m not saying that to brag, but your claim is downright ludicrous.

      #4: I proudly post my last name when leaving comments.

      • Sam Lehman

        Eric, I support the teaParty movement and so far I support everything you have said. You just say it so much better than I can, and that is why I appreciate your posts. Are you a “spokesman” for the TeaParty??? NO! In fact, I did not know the TeaParty had a “membership”. I thought it was a spontaneous movement of like minded people PERIOD, but definately needing people like you to keep stoking the fire. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Jason T

      That’s the beauty of it. Mark supports the Founders his way. I support them my way, and we’re both leaders, followers, supporters, and members.

      Some would call Eric a leader because he has put so much time and effort into his passion for Founding Ideals.

      Some don’t believe in the ideals of the Founders… Like communists. Eric is not one of those. Are you, Mark?

      • Jason T

        oops… meant to say “Eric supports…”, not “Mark Supports”

  • Serah

    How about a Cain/Gingrich, either way around. Perry is a RINO after all that he’d said on the illegal immigration subject., he’s dont nothing to discourage illegals to enter Texas, just subsidise their college tuition.

    • Bob Thompson

      Are they not both residents of Georgia?

  • heavy duty


  • thx 1138 v2

    The 2012 election, like the 2010 election, will be anything but based on “traditional” anything – polls, demographics, whatever. Applying “traditional” perspective to this upcoming election is a mistake, whoever makes it. In the words of Admiral Yamamoto on the day of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, “We have awakened a sleeping giant and have instilled in him a terrible resolve”. That sleeping giant is what at one time was known as the “silent majority.” In my opinion that “silent majority” is still largely silent – but wide awake now.

    Although the Tea Party groups have given some voice to their perspectives and frustration, the Tea Party groups are only the very tip of that iceberg that is standing between the Titanic that the US government has become, and the safe harbor that those of the established political elites, of whatever party, are desperately seeking.

    Actions speak louder than words and the voice of that “silent majority” will be seen in November 2012 even if not heard.

  • http://www.libertynews.com/members/carrollscorral/ Carroll

    I have always liked Michele Bachmann and Mr. Cain, and have posted several times that I would favor Bachmann as president, and Cain as VP, as I think it would be a winning ticket. However, with the situation with Obama using executive orders, and every other dirty trick in the books, to get things done that he cannot get passed in Congress, I am now thinking that we may need someone like Newt Gingrich, with his infinite knowledge in the workings of our government, He may be the only one with the experience to undo all of the laws, rules, and regulations, that this administration has put in place. Normally, I don’t think that experience would be so critical, but with the corrupt cast in this administration, we may need someone with the ability to out think, out debate, and put Obama in his place (possibly prison?), but certainly turn this country around, back to some common sense. It’s still early, but I think that we may need Newt Gingrich this election. As a Texan, I have always thought that Perry walked in the direction of the wind, trying to straddle the fence to avoid losing the votes of any group, and Romney is far too much to the left, although hides it whenever he can. Saying that, any one of the candidates would beat Obama, unless the majority of the country has been doing drugs with the wallstreeters. Just my thoughts.

  • Rachelrao

    The Tea Party has lead a brilliant campaign to get members into congress and the senate and is doing a great job of holding them fiscally responsible. I personally think all the candidates are rock solid (not too sure of Ron Paul), but I do continue to believe that we need a person who has a record of turning businesses around, and Mitt Romney has proved his success with the Olympics. And as a mother and grand mother I will caution everyone to not say “never say never”, because the very thing you say never to will come back to bite you (i.e. my kids do not drink, will turn out your kids do drink). With the Tea Party in power in the Congress any President whether it be Mitt Romney or Herman Cain, their feet will be held to the fire and they will not be able to do things previous presidents have done. I fervently believe the secret weapon is the Tea Party and more should be voted into congress and senate. My 2 cents worth.

  • http://www.icontact-archive.com/FEgdUq2-3KhVnIWd7rSXv3QjImf0rGlN?w=4#sub1 Surfingranny35

    Just today, I heard on ABC that there was still time for somebody to jump into and win this race. Well, that man is in it, certified to be on the ballot in all 50 states (not in Obama’s other 7, wherever they are), John Albert Dummett, Jr. (write down and remember that name), has been busy the past year and a half getting ready to CHANGE this country back to what You the People want, and his first step has been, partnering with Van Irion of Liberty Legal Foundation, to file a LAWSUIT in both state and federal courts in AZ, OCT 24, 2011, against the DNC, enjoining (look that word up, people) them from putting Obama’s name on ANY 2012 ballot until they have proven in a court of law that Obama is a ‘natural born citizen’ and Constitutionally eligible to be on the ballot. Whoever gets the GOP nomination will NOT have Obama to run against. All the other candidates have this same standing (as the 9th Circuit Court said in dicta that any 2012 POTUS candidate would have in any federal court of law), THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING BUT FIGHT AMONGST THEMSELVES on behalf of their careers, while John has been fighting for YOU, this Country, and our CONSTITUTION. Who you gonna vote for? Seems pretty clear to me. I AM VOTING FOR JOHN A. DUMMETT, JR. FOR POTUS 2012!

  • Jason T

    Isn’t it cool how every time the Tea Party is attacked, it becomes stronger?


    It’s so hard to say “you’re an idiot” for supporting these fundamental ideals put forth by our Founders.

  • Mark Anderson

    I’ve been following the Republican candidates closely since mid-2010, worked for Sharron Angle’s campaign last year, and contributed to Michele Bachmann before she formally declared her candidacy. While I still like Bachmann, I’m concerned about whether she’ll be able to go the distance given her tendency to provide the Obama campaign with material to use against her in the general election – the same problem Sharron had. That’s one reason I’d been considering shifting to Cain, but over the last couple of weeks, he’s been having similar problems – saying things that can be used against him and then having to backtrack. He has to realize the media is about 90 percent left / socialist and is constantly sharpening its knives to slice up Republican conservatives whenever they start looking like serious threats to Obama. Now, I’m starting to think seriously about Newt Gingrich. He is a skillful debater who thinks quickly on his feet; has a good grasp of conservative issues and will slice and dice Obama if he gets the nomination. Plus, he is beginning to gain traction in a number of polls in states that will hold early primaries and caucuses. The longer I watch this race, the more I’m starting to like Gingrich. While nationwide polls do mean something, they are not as significant as statewide polls, since statewide results rather than the overall national vote, determines the individual we ultaimately elect as our president.
    Las Vegas Mark

    • phrowt

      Mark, is this not what all of these candidates have been doing, except Newt; giving others ammunition to use against them? I wonder when these candidates will do what Gingrich has said, go after Obama not each other (seems Reagan had something to say along this line). The one who articulates what Obama has done to this country and what they will do to correct it will get the support neccesary to win, all without attacking each other.
      Semper Fi

  • Gary Lothrop

    At this point I am no longer thinking about who I support and rather about who I cannot support. Romney and Perry are “Walking Eagles”, too full of it to fly any more! This leaves me with three candidates I am watching, Cain, Bachmann and Gingrich. The rest can all go home IMO.
    I do have a favorite in the above three but with 12 months ahead and the D machine fully loaded with “Dirty Bombs” I shudder to think who among them can handle the assault. If I were a betting man I would place my bet on Gingrich for having the ability to withstand the battle ahead. Gingrich is also the one that Obama fears in a debate setting and I expect the dirt diggers to be working OT in fabrication.
    The Adult on the stage continues to be Newt and I do respect his attitude and intelligence.

    • Tony P

      You will have a chance to see the “breadth” of two candidates ideas when Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich have a “REAL” debate like the historic Lincoln / Douglas debates of long ago.
      As you recall Gingrich has issued a challenge to Oblah-blah to just this kind of debate if he wins the Republican nomination.(Bet Obama refuses!)
      Herman / Newt debate Nov 5th from Houston, Texas I believe will be televised on CSPAN.
      Be there! Or be square!

      Another man I would like to see running would former Ambassador to the shU.N. – Mr.John Bolton.
      Romney…. who???

    • Tony P

      TOTUS will not be allowed!

      Newt may allow Obama to use Que cards or maybe Post-It notes!


      Newt may debate BOTH Obama and gaffe-a-minute Joe Biden!
      That would be hilarious! – and a good swift kick-in-the pants to all those (voters??) who fell for that hopey – changey garbage and foisted these incompetant nincompoops on U.S.

      The more things change – the more they stay the same!
      Democrats are still the Party of “Tax and Spend”, except that now they are not only spending U.S. into oblivion BUT our grandchildren as well !

      God save the United States Of America

  • Robert Lebischak

    Those that control the media, control the minds of the people. Could it be just that, there are those who want to change the truth to their thinking so they can control the outcome. It’s possible, just look at History. It make us realize it’s time to use our minds. I just pray to God that we the voter still has one left.

  • topeka


    You’re doing a great job, and a great service for the country. Don’t let any trolls get you down. We all tend (including me) to post when we are critical or have something to “add.” Nonetheless, I have been watching you work since at least the summer of 09.

    Although I hope the few bucks I have chipped in help, I would do much more if circumstances allowed.

    Keep up the good work: and remember you will be ultimately be a nameless hero; but a hero nonetheless to every child on this planet who still gets to dream of the AMERICAN WAY!

    God Bless you and God Bless America! (Cause we’re gonna need it….)

  • topeka

    BTW, our posts are not that anonymous.

    Google can rat us out at the request of anyone they feel obliged to kiss up to.

    When one is a conservative, speaking one’s mind has real-world consequences including losing one’s job, if one can get hired in the first place, and other less savory tactics. The Left holds the reins of power in many places and unlike conservatives they are not afraid to wield power without regard to the law, morality or ethics. They have “diplomatic” immunity in almost all abuses of power whether by action or omission.

  • John Dick

    I just wanted to send you a brief note…and say thank you for you unceasing efforts to make our country better.It’s exhausting work.The army of the enemy is countless in number.If noting else they just want to grind you down..wear you out…and continue their campaign to fundamentally change America.

    To you I say Thank YOU !

    God Bless America.

  • http://RonPaulwinsbyalandslide Larry

    Ron Paul is leading, the media and political establishment just won’t tell you. They want you to think you have to vote for one of their approved elite crooks.

    • Donna Dawson

      When I helped start a local Tea Party I did so on the principles of a strong commitment to the Constitution. I did so because I had worked for and supported Ron Paul’s principles of sound money, sound foreign policy, his commitment to auditing the Fed and his voting record.

      No other candidate in the Republican field can match his unwavering commitment to principle, his voting record, his honesty and integrity and are therefore unworthy of my precious right to vote.

      I support one who completely supports the Constitution, not just the parts with which he disagrees. The parts with which he disagrees, most of us disagree and will work to repeal them.

      A Ron Paul presidency would restore individual liberty and the only real job of the President to be an Ambassador and Commander in Chief.

      A Ron Paul presidency would stop spending our tax dollars to prop up dictators we take out when they refuse to accept our dollar as currency.

      Those are only a few reasons I support Ron Paul, but those alone beat all other candidates hands down.

      I respect every one’s opinion and their right to support the candidate of their choice, but first I will respect my own right to vote my conscious. In my opinion it will not matter who is the president if it is not Congressman Dr. Paul.

      For Liberty,
      Donna Dawson

  • rockytony

    Gingrich in 2012…please!!!!!!

  • Nomark

    I’m trying better to understand why the Tea Party people are not 100% behind Ron Paul. I see accolades and admissions that “Paul was right” yet I don’t see the support for Dr. Paul from the Tea Party people like I do Herman Cain. This is not to say I don’t think Mr. Cain would be a much better president than Obama, but Dr. Paul’s ideology is more in line with the Tea Party, or at least what I think is the Tea Party’s position.

    Can someone list the issues a Tea Party supporter would have a problem supporting Dr. Paul? Or why Mr Cain would be a better candidate than Dr. Paul?

    • Tony P

      I like most of what Ron Paul has to say -BUT- he just doesn’t get it when it comes to National defense or what role America should play on the world stage.

      Isolationism is NOT the answer. There are a lot of bad people and countries out there and America up until recently was the lone voice standing in oppostion to them.
      Like Teddy Roosevelt, I believe America should speak Quietly AND carry a Big Stick.
      Isolationism will only guarantee that we will become ISOLATED.
      Talk about the “Domino Effect” which we were fighting a half-hearted battle against just a generation ago.
      Cuba – Communist Dictatorship
      Venezuela – Communist Dictatorship
      Brazil – Voted in an avowed Communist
      New York – Capitalist Communist Administratio0n
      Oakland California – Communist
      Berkley – Communist
      San Francisco – happy Communist
      POTUS – read his book and see who he sought out to commingle with when he went to kollege

  • Champ Taylor

    Groundswell is a term that scares establishment types who think that the only candidate worth supporting is one who lives and breathes the image of Ronald Reagan. Mark Levin, talk show hack, asked the question on his show Friday, Oct. 28:

    “What do you Ron Paul supporters think of Ron Paul if he decides to run a third party candidacy?”

    Mr. Levin, two questions:

    1. Which one of the three “front runners”—- Larry Perry, Mo Romney, or Curly Cain, will get beaten WORST by President Obama, if each one is just an opposite side of the Obama coin?

    2. When Ron Paul wins the Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and South Carolina primaries, will you support him as the Republican nominee?

    Ron Paul, whom ALL the media continue to discredit, has a GROUNDSWELL of popular opinion through straw polls, and is the only true voice for Constitutional Conservatism, proving it with his voting record in Congress. Remember the Las Vegas debate? Larry and Mo were fighting like the stooges they are about who mows whose lawn, while Ron Paul stated a clear message about his plans to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution.

    Take note, everyone reading this: Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who can defeat President Obama.

    • Tony P

      AND if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, will he run a third-party candidacy, therby almost certainley guaranteeing a second Obama term?

      Were you aware that there were other candidates voicing strong opinions at that debate? Bachmann – Santorum – Gingrich – Johnson
      Or were you just focused on Ron Paul’s Libertarian ideas.
      Ron Paul is about 90% right but he has a blind spot as to what America’s role in the world should be.
      Romney and Hunstman are just a couple of “aisle-crossing”, “bi-partisan” McCainites.
      There is no room in Our Tent for someone who spends most of their time in the other Party’s Tent.

  • SeanK

    The media is definitely having a major play on who is getting attention, but to me it appears that a vote for anyone other than Ron Paul will be a vote for the status quo. Yes I do believe Paul can beat Obama because Mr O has proven that he is not capable of running our country. He doesn’t show much knowledge, experience, intellect or real answers. Ron Paul smokes him on all accounts. He is well versed in economics, foreign affairs and history. If the media would give him any coverage the people would know who the real front runner is. He is the only one that makes mention of cutting something! He is the true conservative that we need not some ex Federal Reserve employee. Obama will not win, he did not build any credibility to. Ron Paul is the most honest politician since George Washington. He has an impeccable voting record, this would be real change. Lets all get behind him!

  • http://sugar1 ejkrigbaum

    Cain is PRO-CHOICE; was in favor of TARP when it started, and pulled back when it failed. He obviously didn’t let his principles guide his decisions. We need a President who has principles he lives by, and won’t deviate from those principles. He’ll have to be tough and thick skinned. Rick Santorum is the guy. Notice the main stream media has ignored him. They only pay attention to people they either want or those they are deathly afraid of. Let’s make Rick one they’ll be deathly afraid of.
    Ed K

  • Planetnews

    Trick or Treat? (9-9-9 or Restore America?)

    The Daily Caller reports http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/28/spooky-us-debt-to-surpass-gdp-on-halloween/ :

    “As children across America costume themselves as ghouls, ghosts, goblins and former North African dictators Monday night, they may have missed the most spine-chilling scare of the day. According to calculations based on the International Monetary Fund’s World Economic Outlook, on All Hallows’ Eve the United States’ total debt will surpass its Gross Domestic Product for the first time since World War II.

    That means the average American’s share of government debt is more than an average American makes in a year. Spooky!

    On October 19 Bloomberg released a chart showing that per capita gross government debt would to exceed per capita GDP in the very near future. As Bloomberg put it, “America’s bills are about to exceed its paycheck.”

    Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan does not address this national debt problem. There are no significant cuts. Neither have any of the other candidates offered any such cuts.

    Ron Paul’s Restore America plan: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-restore-america/ cuts $1 trillion in the first year. It is the only plan among the 2012 GOP presidential field that offers real and substantive cuts in line with what this country desperately needs.

    Or as Rush Limbaugh put it: http://dailycaller.com/2011/10/17/rush-limbaugh-is-right-about-ron-paul/ :

    “Fooling around the margins isn’t going to get it done. A 2% tax cut here, or a 3% tax variation over there is not going to fix what’s wrong. Genuine, big spending cuts are the only thing that is going to bring us back … But nobody on our side has ever seriously proposed this and Ron Paul is going to.”

  • SONshineman

    Let’s cut through the CRAP like the typical establishment propaganda in this article and get something straight: the ONLY “GOP frontrunner” is and always has been one man: RON PAUL. Examine his voting record, but more importantly his life. He is the ONLY candidate that isn’t “bought and paid for” by the globalist establishment in some way. Herman Cain is NOT a Christian, nor is he a Conservative, and he certainly isn’t fit to be President of the United States, any more than Obama is. Why? Do your own research. He was the head of the second largest branch of the very ones who are responsible for taking America DOWN, and that is THE FEDERAL RESERVE in Kansas City. Since 1913 and the passing of the so-called “Federal Reserve Act”, this criminal private BANKSTER cartel (and that is exactly what they are!) have sought to destroy the Republic established by our Christian founding fathers in order to incorporate this nation into their WORLD GOVERNMENT, which they themselves call the NEW WORLD ORDER. You fools who want to support Cain, thinking that he’s the answer to the mess we’re now in are sadly mistaken. I’ve got news for you: whether it’s Cain or Perry or Romney or Bachman or Gengrich, they are ALL connected to the New World Order. Are you aware that Cain said in his book, as well as in recorded interviews, that anyone who wants to audit and end the Fed IS STUPID? Ron Paul caught him in his lie about that when he denied this, even though it is a well documented fact that he DID say this! Now he is backtracking, saying we “should” audit the Fed, just not END the Fed. That is a sure sign of an establishment insider. No one in their right mind who is as familiar with the Fed as Cain is would EVER say what he has about them. He’s nothing but a paid globalist lackey, just like Romney (whose Massachusetts “Health Care” plan is THE MODEL for Obama Care), and Perry (who is the darling of the Bilderbergs, yet another New World Order group), and Gengrich (who may as well change his name to Al Gore!) and Bachman (the attack dog for the criminal IRS). It is time for everyone to “wake up and smell the coffee” politically and understand that whether it’s FDR, Truman, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., or Obama, they ALL work for the same criminal BANKSTER cartel that has hijacked our nation. WAKE UP FOLKS! The reason the media either ignores or demonizes RON PAUL is that they KNOW he is the ONLY candidate that has the integrity and true faith in the God of the Bible to get the job done like the founding fathers intended. RON PAUL is no politician; he is a true MODERN DAY STATESMAN, a present day THOMAS JEFFERSON. If you want to see REAL change, support RON PAUL for President. If you want 4 more years of THE OBAMA-NATION, support anyone else, because RON PAUL is the only candidate that can and will beat Barry Soteoro, aka Barak H. Obama, our “undocumented worker” President! And one last thing: NINE ELEVEN WAS AN INSIDE JOB! Go to: http://www.infowars.com Alex Jones is spot-on about all this! .

  • Jerry Pierce

    This has been a great post to read. I have to say that I am on the Cain train and love the beat Obama with a Cain. comment. The media will not go out easily and if people continue to allow themselves to be guided by them then the people will contine to lose their voice, power, and rights.

    I believe that Cain and Gingrich would be the best ticket for us all.

  • Nomark

    Ron Paul is the only “insider” who is also an “outsider.” Whether you like it or not, Washington works in it’s own way. It’s different from the rest of America. Look at who people like Grimm, Mike Lee, Connie Mack, [votes for Patriot Act and raise debt ceiling] Chris Christy [endorses Romney] have been compromised. They were all supported by the Tea Party ideals. All decent people but they all compromised their principles.

    Now look at Ron Paul. He’s been IN THE TRENCHES in Washington DC for 20+ years and not once compromised his principles. It takes a titanium backbone to hold steady to your principles when you are outnumbered 600 to 1. Yet Ron Paul has has done it.

    No I don’t agree with him 100% of the time and neither will anyone here. But he’s so much closer to what a real statesmen, a real constitutionalist needs to be that he has to have the Tea Party’s full support. Look at this another way: Barrack Obama is only one step to the right of Carl Marx, yet the US system provided the checks and balances we needed to keep us from going over the edge. (Yes it was a very close call for awhile there, I admit) but the point is, even Ron Paul will not get everything he wants. But we need him now to pull us back from the far left that Obama has tried to put this country.

    I will not vote for Romney or Perry. I would rather see Obama re-elected. It’s only when he institutes his socialist utopia that the rest of the country will finally pull their heads out and take action. Will it be too late? I don’t know, but putting in another “GWB like” person or another “almost Ted Kennedy” will do nothing to fix America. We don’t need “a little fix” to our country, we need a big swing back and Ron Paul is best one to provide the momentum the pendulum needs to swing back to center/right. Romney or Perry will be a swing back to “not as left” as Obama, but still way to the left of center and we need a center/right country to propser and be free.

    I firmly believe, “If you don’t get what you want, you get what you deserve.”

    I believe we deserve a free &, propser country. I believe Ron Paul is the right man and the time is right now.

  • Nomark

    Prosper, not propser.. :-( sorry.

  • Eugene Varcados

    Good it worked. So here’s what I have to say.

    The Tea Party movements goals and objectives sound almost exactly like the platform of the Libertarian party; which is a good thing!

    Specifically, Constitutional Government.

    Which is what we all are asking for in so many words.

    Ron Paul was a Libertarian (and I think he still is) who has registered as a Republican because the media ignores all parties except the big two.
    And still, after having won many straw polls, he is still being ignored.

    During the debates he said he wanted to reduce the Defense Budget and got lambasted for saying it. He also said he wanted to bring ALL U.S. troops home from throughout the world. Somehow people don’t connect these two significant issues. Bringing our troops home would automatically reduce the Defense Budget by billions (if not trillions) and the there would probably be money leftover.

    This would provide both funding and “boots on the ground” to protect our borders. Thereby relieving us of the “prevalent increase” of the immigration problem. We could them concentrate on the problems of those already here.

    Some very good points that make him a great candidate.

    Newt Gingrich has a vast store of historical knowledge about our country, it’s politics and it’s founding principles. He has the knowhow to rescind the Executive Orders our current President has a penchant for using to bypass our laws about how this country is suppose to operate. What makes him a good candidate is his belief in those principles!

    Cain is a productive personality. He has many accomplishments and knows how to get things done. Not too sure about the 999 plan, seems to have a detrimental effect on the elderly and the poor. Haven’t been able to view the entire plan, even on his website.

    Cain is not a politician (something we need) but surely has done more than our current President who, to my knowledge, hasn’t even held a non-government job let alone manage a company. I’m still shocked that he even got elected. I still wonder how (without employment) he was able to afford that high cost schooling.

    Too bad we can only elect two of them. Any of two of these three would be better than either Romney or Perry. Who I think are more of the same thing we have; just in a different suit.

    • http://lookingforeugenevarcadosofnevada tim lam

      drop me an email with contact details
      we have not seen you for over 11 years
      saw lew lewis a few time, first was right before christmas 2011, then february 2012
      perry hernandez is not doing well at all…………
      tim lam

  • Eugene Varcados

    These are the types of things I’d like to see promoted by a qualified candidate.
    They are not in an order of importance.

    1. Make the Government smaller not larger. Return to the principles of Federalism so issues can be managed at a more responsive level; ie. the states.

    2. Pass a Federal Budget based on actual revenues.

    3. Bring our troops home. Use the savings and troops to protect our borders and stop future illegal immigration problems.

    4. Stop spending tax dollars on “nanny state” social programs wherein people get free money without any personal responsibility.

    5. Reduce government regulations on business.

    6. Deport all “illegal” aliens and stop giving them free handouts and money.

    7. Revise the law so children of “illegal aliens” are not automatically US citizens.

    8. Pay all existing Federal IOUs due the Social Security Fund. Limit expenditures to those that actually paid into this “forced savings” plan.

    9. Require all government employees, both federal and state, to participate in the same pension, health plans, etc., that are the law of the land for the rest of us.

    10. ESTABLISH TERM LIMITS FOR ALL MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AND OTHER ELECTED GOVERNMENT POST. One can be elected as many times as the electorate wants; but no TWO terms can be consecutive.

    The last is important. It eliminates career politicians (unless they can remain in good stead with those that elected them), minimizes media influence, reduces political cronyism, reduces party politics and deal making (which has destroyed our representative government), but MOST IMPORTANT; it keeps representation at the local level where it was always intended to be.

    If you find one who wants to do this; let me know.
    Right now my moneys on Ron Paul.

    • Tony P


      I appreciate MOST of Ron Paul’s views and his candidacy but his time has passed.
      He get’s flustered too easily! Maybe his son in the next election cycle?

      If Ron Paul is a person who represents Tea Party values.
      Bachmann doesn’t?
      Santorum doesn’t?
      Gingrich doesn’t?

      Who are the career politicians running?
      Many know History but only one teaches it – and – has learned from it!
      Can you guess who that would be?
      Only one has “been there” and SUCCESSFULLY “done that”! – in National Government
      Can you guess who that would be?
      Who writes books on other topics than autobiographies about himself?
      Can you guess?
      Who has been formulating, writing and proposing plans for America for the last dozen or so years and very intensely for the last four years or so?
      Can you guess?
      America NEEDS solutions! And only one candidate has written about them in detail and not just johnny come lately talked them off the top of his head.
      Articulate and a man of convictions who can get the job done.

      If you like Ron Paul you would like Newt.

  • http://MittRomney DJB

    Have you read Mitt Romney’s book, “No Apologies”? He is a conservative not a moderate. He is clearly the most qualified candidate. In 2008 Senator McCain was viewed as the moderate not Governor Romney.

  • bj christensen

    The best canidate is being over looked. Newth Ginrich is the best man to get us out of this mess we are in. It’s a shame someone of his leadership and knowledge is being swept under the bus. He knows the constitution and the smartest one there. He won’t get into name calling and squabbles. He more interested in telling the truth about Obama and how to fix our problems. In a debate, he will wipe the floor with Obama.

  • Oakman

    Unfortunately for the poll takers, there are some of us who will never ever vote for people like John McCain, Mitt Romney, or Herman Cain. These men may be nice, may be good politicians, and they may have (or have had) a big following and support from the media. But what they do not have are clear principles based on America’s founding principles. And they do not have a clearly communicated understanding of the economic and financial crisis. Their proposed solutions seem be be constructed by the world banking elite, which is the real cause of the crises. Only candidate Ron Paul knows the history of banking and finance and is untainted by an inconsistent and unprincipled past.

  • Joe Thornton

    I have not trusted Rove since he let down Angle and O’Donnell in the 2010 mid-term election. If the establishment Republican Party had supported these two ladies the country would be rid of Harry Reed! Rove failed not only the Repulican Pary and conservatives, but America as well. Cain can win against obama, but so can Perry, Romney, and especially Gingrich who quite frankly won all the debates thus far. As far as Pau goes, he means well annd has some great ideas, but his foreign policy is dangerous, misguided and naive!!

  • Tony P

    Newt / Cain in 2012 !

  • Pingback: Cain’s ahead, but GOP elites won’t admit it | PoliNation()

  • Pat

    Americans are being played by political machinery to see just how much politicians can get away with; meanwhile they are passing legislation left and right based upon the privilege of their corporate allies.

  • Jason Independent Critical Thinker

    Eric Odom is definitely not the leader of the TEA PARTY. Tea Party is fundamentally ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT in it’s origin. This is the second article I have read that has been purely estabishment based (first was months agao about why I should vote for ROmney). There is NO mention of Ron Paul here who just won ANOTHER STRAW POLL. The obvious ignoring of him is completely laughable at this stage b/c every true/objective poll has him as top three. I am sickened at the fact that our media consistently spews this biased, purely partisan agenda and we get fake, un-authentic, womanizing choices. Go figure the biggest controversy of ROn Paul is his foreign policy-“ending the expensive, insignificant wars and bringing the troops home.” If that is the worse he has said so far in the last 30 years, I will take it! -Concerned Objective Citizen

  • Jason Independent Critical Thinker

    awaiting moderation?? funny! not really….

  • G Travalini

    Ref: Herman Cain and the GOP winner

    To: Whom Ever wishes us to win the election in Nov 2012
    I wrote on some comments on various Tea Party sites of my view points over a week ago, some longer.
    I am a CLAIRSENTIENT and have been since I was old enough to understand what was going on around me. I am 65 now so I would say I have been this way for many years.
    I have used it to put multi-million dollar deals together in the business field I am whereas I happen to be in the right place at the right time.
    I am not offering my comments here to anyone for money or fame and never have done so.. But now that is out of the way I want to say that the Nov 2012 election is very important to me and my foreign and American friends who are afraid to bring capital into the USA due to the fears of Mr. O’s evil plans against business.
    I have put this on several blogs in last several weeks my feelings on various things:
    I will repeat some of them:
    Cain: I said he can not beat obama. I said several days ago,
    that Cain’s problems would not be over. Of course we find out today that a fourth accuser (named) came forward. I tried to inform people that some new problem would come up and it has certainly done so and has doomed Mr. Cain’s plans to be President.
    Bachmann: Nice and Smart lady.. But she will not beat obama
    Perry: He has the morals and ethics of richard nixon, and will not beat obama.
    Ginghrich: He will get some bounce to the Cain problems, and may even become the new darling of the tea party because of this anybody but Romney mentality. Ginghrich will not beat obama.. I am extremely SURE of this. But I want to also say he is the smartest man out there running for President , but I will not vote for him as he can not and will not beat obama.
    Paul: really nice man , but simply put he can not beat obama and obama would love the GOP nominee to be Paul for obvious reasons.
    The rest of the field: no chance to win the GOP nomination nor can they beat obama.
    Romney: I see and feel one man who has what it takes to beat obama. The person will pull democrats and independents along with mainstream Republicans and some conservatives. Regardless of flip flops as people say or less conservative leanings as some say, he is the ONLY one I see and feel as beating obama.
    I will say it again as I have said over and over… If the tea party does not stop this anybody but Romney campaign, they are going to cost us the election and obama will get another four years.
    Since I was old enough to vote I have predicted to myself and my close friends who would be the next President . Yes even predicted obama as going to win even though I still voted for McCain.
    I will repeat I see and feel the only one who can and will beat obama is Romney. If Romney selects a strong conservative as VP to run with him, the tea party should get behind this so we can go on to beat obama.
    Just like I said before it happened, that Cain would have a new and more problems besides one , two or three accusers, and just like it happened with a fourth accuser now.. I am also saying new problems will arise with Cain and the tea party better jump off that bandwagon now before it is too late.
    Foreign Affairs: We will have our troops out of Iraq by end of year. Iran now we know (I been saying it for last few years that they were moving ahead expeditiously on getting the nuke) is about to get the nuke ready and with a delivery system to it that could eventually be used against our home land (USA) and of course Americans in the middle east and Israel.
    The USA and UK have been talking behind the scenes plans for an attack on Iran to take out the nuke building plants. Israel has tested the Jericho missle capable of delivering a nuke to Iran. Israel is practicing self defense. Airspace of Iraq must be controlled by Americans for Israel to come across that way. Generals have said conventional bombs will not take out the nuke plants in Iran. You can figure out what that means. If it happens it is a strong chance it would happen before end of this year.
    We need a strong President to take over in Nov 2012 that can handle the repercussions of an inevitable attack against Iran..
    Take me serious or take me as a quack.. Of course that is your choice to make.
    The future of the USA is at stake and for that matter the value of the US dollar too.
    If the Suez Canal is closed or the pathway in that area is closed, you can understand what that will do to the price of gasoline in the USA.


    I would like to see a Cain/Ginghrich ticket, with either on top. I think with Newt’s political experience and Herman’s business experience they would and could turn this country around and we would be better off, just like Regan did. As for Karl Rove he is just too much for the establishment and that is what got us into all this trouble.