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Liberty Political Report

Movement conservatives will soon come to a crossroad of tough decisions with regards to the 2012 Presidential Election. In one direction a bus will travel containing those who wish to protest against a political party that has betrayed them time and again. A bus traveling the other direction will carry those who look beyond grudges and focus on the defeat of Barack Obama, regardless of who the nominee is.

I used to be with the first group. In fact, in 2008 I voted for Ron Paul in the primary and Bob Barr in the general. For the record, though, my vote was nothing more than a protest vote. In the primary my first pick was Fred Thompson. When Thompson bailed I couldn’t find a candidate who I felt filled the gap. In the general my vote didn’t matter because I lived in Chicago, Illinois and Obama was taking the state regardless of who I chose. With that in mind I refused to hand John McCain a freebie when I didn’t have to.

In the past I’ve been of the mindset that I refuse to play the “lessor of two evils” game. I feel that Republicans threw away their chance at completely turning back the tide of government growth under the Bush Administration. They went even further by expanding government and kicking off a wave of bailouts that mushroomed into an unstoppable avalanche under Democrats in 2009 and beyond.

When I look at the past 20 years, all I see is government expansion, spending increases and job killing regulation across the board. The only part of it that changed when political parties lost or gained power is the speed through which it happened.

Getting back to the crossroads… I hope with everything in me that primary voters make educated, sound decisions in the voting booth and at the caucuses. If we as a primary electorate choose a “2nd Tier” or non-establishment candidate (aka, not Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich) I hope we choose an individual who isn’t too radical for independent voters. If we choose an establishment candidate, I hope the winning candidate will immediately embrace those who were not there the entire primary and invite us to be a part of the process going into the general.

I hate that I’m having to look at the scenario through the lens of political reality, but I think it would be incredibly dangerous at this point in the life of our nation to not consider the implications of every decision we make. I know my friends who support Ron Paul are going to flip their lids that I’m saying this, but I’m not going to pretend there is some other form of reality.

The REAL scenario is this:

1) Barack Obama, while seemingly unpopular right now, has a year and a half to put on a new blockbuster campaign show and make some 50,000,000 voters feel good about themselves.

Furthermore, while he’s off to a slow start, he’ll likely be able to raise close to a BILLION dollars and then have a union/external campaign arm raise several hundred million more.

2) Independent voters are KEY in 2012. While Independent voters do not show signs of happiness with Barack Obama, they’ve also made it clear they don’t care for several declared and potential GOP candidates.

3) Movement activists are already suggesting that if someone like Mitt Romney wins, they’ll stay home and sit out the general election.

Look, I can most certainly understand the desire to get revenge on a party that has been less than stellar in helping us elect true conservatives in 2010 and earlier. I fully get that we’re all frustrated with most members of Congress for not going far enough in the fight for our freedom and survival of our nation.

Let me tell you this, though. Time is of the essence. If we gain the Senate yet lose the White House, we lose our nation. If we continue on with a President who refuses to allow any significant reform or cuts to spending occur, we’re finished.

We have a House of Representatives who would actually do some VERY good things for us, if they could do so without a liberal Senate and White House standing in the way. While a Mitt Romney or other “establishment” candidate might not fight for us like we want, he or she wouldn’t stand in the way like Barack Obama would. He or should would certainly not openly declare war against our rights, the Constitution and the American economy.

One of the most important questions we can ask ourselves as 2012’s election cycle comes near is “who does this benefit?” If your decision benefits your grudge against a political party that you wish would align more strongly with you, yet also benefits a party that seeks to rip the foundation of our great nation out from under us… why then would you make that decision?

Yes, one decision may only result in prolonging the downward spiral, but right now we need to buy time. Like I said, time is of the essence. We don’t have much of it left and if we make it easy for our political foes to grab a stranglehold on the next four years… we’re finished.

I leave you with this. Be an involved activists in this primary season. Be passionate about your candidate and do your best to help them succeed when primary day comes. Continue defining your primary opponents and do the best you can to educate others on the facts of the elections.

But do nothing that would benefit Barack Obama and his ilk in Washington. If your candidate loses in the primary, join the battle in unity behind whoever comes out as the general candidate against Barack Obama. Regardless of who it is. Regardless of how you feel about him/her.

Stand behind them and pick up your political sword of activism. If we as a nation survive through election night of 2012, our future will depend on our ability to hand defeat to Obama’s regime in Washington.

I for one will stand with whomever comes out of the GOP primary. I will set aside my differences and I will join efforts with the intention to defeat a common enemy.

If you don’t share that attitude and we lose, the blame will be squarely on your shoulders.

-Eric Odom

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  • Martha

    You’re right Eric, Whoever the GOP nominee is, I will vote for them. I would never, ever vote for Obama and never voted for him the first time. Even though I might not like the nominee at all, I WILL VOTE. Because a no vote is a vote for BHO! ~~

    • scarroll

      I’m a volunteer for Santorum. But will vote for anyone but Obama! In addition, I will support whoever wins the GOP nomination, even if I have to force my hand to “mark the spot”!

    • Barbara

      I will, under no circumstances, vote for the likes of Mitt Romney. I believe there are many other Tea Party activists that agree. The opposite of wrong is still wrong. It doesn’t matter what the label is. It is still corn flakes in a different box.

  • Allen Johnston

    It is as simple as this. God will give this nation a leader after our own hearts. Pray that God will change the hearts of the people of this nation. Pray that God will give you wisdom as to who he would have you vote for. No matter what it is in his hands!

    • Dottie

      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and work for good like the devil is on your case!!

    • Gayl P

      Allen, You are so right. People please get on your knees and pray. God is our only power and he is in control no matter what.

  • barbarad

    Excellent article and a lot to think about. If we don’t find the things we can agree on and forget the things we don’t with a candidate, we will never win in 2012. With almost half of Americans not paying any taxes, they don’t have any skin in the game so what does it matter to them who is president. Many independents are dems and many are still in love with the lies Obama speaks on a daily basis since he has the support of the drive by media.
    Americans have been lied to, duped, brainwashed, dumbed down, and treated like drones and frankly that infuriates me. I will NEVER quit learning, fighting and looking for a good candidate. I will run for a local position on central committee or some other board. Not on my watch will I let my country down. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Many incredible Americans feel the same way as I do. And we need to keep praying as our Founding Fathers did.

    • bon

      well said

    • Dottie

      You speak for me and millions of Americans who are late to the game but eager to play. I regret waiting so long to hear the words and observe the action. Let’s not be a Judas and commit suicide over past mistakes, but be like Peter and learn from our weaknesses and move forward to leadership!

  • http://RallytheTroops Sharon in Ohio

    Excellent perspective Barbara. We ALL have to gear up and rally ’round the best GOP candidate since that is the only other party that gets notice of significance. Lets just hope and pray that the “good ‘ole boy” GOP base gets smart this time. They concentrated on the wars and pumped up McCain, jumped on the wagon to bash Romney first, for his religion, then the Mass. Health Care – but, “Oh, wait a minute, Romney didn’t do that all by himself”. When the economy took a dive at the last minute, Romney, with his financial management successes could have run circles around Obama who had no clue, but was proficient, along with Soros’s money, the SEIU and the other Union Thugs, in “Community Organizing” all those freeloaders and busing them to the polls and rigging the machines. Be vigilante! STAND UP, SPEAK UP AND EDUCATE THOSE COUCH POTATOS WHO DON’T GET IT before we all find ourselves behind “The Iron Curtain”. God Bless us and give us strength and wisdom.

  • Cristina R-Roig

    I have read almost all of your posts and followed this movement since day 1. I love this country and believe you are absolutely right. Time is something we do not have anymore. I was proudly born here in Miami, FL of Cuban parents and can tell you from experience that a country is no match for the rotting cancer that is socialism when it left to spread with no resistance. It eats away at a system from within and does so stealthily and slowly. Unfortunately, socialism has waged war on this country for decades now and is closing in for the kill. For too long Cubans have been called “those paranoid Cubans” who see socialists everywhere.

    Some may need an explanation of what their lack of a vote may mean for this country. I wish to share what Cubans have experienced and hope you can better understand why we must make every vote count:
    Cubans have watched the devastating effects of socialism on a once great country with great sorrow. It begins by destroying families and faith. It pits child against parent and brother against brother. Socialism claims to be the great equalizer: it takes from ALL and leaves ALL in the same misery. It gives to the few elite in charge of a government that molds the masses through fear and intimidation into mindless servants with no willpower to strive for a better tomorrow. Cubans here in Miami who came many decades ago, cleaned toilets and whatever else was necessary to get ahead in their newly adopted country and vowed never to return until socialism was removed and democracy restored. For these Cubans living off government handouts was shameful. Today, Cubans who come from Fidel Castro’s socialistic Cuba come and complain that it is too hard to make it here and many return. Those who stay learn to leech off of handouts from our government paid for by the rest of us who work tirelessly to live out our American dream. Why such a stark difference you think? Simple: socialism has raised this new generation of Cubans to live off the government and sit back and receive the bones that the government chooses to throw at them and unfortunately they are content with that. I do not blame or try to belittle them, because they are a product of a cancer.

    The only cure for this cancer that seeks to divide and conquer is to UNITE! I will vote and will drag as many people with me to the polls as I can. I urge you all to do the same. Support your chosen candidates now, but if they should lose in the Primary do not throw your one power away and in the process benefit a man who wishes to “fundamentally change” our country forever!

    Keep up the good fight!

    • Audrey

      Christina, you are so right. I live in CA and have a friend who came from Cuba as a small child. Her family was separated, some escaped, abused, etc. She said when Obama got in that it was just like what happened in Cuba before Castro took over and she was right.

      To the other above who said those paying taxes don’t care, that I cannot agree with entirely. My husband and I, 67 and 69 years old, for the first time in our lives, did not pay taxes this year because we are retired and make so little, but believe me I CARE! There are many of those 40% like us so we all need to go after them. We will be voting for whoever gets picked by the GOP, even if we don’t like that person. I didn’t vote for Obama last time and I most certainly won’t vote this time. I will be out campaigning against Obama and Tea Partying til I drop! Thanks, Eric.

  • Fran

    There’s a lot here to be chewed on and digested, but with just a cursory reading I’ll say that I agree 100%. We cannot afford the luxury of in-fighting and a third party — both of which would only assure the usurper a second term! That would be the death knell of the country I know and love. That having been said, I’ll only add:

    GO WEST!

  • jason singleton

    I think this is pathetic that you all would abandon this great movement so early…with the double dip here and great depression just around the corner. The fundamentals will be optimal for a libertarian candidate to finally (after over a century or two) win the white house and restore the founding republic. It is all that can save this country. I will NOT VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY or any other RINO for the sake of beating obama. Obviously if a RINO wins the primary that will be our fault and I will blame rhetoric such as this as destroying a golden opportunity for redemption and salvation. Most importantly the hard work of the last 2 years will be for nothing. I have been doing my part to educate the sheeple and the independents will NOT be scared to vote for a libertarian since 8 out of 10 americans actually identify with libertarian principles. Until we bring down the dual monarchy that runs this country I will not be forced into voting for someone that does not represent me for the fear the other guy is a bit more evil. I hope this fight continues as I am not ready to throw in the towel yet! Keep educating and fighting the status quo or you will continue to lose your freedom. I hope and pray you fight!

  • whip

    Eric…couldn’t agree with you more. It will take several generations to recover, if ever, from the damage this President has inflicted on this country is his first term. Four more years of tyranny and totalitarian rule by this Socialist/Marxist President will surely end our Republic. What I fear most about an Obama second term is the likelihood of him getting another 1 or 2 appointments to the Supreme Court and numerous appointments to the lower courts. If he gets this chance, there will be nothing to stop him. His authoritarian rule will be supported by the judges, his laws will be upheld, the Constitution will be finished, and his dictatorship will be complete. Patriots must understand that we have no choice…we cannot allow Obama to have a second term. Patriots must see the reality and critical nature of the 2012 election. We must set aside differences for a greater purpose…the survival of our Nation. Like it or not, the 2 party system currently dominates our politics and this election will come down to Obama and the GOP candidate. We MUST unite behind the GOP candidate in this election, it’s our only hope. Those who don’t will be as responsible for the demise of this Republic as any other left wing Liberal Democrat if Obama gets a second term.

  • Howard Daniels Jr

    I voted for McCane.I didn’t like him,but voted for him anyway.I even threw twenty bucks at him when I thought he was destined to lose.we the people NEED a republican in the congress,senate and the white house.after we get that .WE can park a 24-7 group of protesters in Washington on week days.if we need to protest,do it on a week day NOT a weekend when Washington is a ghost town…just my thoughts

  • http://www.unspunpolitics.com R Timmons

    You are correct that we will have to pull together and stand firm behind whoever runs against BO. I would like to suggest, however, that true change can be painful. We are already experiencing that. If the party establishment succeeds in getting a candidate who is more loyal to the party than to true conservative (Tea Party) principles, then I would (weeping as type this) rather see BO in office again. The progressive policies of our current government are a wrecking ball, tearing down our liberties and destroying our constitution. If the next guy is going to keep swinging that wrecking ball, I’d rather it be Mister Obama. But the most important result of not supporting RINOs is that the party will learn that we are no longer sheep, blindly following whoever they give us as a shepherd. If they want to get their candidates elected, give us conservative candidates. The only way for them to learn this lesson is if we don’t support RINOs. Actions have consequences, my friends. If you vote for a republican just because he is a republican, even if he is not a fiscally conservative supporter of the constitution and free market advocate, then you are perpetuating the problem.

    • Sharon in Ohio

      In response to R Timmons and Glenn Donovan, UNBELIEVABLE! You can’t possibly be sympathetic to the Tea Party or True Conservatives and even think of throwing in the towel for BHO, if you have seen anything of what has happened to this country in the last two years of this TRAITOR. Would you honestly prefer being cut off at the knees, or maybe the head, if you have a difference of opinion with this corrupt, bought and paid for administration intent on totally destroying and “DICTATING”, than joining a group of true conservatives who will continue to stand up, speak up and let even any RHINOS know that we will not allow them to continue this travesty of tax, spend, steal our money, our freedoms and our lives? Sounds like maybe you, too, have been indoctrinated into the Obama Community Organized group of clueless freeloaders??? or maybe a Plant???? If you really care about your well being, you had better get behind whoever comes out of the primaries to compete against the EVIL that is rapidly consuming our Great Nation under God…and Pray.

  • http://www.libertariancomment.com Glenn Donovan

    Lol, so this is what the Tea Party has devolved into. I have a newsflash for you, Eric, You and your supposed liberty loving brethren sold out to the Republicans a while ago – this article comes as no surprise. There was a moment when Tea Partiers might have made a real difference – but now the Republicans know that the Tea Partiers are in their pocket.

    It didn’t need to be thus. If the movement had actually tried to be consistent with it’s rhetoric of constitutional govt and a return to the primacy of individual liberty in our society, it would of course have aligned itself with the Libertarian Party. But because a huge chunk of “Tea Partiers” are the same ‘jump for Jesus’ yahoos who gave us Bush II, the idea of supporting real liberty never had a chance. I knew it was over when the national Tea Party convention in Memphis had Sarah Palin as it’s keynote speaker – and Palin is a joke to any person who takes policy and governance seriously.

    Know this. You and your fellow Tea Partiers have thrown away a fantastic chance to make a third party viable in this country, and as a result, there is little hope for any meaningful change in our warfare/welfare state. Just do me one favor – don’t dare assume the mantle of standing for liberty in your silly articles and speeches anymore. You gave up that right by writing this article. Nope, you folks are just about getting power for Republicans now. And that makes y’all despicable.

    • Audrey

      Glenn, YOU ARE THE JOKE!

    • Jason Singleton

      Glen, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! I have been to many tea parties and there were plenty of RINOS there. Unfortunately this just proves the “establishment” is too powerful and it might take another BO term for everyone to FINALLY go back to our LIBERTARIAN roots!

  • Fritz

    You are absolutely right Eric! I voted for Ross Perot in 1992, which gave us Bill Clinton. I like what Mark Levin said the other evening, “I would rather vote for a Democrat in Republican clothing, rather than a Marxist in Democrat clothing”.

    I would rather vote for a can of peas than have four more years of Obama!

    Also, if you don’t think that the White House is taking notes on how a spoiler can divide the vote, your’re kidding yourself.

  • kcfinnegan

    You are spot on, Eric and I could not agree more. We need a untied front, we must come together and stand together in our support to defeat BHO. We’ll never have the absolute perfect candidate, but we can do our best to voice our interests and beliefs and start growing a new kind of republican party from the ground up. And yes, God’s hand will be in this, I feel it! Go Herman Cain!

  • ronlsb

    I can agree with your take on the coming election with one exception–I simply cannot nor will I ever vote for a presidential candidate who supports the murder of unborn children. I pray the GOP will be wise enough to never allow such a candidate to win the primary (example–Rudy Guliani). Other than that caviat, I’m on board with whoever comes out of the primary victorious.

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  • AnnFromAlabama

    Unfortunately, I think you are right. We all need to work hard for our chosen candidate, bur if he/she doesn’t win the primary we MUST unite or Obama will walk away with another stolen election and we can kiss our freedom goodbye.

  • http://Article Mark

    We need to put pressure on all the candidates to push for reform. I will vote to get rid of Obama.

  • http://So... Franklin D

    So Eric, if I read you right, you want to defeat the greater evil at all costs, if it comes down to that. If you end up not voting your conscience, you have only yourself to blame. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still giving your vote to evil. It is also an expression of mass apathy. Our new GOP president could easily, and will probably, be called “Bush III”. Is that what you are willing to advocate? And live under? Ron Paul says, “Freedom is Popular.” If that’s really so, then let’s give Freedom a chance. Let us continue to spread and advocate the ideas of Freedom, Personal Responsibility, the Non-Agression Axiom and the sovereignty of Free Markets. IMHO, Ron Paul’s candidacy stands as our best hope of success in this endeavor. Along with supporting who we truly believe in, we need to constantly apply pressure to our elected reps (thru DownsizeDC.org or other effective channels) to stop them from implementing collectivist agendas and force them to Give Us Liberty.

  • Washington76

    Jim Rogers: Staggering Debt to Spark Even Worse Financial Crisis Than 2008 Thursday, 09 Jun 2011 07:09 AM By Forrest Jones http://www.moneynews.com/Headline/Jimrogers-US-ec

    “The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” George Washington

  • urb0123 – Ross Burton

    The real enemy is the ideology that says “your betters will tell you what to do”. In a nation of sovereign individuals, it should be “we the people decide”.

    It is infuriating to sit and listen to my local county Republican leaders as they push their stealth socialist agenda. The populace is very conservative, but the leadership is not and manipulates the process to their own ends. It is the same at the state and national levels. These people are in these positions because they are power hungry, and not because they want what’s best for the nation.

    Yes, it would be more damaging to have the same or another marxist in office, but putting Scott Brown in the Senate hasn’t really helped us either has it? Few know it but there was actually a Libertarian on the same ballot who would have been the perfect choice, why didn’t we as a Tea Party support him? It was because he was cut out of the primary race by the Mass. Republican Party.

    In my home state of Washington we had the exact same problem in the Senate race. Clint Didier was the front runner in February. The Washington State Republican Party under Luke Esser gave him the cold shoulder and played parliamentary procedure tricks to keep him from getting the party endorsement. Normally in February is when the party picks the front runner candidate to throw their support behind. They refused to do so for the Senate race and postponed the vote because the party leadership’s choice was Dino Rossi, and he hadn’t declared his candidacy yet. They waited until after Dino announced (in an amazing coincidence he announced same day that the Democrats started running attack ads on Clint Didier, I’m implying that they worked with the Democrats to bump Didier out.) In short, they cheated to force us to support Dino Rossi instead of the popular party outsider candidate that they didn’t like.

    In the special race in New York’s 23rd district there were three candidates. A Democrat, a Republican and a Conservative Party candidate, Doug Hoffman. Hoffman was doing well in the polls, which prompted the “Republican” to drop out of the race. In a very revealing move, the Republican threw their support to the DEMOCRAT! It opened my eyes. The Democrats and Republicans would rather have the opposition party establishment candidate win than a third party non establishment candidate.

    Look around, we’re just being pushed back into the same box they had us in prior to the bailouts in 2008. “You support who we choose for you or you can throw your vote away.” Our Republican party leadership is little different from the Democratic leadership and I believe they will do the same thing to us this cycle as they did with us last cycle when they pushed McCain on us. They will pull the same dirty tricks they pulled to push Scott Brown and Dino Rossi on us. Whether a real conservative candidate is electable or not isn’t the point. The point is that the Republican candidate that gets chosen in the primaries should be the one that the people of the Republican party choose, not the one the leadership chooses. Until that problem is resolved, it doesn’t matter who wins the election, we will all lose because I promise you the establishment candidates will not be on the side of real freedom.

    We need a Republican party who allows the grassroots to choose the candidate we want. Until we have that, we will continue to have little or no voice or choice. I doubt letting Obama win because of a protest vote would change the Republican party, but allowing them to push a candidate on us will encourage them not to change.

  • Jim, California

    There’s a major flaw in this ‘strategy’ — unless radical changes are made, this country is heading for a major economic tsunami. A RINO like Romney or Gingrich will perpetuate the current downward spiral, and, like Hoover, take the entire blame for the crash. The ONLY hope is for a true Constitutionalist with economic savvy to clean up this mess. Short of that, it might well be better to let Obama take the blame. Romney won’t fix anything. Same with Gingrich, Giuliani, and all the other mega-gov RINOs.
    Beware of the ‘GOP or nothing’ syndrome. RINOs are -not- the GOP; they merely represent the other wing of the bird-of-prey known as the federal government.

  • http://NoMoreRinos euzkara

    No matter how you pretty him up, Romney is a Rino. In addition to advocating a government’s right to Mandate its citizens to buy something, in his case, Health Care, he has also just stated the he “believes” humans are contribution to global warming. He further stated that he believes the human industrial output of CO2 contributes to global warming and that this trace gas is a green house gas that affects climate. He certainly does not understand how a green house actually works. Worse yet, he either does not understand the science or he is just another big government politician who wants to use the excuse of AGW to raise taxes on everything that moves in order to finance a vast expansion of the Federal bureaucracy. I will not vote for Romney under any circumstances nor a Jeb Bush nor a Gingrich nor any other of these phonies that simply do not strictly adhere to our Constitution and to our Founders ideas of limited government. We are headed over a cliff both economically and politically and the only difference between Obama and Romney is how quickly we go over that cliff. If those are our choices then the sooner the better. At least then the American people will see clearly what their voting has wrought on them. We need a choice between two different paths to the future and not between how quickly we achieve our economic and political collapse.

  • Ray

    Pettiness is not one of the values our movement was founded upon. The enemy is Obama.

  • Mike S

    I have heard the story of how the “moderate” candidate must be supported because only that person “can be elected”. I refuse to live by a media definition of “moderate” when a Marxist radical sits in the White House. We need a candidate that can connect with Independents based on common sense principles. We will not get rid of Obama unless we can get the truth through the media filter. This is what will take maximum effort and it will give us the best results. I will vote for the GOP candidate in the general election however we need to stand by our principles when selecting that candidate.

  • Darrell Russell

    Their is no doubt that all of the conservatives the Tea Party and other political action organizations and committees will have to consolidate their efforts to defet Obama in 2012. But this consolidation is I think only going to be for a real conservative candidate and not for a progressive rhino such as Mitt Romney and Gingrich, or liberator in such as Ron Paul or Gery Johnson.
    The majority of American are either disappointed or downright disgusted on the direction that Obama and his handlers have taken this country. This is known and Obama’s team will use this to their advantage if we allow it. Divide and conquer is in their play book and that evens includes division on what candidate will be supported by what group.
    So when it is time to select the next president it is either going to be a real conservative or Obama. You be the judge.

  • Washington76

    Obama’s Jobs Plan Takes a Page From Marx
    By Investor’s Business Daily

    “The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.” George Washington

  • Scott Rupert

    While I agree with the premise that ANY GOP candidate is to be preferred to 4 more years of President Obama, I must take issue with the implication that we should be working to ensure that, whoever that candidate is, they have to be moderate. Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the message I took out of this post.

    I must also take issue with the notion that the White House is the key to the salvation of our republic. If I read the Constitution correctly, it’s the House and the Senate who represent the states and the people of the states. The primary role of the President is to represent the United States to the world. We (not to mention the Constitution) would be better served by electing men and women who have the backbone to fulfill the oath they have taken, “To protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” If indeed congress were doing that, the President, whoever he… or she may be, would have little ability to affect change without first convincing the majority of its merit.

    If I read this post correctly, you do yourself a disservice by taking a perceived “moderate” position, at this early stage. Wouldn’t the Union be better served by educating the independent voter (a group in which I include myself ) of the merits of supporting a candidate who’s allegiance is to the Constitution? The Constitution protects us all from the ideology of our neighbor. It is neither conservative nor liberal, Republican nor Democrat.

    In the end I will vote for whomever wins the approval of the GOP in the primaries, because you are correct that President Obama must not be given 4 more years to influence the course of our Nation. But until then I will support the candidate I believe to be the best among them, not because I think he or she can win, but because they are the best candidate. I will also apply my best effort to see to it that those who will listen come to understand the importance of protecting our Constitution, even at the expense of our ideology.

    Thanks for all you’re doing. Keep up the good work.

    Scott A. Rupert

  • Brad Levy

    I have said for a while its all about the issues…

    One candid admission I didn’t see….

    While they are to be commended for sticking by their principals, the Tea Party arm of the Republican Controlled Congress hasn’t matured into their positions quickly enough.

    The result??? Independant Democrats, while dis-satisfied with President Obama, will grudgingly vote for him again…Fearing that a Republican President will embolden the Tea Party to much…

    Second issue deals with Israel….

    I am a staunch advocate for Israel… However….I think it would be a mistake to make that issue front & center for the Republicans…

    We already know President Obama is bent on destroying Israel, and must be stopped…

    But….with the unemployment rate hovering at a dangerous 9%, that is what Americans want the President to focus on..

    If the Republicans want to get a majority of the Jewish & Evangelical Christian vote…all they have to do is state the following….

    As soon as possible, they will pass legislation to-once & for all- move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and recognize it- formally- as Israels undivided capital.

    Next…make a commitment to finally release Johnathan Pollard…
    Finally.. make it part of the Republican Platform…(all Presidential candidates must agree to the platform to get the Republican nomination)

    A statement of firm support for Israel, mirroring the statement Secretary of State Clinton issued on behalf of South Korea in 2010.

    Make the following “suggestion”…. Suggest…that if the Israeli Knesset annexes Judea & Samria (making those territories part of Israel)… If elected.. The Republican President will Fully Support Israels decission & not see it as a “stumbling block” to the peace process.

  • Washington76

    FYI: Bachmann Addresses Security Provisions


    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • Washington76

    When Gary Goes to Washington, We All Go. GARY’S TRACK RECORD SPEAKS VOLUMES. 
    “Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” Frederick Douglass

  • Washington76

    SPECIAL REPORT: Symptoms of Tyranny, Oathkeepers in Arizona This should be all the wake up call anybody needs!

    An epidemic is sweeping the nation. In this special report, never seen on the mainstream news, we look at the symptoms of tyranny and take you to Arizona where the Oathkeepers converged to march for a fallen Marine. Jose Manuel Guerena was shot 61 times in his home when Pima County SWAT entered to serve a search warrant. You will get an inside look at the Oathkeepers memorial service where Stewart Rhodes and Sheriff Richard Mack spoke of the recent abuses, presented the widow with a plaque, and provided solutions on how you can overcome these symptoms of tyranny.

    “Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” Frederick Douglass

  • Washington76

    Remember this from Obama, Obama Civilian Security Jul 17, 2008

    “Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” Frederick Douglass