The Tea Party Conspirators and the REAL Story Behind the Tea Party Movement

The “modern” tea party movement is about two and a half years old now. Many who recently became tea party activists are unfamiliar with how it all got started. A big segment of America only views the mainstream media’s version of how it all went down.

This is a topic close to us here at On a more personal level, as a blogger this topic hits home because I was there on day one of the modern movement and I’ve watched the movement unfold every day since.

Before we get to the “Tea Party Conspirators,” let’s go back a bit and look at what really happened. The following is a rough timeline of the 2009 events as they unfolded.

February 19th, 2009: Rick Santelli, an MSNBC editor at the time, called for a “Chicago Tea Party” in a rant aired live on national TV. That evening a group called the “DontGo Movement” sent out an email to several thousand subscribers suggesting such an event actually occur. Other activists began doing the same.

February 20th, 2009: DontGo Movement, Smart Girl Politics, TCOT (top conservatives on twitter) and a handful of regular folks began to host conference calls to discuss a coalition of planners.

February 21-26, 2009: The loose knit coalition planned events in 42 cities, all scheduled for February 27th, 2009. The 42 city event was known as the “Nationwide Chicago Tea Party” and there were no plans at the time to do anything beyond those initial events.

February 27th, 2009: The Nationwide Chicago Tea Party kicked off with some 30,000 Americans attending a rally.

February 28th, 2009: At around 9:00 AM on Saturday, February 28th, 2009, the website was launched with a target rally date of April 15th, 2009. The original coalition rejoined to co-organize the April 15th effort.

March 4th, 2009: Michelle Malkin begins heavily promoting the effort and joins as a coalition partner. You can listen to a March 4th Internet radio show with Michelle Malkin by click here.

March 5th to April 14th, 2009: Websites, blogs, wikis (we still have the original planning wiki) and social media networks were used to coordinate the nationwide planning of the Tax Day Tea Party.

Watch the below Fox News clip to see the type of conversations happening a few days before the Historic event.

April 15th, 2009: More than 850 cities were host to a tea party rally. It’s estimated that more than 1,000,000 Americans networked and rallied that day.

Now there is MUCH more that went into this and there is no way we could list everyone involved here. This timeline is accurate and documented in a private wiki that more than 500 organizers used in 2009.

The point is the tea party movement was extraordinarily spontaneous and 100% grassroots. The Koch Brothers were in no way involved in the very core coalition, nor were any other “national groups” outside of logistical assistance here and there.

Yet, according to the mainstream media (much of it anyway), the Koch Brothers and other billionaires bankrolled and plotted out the entire movement!

Where did this narrative come from? Big Journalism blows the top off a HUGE tea party conspiracy propped up by two hack “journalists” and fed to the media over the past two and a half years. I highly recommend you read the full piece here.

Ames and co-author Yasha Levine launched the conspiracy theory–and its twin themes of drug abuse and gay sex–with a blog post (now removed) at in February 2009, entitled: “Backstabber: Is Rick Santelli High on Koch?” They published almost exactly the same article at their own site,, as “Exposing the Rightwing PR Machine: Is CNBC’s Rick Santelli Sucking Koch?”

Ames and Levine alleged that Santelli’s famous “rant heard around the world” that inspired the Tea Party movement “was not at all spontaneous as his alleged fans claim, but rather it was a carefully-planned trigger” for an “anti-Obama campaign.” That campaign, they claimed, had been planned for months before the 2008 election, and funded by “the Koch family, the multibilllionaire owners of the largest private corporation in America, and funders of scores of rightwing thinktanks and advocacy groups.”

The reason this is so close to me personally is the hit piece targeted me specifically. The original Playboy piece can be read here, with the second part located here.

On the same day as Santelli’s rant, February 19, another site called went live. This site was registered to Eric Odom, who turned out to be a veteran Republican new media operative specializing in imitation-grassroots PR campaigns. Last summer, Odom organized a twitter-led campaign centered around to pressure Congress and Nancy Pelosi to pass the offshore oil drilling bill, something that would greatly benefit Koch Industries, a major player in oil and gas. Now, six months later, Odom’s DontGo movement was resurrected to play a central role in promoting the “tea party” movement.

Up until last month, Odom was officially listed as the “new media coordinator” for the Sam Adams Alliance, a well-funded libertarian activist organization based in Chicago that was set up only recently. Samuel Adams the historical figure was famous for inspiring and leading the Boston Tea Party—so when the PR people from the Chicago-based Sam Adams Alliance abruptly leave in order to run Santelli’s “Chicago Tea Party,” you know it wasn’t spontaneous. Odom certainly doesn’t want people to know about the link: his name was scrubbed from the Sam Adams Alliance website recently, strongly suggesting that they wanted to cover their tracks. Thanks to google caching, you can see the SAA’s before-after scrubbing.

Even the Sam Adams’ January 31 announcement that Odom’s fake-grassroots group was “no longer sponsored by the Alliance” was shortly afterwards scrubbed.

The first sentence presents red flag #1. I have no idea what Ames meant by “imitation-grassroots PR campaigns.” While I had done some political consulting, the extent of my web experience at the time was somewhat limited. I was pretty proficient with blogs and blog networks, but there is no evidence whatsoever that I’ve been a PR guy, or that I’ve set up any sort of fake PR campaign.

With regards to the DontGo Movement, that wasn’t “organized” by anyone. That whole things started as a simple Twitter hashtag (#dontgo) to help Rob Bluey, several bloggers and myself track conversations related to the Republican revolt happening over the energy crises.

We had NO idea that hashtag would explode into a full scale web campaign with some 10,000 people subscribing via email and national media headlines. As was the case with the modern tea party movement, the DontGo effort was literally as spontaneous as can be.

Did the DontGo play a central role in the tea party? Yes, but not in the way Ames presents it. The Dontgo Movement was never any sort of “organization” of any kind. It was more a network of activists and an email list. We did move towards eventually forming into some sort of organization, but never got that far.

On February 19th, 2009, I sent an email to the 10,000 subscribers suggesting we do what Rick Santelli had called for and host a Chicago Tea Party. Some of the core activists within the DontGo Movement volunteered to help coordinate the tea party and that was it!

Yes, I was “scrubbed” fromt the Sam Adams  Alliance website. The reason is that I left the Sam Adams Alliance (my own decision) a few months earlier and was no longer a full time employee. That is a typical practice for any employer as far as I know. I still did some small contract work for SAA at the time all of this went down, but I was not an employee.

Furthermore, the Sam Adams Alliance gets WAY too much credit with tea party involvement in those early days. To set the record straight, the Sam Adams Alliance wanted NOTHING to do with the DontGo Movement back in 2008. Not only did the Sam Adams Alliance back away from DontGo, John Tsarpalas (President of SAA at the time) had actually called me into his office to rebuke me for being involved in such activity.

The Sam Adams Alliance actually went out of its way to avoid controversial efforts such as this. Yet, oddly, always came in after the fact to bask in the unjustified credit often wrongfully attributed to them.

With regards to the February 19th effort, John Tsarpalas called me a day or two after and screamed at me for getting involved in the tea party effort without giving him a heads up (remember I was doing contract work for them). This should be clear evidence the Sam Adams Alliance was NOT involved in the core organizing group of the 2009 effort.

Of course, SAA came along a few days later, after realizing there was good media to be had by being involved, and started to get involved. Tsarpalas even to this day pats himself on the back over the tea party movement, even though he originally distanced himself and rebuked my personal involvement.

Needless to say, the hit piece floated by Ames was 100% fabricated and contained no reality whatsover. Yet, its content was used to drive media narratives against the movement that still exist today.

Now you know where all the Koch Brothers nonsense comes from… and now you know how it all really began.

-Eric Odom

P.S. Amy Kremer, Michael Patrick Leahy, Teri Christoph, Stacy Mott and a handful of others are the true originators. Not any national entity or wealthy donors.

  • cathy

    the tea party is a conspiracy against deficit spending and politics as usual in Washington. it’s simple really.

  • Mark

    The only problem I have with the timeline is that it doesn’t really pay homage to Glenn Beck. If it weren’t for the motivation of the 9/12 Project, none of this would have happened.

  • http://Secrets?Transparency? Ormond Otvos

    “This timeline is accurate and documented in a private wiki that more than 500 organizers used in 2009.”

    Ane WHY is this wiki not linked? Somebody trying to hide their involvement?

    • David West

      Its private because those of us on the wiki were using it to organize the group Eric talks about that never went anywhere. You have no right to those conversations, but I can say emphatically that none of us on that wiki ever got a damn dime from any organization to do what we were doing.

  • di-OR

    Good grief, we all got wind of protesting, contacted each other, rallied all our friends, relatives and neighbors, sent tea bags and attended protests on the Tea Party days, we all made signs or carried signs others made, we attended an event here in the small town Rogue River Oregon, had huge events in Grants Pass & Medford Oregon which were under reported and misrepresented by the liberal media. You libs just don’t want to believe that the moral majority sleeping giant has awoke, is really angry with the mismanagement of our country and will vote!

  • FedUpSteph
    • David West

      So you claim, but the actual Tea Party that started in February was entirely due to Santelli’s rant on CNBC.

      Sorry to burst your bubble. Maybe others were talking about it, and I know the Ronulans like to claim they started it, but the truth is what Eric posted.

      I was there.

      • Dan

        You obviously weren’t “there” if you think it started with Santelli. There were numerous Tea Party protests before that, he’s just the one that brought it to mainstream news so the people behind the times could get on board.

        • SG

          If I believed that, I would have nothing to do with the Tea Party just as I have nothing to do with Ron Paul.

        • David West

          I’m talking about this current movement, Dan.

          Previous tea party rallies back from 2007 by Ron Paul got how much traction?

          Oh, and by the way, even then the concept wasn’t Paul’s. Remember Rush’s Bake Sale in Colorado? If you want to go back and claim things, you’d best not forget that.

          Point is, the current Tea Party movement was jumpstarted by Santelli, not Paul.

    • CLN

      It is true that the Tea party movement started before Santelli. In the first nation wide protest, it was hijacked by the those of the Religious Right. ( God, Guns, and Gays platform, which took a lot of the center out. It is likely to do so again with Rick Perry and the current Rapture crowd. The Tea Party concept is both Noble and correct.
      A pity it panders to the lowest common denominator.

      • SG

        If anyone is a hijaker of the movement, it’s the squishy middle who hates people of principle as you do.

  • Tony Warren

    I joined several groups in the summer of 2008, so the movement is at least three years old. In that time, I have seen the people who only wanted to make a fast buck off the movement. I have seen the power hungry small minded people scratch, back stab and bite their way into leadership positions for self gratification. I have seen one side of the GOP establishment do it’s best to make the Tea Party it’s own and I have seen the liberal socialists living their worst nightmare.

    The movement is alive and well in the people and their mind’s. It doesn,t matter if the people are independents or hardline GOP. They can even be democrats or John Burchers, Ron Paulers, or dittoheads because the Tea Party is a mindset and a way of life. You live the Tea Party. You don’t pay dues to it. You don’t wear it’s uniform.

    Hopefully one day everyone will get it, whether they agree with it or not.

    • c powers

      You got that right! I have seen the same thing.

    • Dawn West

      “Amen Patriot Brother”

  • CShirey

    The timeline is correct. I became involved late Feb/early March after hearing Michelle Malkin talk about it. I participated on those early conference calls planning for the first April 15th rallies. I remember Eric Odom, Amy Kremer, and Michael Patrick Leahy as the leaders on the calls and all a great resource to our organizing. Most of what I have seen televised or published about the Tea Party has been, at least in part, incorrect.

  • http://DisputeAnalogy Brutus

    The origin of the Tea Party started before the rant. Their origins began with the unorganized gatherings of common citizens court houses and other government buildings across the country on April 15 of every year to protest the ill use of paid taxes. The rant occurred several years afterward.

  • Littlerocker

    You forgot one major factor — Glenn Beck and his 9-12 project. Beck’s coverage of tea party gatherings also fueled the movement. I, for one, would include him as one of the founders of this organization.

    • David West

      Glenn Beck started the 9:12 Movement in March, after the original Tea Party. He, like groups like AFP and Freedomworks came later to the party.

      However, I do agree, Beck helped get more people involved. I eventually handed over the organization of the Omaha Tax Day Tea Party to our local 9:12 Movement group.

      Michelle Malkin, though, was the first national talk show host that came behind the Tea Party.

  • Gottogo

    All I need to know is everytime the “so called” mainstream anything bitches about the Tea Party it solidifies my belief, hope, and admiration for MY PARTY.

  • Debbie Dooley

    Noticed you left off Jenny Beth Martin, me and others that have been involved from the very first call. Gee, wonder why that is? Trying to do your own re-write of histroy?

    • David West

      Now, let’s not get testy.

      Jenny Beth Martin did a whole lot in those early days. There is no denying that. Debbie, you did work as well, but so did I am I’m not named on that list of Eric’s either even though I was one of the DontGo movement organizers at that time.

      Eric is still working with those he named. I’m not working with him, nor are a lot of people who went off to either form splinter groups or got disgusted with those looking to make a name for themselves and didn’t give a damn about the real cause.

  • NoConspiracy

    My goodness. I never even heard about you. In February 2009 I just saw an ad for a tea party in Solomon Island, MD (quite a distance from my Virginia residence) and decided I wanted to be part of it. I was lucky my hubby decided to drive me there (he is not as passionate about what was happening to the country then as I was). Things just rolled from there. I am now involved in my local tea party, the Tea Party Patriots, went to Glenn Beck’s 8/27 at the Lincoln Memorial. And proud of it! You should be proud of the good that you have done for this country.

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  • P. Henry Saddleburr

    Saw the Santelliii rant. Heard of a Tea Party in DC across from the White House in Feb 2009, made some signs and attended. Met up with Michelle Malkin and Joe the Plumber. There were 250 (maybe) people in attendance and the buzz was about a Tax Day event. There was no stage. There was only a megaphone.

    Went home that day and found that one person had established the Richmond (VA) Tea Party website. I met up with her within a few days, and a few others joined in and we pulled off an event of 5-6000 people. Left my comfort zone and did radio and tv interviews to promote core principles and the whole thing took off. I had never heard of the Koch brothers at that point and we didn’t receive any funding other that local donations from strangers that heard our message and donated other cash or services.

    Also, I met people through this process that have become very close friends that will last a lifetime. I’m sure everyone here has.

    One last point. I still credit Ace of Spades blog and the local Moron Meetups for allowing like minded strangers to meet at different places across the country for helping to build an infrastructure right after the election of 2008. Three of us from the Richmond Moron Meetup became heavily involved in the first Richmond Tea Party. Same thing happened in Atlanta, from what I understand.

  • http://IftheLiberalsspandthatmucheffort! Swed.

    It is interesting the Liberals and “Media” spend so much vitriol on the Tea Party.
    It must be Morally Right, Good and Honest otherwise the venom would have stopped a long time ago.
    I have found that anything the Liberals, Union Thugs and Statists hate is usually Morally Right, Good and Honest or they would not hate it so much.
    The more energy and anger they spew at the Tea Party, Beck, in fact anyone who wants a functional decent America is the object of scorn seems to be gathering more followers.
    As a pundit once pointed out “Ban my Movie , Please”.
    Liberals are a disease, they are the crabs Liberty got for hanging out with Socialism.

    • Mary A

      Radical Liberals are Satan’ Minions Incarnate

  • David West

    As you can tell, through my other comments through this listing, I was one of the original members. Thirty people were on that initial call. Now, I can’t tell you what the motivation was for every one there. Some may have been Paul supporters, I wasn’t. I have forever been a conservative and a believer of the Constitution. I joined up with the DontGo movement on accident, as it was my talking with John Culberson of Texas that got me involved.

    I joined up with the DontGo movement, then I was recruited by Eric after November for his News Platoon organization. However, that fell through because we could not get sustained support – people were too depressed and wanted to be isolated from what was coming from Obama.

    Then, Obama came up with his scheme for taxpayers to pay off late mortgages. Santelli blew his top. Next thing, I’m getting called by Eric to join a conference call led by Michael P Leahy.

    On that call, there were two Nebraskans – Shelli Dawdy and myself. Shelli went on to form the Lincoln Tea Party, while I started organizing the Omaha Tea Party. I was also the second most vocal person on that call, I will point out…because I saw what was happening, and I wanted to help.

    Now, I went about securing the courthouse steps here in Omaha, and the Tuesday before the first tea party event I walked into the Douglas County Republican Party monthly meeting and announced the Tea Party had arrived.

    Three days later, with the weather spitting snow, Pete Ricketts, who had run against Ben Nelson and lost but was now our National Committeeman, and I spoke to a crowd of 30 people in 30 degree weather.

    One of the people there, Sheila Heieck, went on to become a member of the Americans for Prosperity and pulled that group into Omaha. Others there included a Hillary Clinton Democrat, out of work college students who were pissed about the economy, and others who worked downtown in Omaha.

    Two months later, after I had given up the organizing to the 9:12 group, 1000 people were in the same position on April 15th, listening to people.

    Everything Eric says above is absolutely true to my knowledge. I know there was a blowup before the April 15th rally he is not mentioning. That’s when personalities got in the way of the message and the goal. That’s why the Tea Party is not, nor ever has been, more united than they are. In fact, our local 9:12 group burned quite a few bridges after April 15th, and they have never recovered and we have never had that many folks come to a Tea Party here locally since.

    I am still on this mailing list, I’m still on the Tea Party Patriots mailing list. I consider the AFP in Nebraska personal friends of mine. I am still involved with my personal blog, with Nebraskans 4 Cain website, with the Nebraska Tea Parties website, though I have been neglecting it lately.

    I, too, went to Glenn Beck’s 8.28 rally at the Lincoln Memorial and will never forget that sight.

    But, because of the blow up, because of what happened here locally, I admit I have turned cynical. People have lost sight of the goal, and the reason we came together. Anyone claiming to be the ‘voice’ of the Tea Party movement is full of themselves. This Tea Party has many, many voices and they do not always agree.

    Sharron Angle lost versus Harry Reid because we lost sight of our goals, for example. We’ve been losing the special elections in New York because of our shortsightedness.

    We will have another four years of this Mussolini clone if we do not get our act together.

  • burkco

    keep your eye on the ball. need to remove all people in congress who do not believe in what we do. small gov’t , the us constitution (original intent) low taxes. pres.b.o. is a distraction. his job is to get you emotionally upset. focus on your congressman/women . our gov’t system is bottom up not top down. as far as the repeaters in the tv are concerned what ever they say just do the opposite and laugh at them.

  • Bill

    Interesting. Once again, the actual origins of the modern Tea Party movement are ignored:

    The godfather is not pleased. :-)

  • jtsgrandmom

    The movement was started by Ron Paul’s group in 2007. It began as grassroots but was invaded by the RINO groups, like Freedom Works, Americans for Prosperity, some opportunistic journalists like Beck and because they above had the media reach and the money, they redirected the TPP mission statement against small gov’t and taxation without representation into the “Let’s get the GOP back into the Majority” party.
    Once again, some VERY good people trusted the VERY wrong people and once again, they have been betrayed.

    The ultimate irony is while they rose to restore small, self gov’t, they hopped into bed with the RINO globalists (which is THE GOP these days) and unwittingly helped the RINOs’ continued march to global governance, NWO and gov’t don’t get no bigger than that.

    • John

      Ron Paul is the original Tea Party movement! Any of you who believe Perry is TP are mentally handicapped.
      You guys really think Perry, a Bilderberger, is for the Liberty and Freedom of the American people?

      • David West

        I agree with John here. Perry is not a Tea Party person. I won’t go down the conspiracy theorist road, but let’s be honest, the candidates that are in the race because of the Tea Party movement we’re talking about here are Bachmann and Cain. (Paul, yes, was before this current incarnation of Tea Party. If his son Rand was running, I would include him.)

    • P. Henry Saddleburr

      Really? Ron Paul deserves credit for the Tea Party movement? Like the Koch Bros., I either hadn’t heard of or didn’t much know of this angry little constipated chicken when I helped form the Richmond Tea Party. Nor did many of us.

      The man is irrelevant. He’s a svengali cult leader. Good on some things but he ain’t the package.

  • kenpodoc

    While I appreciate the timeline Mr. Odom has provided, and agree with the bulk of it, I can tell you that the essence of the Tea Party is captured in the hearts and minds of the millions of American Citizens who heard about some local event in their “neck of the woods” and then showed up! Many of us started to do our best to pull others into that movement in the spring of 2009 as we sensed the dark cloud of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid machine. As we pulled people in locally, then those people in turn did the same, and so-on and so-on. We certainly needed coordination at some level to organize the protests and “tea parties” and rallies and town-halls etc. But really, we just needed patriots to show up with energy and enthusiasm and home-made signs and fire in their bellies to support the local organizers. We did that here in Tucson, and we certainly took our lumps for it after Gabby Giffords was shot by a crazy kid who went off his pysch-meds last January. Next thing you know, the Tucson Tea Party is getting death threats by crazy liberals who misinterpreted everything as our fault and were fed by the liberal media and an incompetent local sheriff….But we hung tough-especially the local organizers. Anyway, that sad story illustrates that many communities were met with adversity, put in hard work, organized events, got involved with campaigns, started to push the RINOS out and push the country back to the right (long way to go still, but we are making progress). We showed that this IS in fact a center-right country, and it is OK to adhere to strong conservative principles; the MSM should not dictate our values to us! Mr. Carville is dead wrong: Liberalism is not establishing a 40 year hold on America!!

    I guess my point is that while I sincerely appreciate Mr. Odom’s work, some have correctly mentioned that he failed to point out the contributions of Glenn Beck and Jenny Beth Martin and others. How about Dick Armey? How about Andrew Breitbart?, How about Sean Hannity, he has been a supporter. How about the local guys who got beat up by the SEIU Goons in 2009 on TV and held their heads up high in spite of it? How about the local organizers in Tucson who dealt with the liberal lies but kept their dignity while remaining in the fight (yes, I said fight, Clarence Dupnik!) How about all the local bloggers and e-mailers and facebookers and small time activists throughout the country who have been there since day one-campaigning against Obama and then morphing a concern for our country’s future into community activism? The timeline is a nice review, but many many things and people and issues conspired to bring this to bear and then to move it forward in spite of liberal opposition and adversity.

    Now, we move and morph into the next phase, growing our grassroots, organizing, infiltrating the Precinct Committee spots throughout the country and pushing away from “neo-cons” back towards strong fiscal and constitutional conservatism. We must continue to influence the debate and minimize those politicians and bureaucrats who would sell our futures for their own gain.

    That, is the heart and soul of the Tea-Party, my friends. For you newbies, the apparent target audience, enjoy the timeline as presented and consider my narrative as an annex to it; it is correct, I believe. And welcome, we need your help. For those who have been in the fight all along remember, we all did this together and if we stay united, we can take back our country’s future….

    Keep the Faith-D.S.

    • Eric Clendenin

      I agree. I was working with Ken Emanualson in Dallas forming North Texas Gun Owners when he began getting involved and I joined the Dallas Tea Party at the first rally that February. I have met many of the committed leaders of the modern Tea Party movement. I met Eric, Patrick, Mary Beth, and many more leaders of Tea Party groups around the country at various leadership events in Dallas, Atlanta, Ft. Worth, and DC. I helped as a coordinator for the 9/12 march on DC and participated in the Code Red rally in DC to protest ObamaCare with Ken and Katrina. Many of us lead and/or participate in other groups which makes it hard to reduce the “History of the Tea Party” to a simple timeline. I give the background for context and to say that I agree with the Feb launch timeline. I don’t know the Koch brothers and have never met them at any leadership event I have ever attended with any of the Tea Party groups I have had the honor to work with. My wife is equally involved with the movement as well as many GOP groups. She is also stumped on how the Koch brothers have been credited with starting this movement. Let’s keep up the great work and press on!

    • linda

      Keeping the faith d.s. what a bunch of b.s.

  • Daniel Dutile

    Let us not squable the origins of this movement. We are simply a group of small like minded individuals with similar ideals that is growing stronger with no national leadership. We need to be involved in local, state, and federal elections. Be involved in your local government. Support patriots, not career politions for state and federal legislators. Those that favor limited government. One nation under God.

  • Oleg Gielman

    anyone still looking to the media for non-biased, non-fabricated, information… enjoys to live on lies. Therefore they are not now nor ever will join the Tea Party movement, so who cares?

  • http://fromtheperipherylookingin... ja

    there have been Tea Partiers since the actual Boston tea party way back in the good ole days…tossed and tumbled through the centuries, the heart and minds of tea partiers got lost and fell asleep, confused or fanatic, chaotic and angry enough to do crazy things. All of those aspects have been going on since. And finally we were pushed to the tipping point to awakening, where unity had to converge from our desperate dark corners. And now, yes we must put aside our egos’ desires for recognition, money and anything else that egos desire that is less then the “real deal” of a patriot…honor, integrity, sacred lives and fortunes, with determination for true liberty and freedom that is not free, but hard earned.
    The True Tea Party is not a political party, is not an organization created to make money, but hearts of true patriots standing up to do the Constitutionally correct things to bring our great country into alignment with that Constitution, and set minds and hearts aright for Liberty! there is still a lot of correcting and aligning withing the people that needs to occur. Stay positive and do your best to be honorable and not money oriented or too attached to big corporations or political parties and their lobbyists.
    It is my opinion, at this point in time, that Ron Paul is the only person with the heart, integrity, stamina and consistency, experience and Constitutional knowledge and belief, that is fit to be President of the United States. Though I don’t agree with all of his policies as stated in their limited ways in media reports, he shows the intelligence and has spoken directly to the fact that he would work with everyone to give the country the policies that would meet the greatest Constitutional integrity. How could we ask for anything more at this point in time?

  • Rachelrao

    I do know that the Tea Party rose out of the American people’s impatience with the administration, the Obamacare that was being thrust down everyone’s throats, and that Beck was extremely influential in giving the party voice and a good reputation of normality. I think the Tea Party has done a LOT OF GOOD for the country and their fiscal responsibility, their efforts, are all to be applauded. I am unable to attend my events or get involved, but I do contribute and occasionally give ideas. There is so much waste going on in towns, cities, states and the Federal level that it is frightening. The change Obama promised is definitely being delivered by going around Congress and putting bills into effect that are ruining this country. Whoever formed the Tea Party, now is the time for all the Tea Party factions to unite as one, and help a Republican candidate to win back the WH. Obama is a firm believer in the One World Order that soros is involved in, and he will take America down that path if by any mischance he is re-elected. I am proud to say that I am a Tea Party member and no matter how the media downplays the polls, I believe they are not accurate. Keep up the good work one and all.

  • c powers

    My goodness! What a bunch a recognition seeking nonsense. God Almighty knows what has been done and by whom and so do you. Goodness is it’s own reward. If you really want to know who has been blowing this trumpet the longest, it is The John Birch Society. Since 1959, they have been spreading the word of Constitutional government through education for over sixty years and they have been maligned with every dirty, nasty smear and trick in the book because their ideas are a threat to the establishment, who are hell bent on destroying our freedom bequeathed to us in our Constitution. They view it as a limitation on their power and wealth and it must go! It is as simple as that. Let us not squabble, it only rewards our enemies. Divide and Conquer. Let us put away pride and unite for LIBERTY and a restoration of our Republican government within the limitations of the Constitution. Please, let’s not bicker over the small stuff!!!!!

  • http://98225 docfr

    Very interesting but I wonder if the same energy could be directed at the FUTuRE of the TP?
    Will it split the Republican Party and assure a Damnocratic victory in1012?
    Why? Why NOT? Who is funding the movement? Why? Hidden/open agenda?
    Let’s get some hard questions answered

  • Brenda

    Later that month, St. Louis had put together a tea party and was holding their first rally….I live 100 miles from there and it was cold and drizzly that day…..I didn’t want to go but I figured there would only be 50 people there and someone had to stand up so it might as well be me……was I ever pleasantly surprised when about 1200+ people showed up and cars going by, were honking and giving thumbs up……the drizzle stopped and sun came out a bit (a gift from God) and it was one of my most memorable lifes events……..I have traveled to DC 5 times since then (at my own expense) ………we are not bused in like the unions have the money to do so (where does that money come from), they all have matching shirts, signs, etc…..even get paid for their time and food……we, however, at the grassroots, do NOT…….there are many who would love to go but don’t have the resources…..sometimes we take up a collection to help 1 or 2 to go with us……we have been trailed and “caught up with” by people who wanted to bless us and give us money for food on our way. I do believe the tea party has the blessing and the sympathy of the majority of Americans, especially when they see we are not racist or violent (as the liberals keep lying about)……we Americans are not stupid and can see with our own eyes what is happening, not just what CNN WANTS to have us believe.

  • Judy

    Come on people! We all know who really, really inspired the TEA’D off movement, and he’s really needing some credit for something positive right now.
    His name is barak hussein obama,
    Mmmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmm!

  • Todd

    I drove to Chicago and marched in the first rally, and I can testify that this was a grass-roots effort. I had no political connections or memberships. There were people marching just like me, from all over, and they were all unorganized except by the grass-roots spirit for change and responsibility. It was a mutual feeling by all of us who attended. We had to find a tiny teabag just to open and dump in the river (I have photos). The feeling and spirit by the people who attended was that the time has come to take time away from our jobs and march for change. This was not a power play by some power hungry group for the sake of power. That day was real. When we got to the end of the march, ANYONE could stand-up and speak. There was no formal agenda, and no assigned speakers. Everything was from the heart of people who want our country to go forward and build better lives, as we have for decades, for our fellow countrymen and countrywoman.

  • valli06

    Sorry, the indisputable evidence is posted all over youtube.

    The modern day, nationwide tea party was started by Ron Paul supporters on December 16, 2007. The call for fiscal sanity, constitutional government, homage to the founding fathers and the gadsen flags were all part of it. Where were all you latecomers?

    Tax day protests were already being planned (as they are EVERY year!) before Rick Santelli’s famous rant. Note also, that Rick Santelli pays attention to what Ron Paul says and has a great deal of respect for him.

    Boston Tea Party World Record Attempt for Ron Paul (Revolution)
    Rand Paul at Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 – Part 1
    Ron Paul | Boston Tea Party | We’re Listening (1:20)
    Ron Paul…Tea Party ’07 (Blues)
    Ron Paul: 300 (Electoral Votes) – Tea Party 07
    Ron Paul Media-Trix 2008

    NY Ron Paul NYC Meetup Tea Party Official Video December 16th – NY
    MODESTO Tea Party 07 Ron Paul – MODESTO Meetup
    MASS Ron Paul | Boston Tea Party Rally | Rand Paul (5/22)
    EUGENE OREGON Tea Party — Ron Paul Style
    LOS ANGELAS Ron Paul Tea Party 2007
    DC Ron Paul DC Tea Party – Billary Bush
    ROCKFORD ILLINOIS Ron Paul Rockford Tea Party – Walking for Freedom & Liberty! –
    SANTA MONICA PIER Ron Paul Tea Party
    NEW HAMPSHIRE Trevor Lyman – Nov 5th & Tea Party 07
    FANEUIL HALL Reverend Lee Button at Ron Paul Tea Party 2007 – Part 1
    AUSTIN, TEXAS Ron Paul Tea Party Day – (Let’s Shake It Up!)
    F.R.E.E.port, TEXAS
    Ron Paul and Family at F.R.E.E.port Tea Party TEXAS
    LAS VEGAS Ron Paul Tea Party Part One – NEVADA

    NEW ZEALAND Ron Paul Boston Tea Party
    US EMBASSY New Zealand Ron Paul Tea Party Global Boogie!
    DUBAI Dubai to Boston Tea Party Celebration GO RON GO RON

    • SG

      Why doesn’t anyone see this as clearly as the Ronulans? Most likely becase he had an even he called a tea party, but it had no impact outside of his followers. Same name, different movement, different people.

    • David West

      Ron Paul held Tea Parties in 2007. Not disputing that at all, but did they take off and grab the consciousness of the nation?

      Be honest with yourself. Realize, both Eric and I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 primaries. We are not Ron Paul haters, but this Tea Party movement only started listening and reading Ron Paul after it started.

      Jumping up and down, claiming the idea was your own is nice, but did you accomplish in 2007 what this Tea Party movement has accomplished in 2009-2010?

  • Henry P.

    The end of America is near. America will not survive beyond 2012. The anarchy will be in the streets. Yes, Ameica is disfunctional. We use to be a great nation, come the Summer of 2012, blood will be flowing in the streets. It is of course, what the obama regime has wanted all along. Marxist is ugly people. Every nation that has been taken down the path to Marxism has experienced anarchy. with the anarchy comes blood flowing in the streets. There is not much that can be done to thwart the bloodshed. It is merely part of the steps to ultimate and total Marxism. obama is merely the lynchpin for this to happen. America’s Ignorant Class will be fooled as they always are. They lapped up the cutesiness of obama and now they are payind a dear price. Yes, the boots of Marxism will be fully implanted on the throats of Americans freedoms and liberties starting in the Summer of 2012. The term “Divide and Conquor” has arrived. Its claws are upon the throat of liberty for America. Just as citizens of Venezuela experience with Hugo Chavez, Americans will be experiencing what Marxist have been focosed on for over 50 years. Freedoms and Liberty will soon be a dead carcus along the roadway. The vultures will pick the last bloody morsals clean. Just a fact of life. As Thomas Jefferson stated, a Republic’s lifespan will only last about 400 years due to the weakness of its citizens to remain vigilant and protect the liberties is initially had bee provided. Sad story isn’t it. Reality is a hard thing to accept sometimes. This is one of those times.

    • David West

      Your prediction is 6 months earlier than mine, honestly. I base mine on the fact I still believe Obama will concoct something in order to try and remain in power after he is clearly voted out of office in November 2012.

  • http://TeaPartyGOP Lightweight

    When the Buses rolled this was the National Tea Party groups founded by the GOP. Up until then the Tea Party movement rose up without any leader,just People wanting their country back.Not 1 politician was aparty of this miracle.All of National group’s non political figure heads started out as true citizen patrtiots but was snagged up by the GOP politicians and consultants.Amy Kramer was called the founder of the TPX and until resenlt as 3 months ago could not answer in an interview what class of organization she had,not she is being called the co-founder with the GOP consultant who really was the founder.This is the trend of all the national groups.

    • David West

      A little incoherent, so let me attempt to clarify. It is true many groups that formed after the initial Tea Parties were formed by activists from the Republican Party. But realize, many of those activists are conservatives first, Republicans second. So, I was a registered Republican, Eric was a registered Independent. We’re both conservatives. We both hold conservative beliefs first over any sort of party loyalty.

      Many of those who have created spinoff groups are the same way. Tea Party Patriot’s Jenny Beth Martin, and Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express are two of those folks that are conservatives first. I don’t think that can be understood by those such as yourself that we do put principles before party, since it is so intertwined on the other side of the aisle.

      Do not attribute things going on the Right the same as what happens on the Left. We don’t work that way. We aren’t being paid by the Koch Brothers the same way the Left is paid by George Soros. Sorry, not happening, and if you are too simpleminded to understand that, I am sorry for you.

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  • Wes

    The Tea Party began under Ron Paul. The video evidence on Youtube is obvious. Too bad it’s been since half-taken over by the religious right and hypocrite big-government warmonger neocons.

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  • phfactor

    I thought the Tea Baggers also hated Wall Street but they didn’t hate it enough to not align themselves with the Republicans. The Republicans who say deregulate Wall Street. Let them do what they want to do, anywhere, anytime besides they’re the epitome of Capitalism. It’s ok to rig the table, rig the game or mark the cards in favor of the fat cats. While we’re at it, let’s deregulate everything. While we’re at it lets weaken the laws, defund and undermine the resources of the Justice Department so they can’t enforce the few weak and puny laws to put the vile Wall Street Criminals in Jail. That’s it. That’s perfect. That’s the twisted and convoluted logic of the Tea Baggers. Less government will fix Wall Street. Less government will fix everything. That’s a fairy tale that even a five year old wouldn’t buy.

  • henrymassingale

    Anonymous: Renewed Threats Against Patriot Action Network